Exactly 10 years ago at almost this time of day, I sat down at my computer to write the very first entry on this blog.  I had no idea what I was doing, it took about five hours, and I called Ken about nine times to ask him how to do things.  He’d given me the blog as a gift, a way to talk to other knitters, and to be part of the growing knitblogger community – but he was pretty honest that it was also a bit of self defense.  A way of getting me to talk to other people about knitting and maybe lighten up on the topic with him a little.  Free up some of his spare time.  Joe had given me a laminated sheet with some basic HTML on it, but it wasn’t really helping.  I somehow finished that first post, and I sat there, and I pushed the button that said "publish" and then I waited.  I don’t even know what I was waiting for.  Whatever was going to show up, I guess. I hoped something did.

Ten years ago, I was a mum (mostly) at home with my kids. I was working as a birth doula, a childbirth educator and a lactation consultant and writing on the side to help make ends meet, and I had a book deal for At Knit’s End. I was about to become a writer, but I wasn’t one yet. The book deal came before my blog, not because of it. Knitlit, the first time my writing was ever in a book, would come  out in February of 2004, but the day I posted the first entry to this blog, I’d never been part of a book.  Joe had won a Juno, and thing were looking up for him – he’d decided to build his first studio.  The girls were 14, 12 and 9,  we were sitting on the edge of the most amazing ten years of parenting – watching girls become women. We had no idea what we were doing. I’d never been on a plane by myself. I’d actually barely been on a plane.
Hank was three, almost four.

Ten years ago there was no Twitter, no Instagram – heck,  this blog started before there was a Facebook, or texting, or smart phones.  Ravelry wasn’t even a twinkle in Jess and Casey’s eyes yet. Short of meeting them on the Knit List (remember LISTSERV? Oh, how I struggled with those commands) the only way to hang out online with other knitters was a wide and vibrant blog community. Amazing days for knitblogs. Amazing days. 

Here I am, ten years later, and so much has changed.  Joe owns a proper studio, one where I didn’t install the insulation on a Sunday afternoon. Our daughters are all old enough to vote, and our nest is emptying.  There’s a chance the laundry will come within my control in the next few years. I’m decidedly a writer, I think, and maybe it’s fitting that this 10th Anniversary post comes to you from an airport in Vancouver as I travel to Seattle to sign galleys and talk with booksellers about my eighth book. (I can’t believe that’s even possible. Any minute now it’s going to turn out I hallucinated at least three of them and you’re all being kind not to say anything.) Over the years  Ravelry and Facebook have taken the place of many blogs, feeding  knitter’s need for connection without a needing a blog, and many bloggers have taken their daily updates and thoughts to those platforms.  There’s knitters on Ravelry who don’t read any blogs at all, and so many of us have moved, changed or stopped. Not all of us, for sure, but the herd of us has shuffled off – dispersed, but not diminished. 

I haven’t, There’s a lot of perks to writing a blog – especially the way I have. For ten years, I’ve written this blog without a single sponsor or advertisement.  I’m proud of that on some level, not because I think it’s crappy to monetize a blog, I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, and I bow my head respectfully in the direction of my peers who’ve found that blogging lets them earn a living and care for their families, but when I look at the body of work I’ve assembled here (almost 2000 entries) I can look at it and know something.  Every word was uninfluenced.  If I didn’t say something I was thinking, it’s because I thought it unkind, unfair or stupid, not because it didn’t fit with the values or business plan of someone I was working with. If I said I liked a product, it’s because I did.   It gives me pride, not because that’s a noble thing to do, wool knows that advertising and sponsorship are a totally valid way for modern writers to make all this work pay off, but because has meant that for ten years,  what you have found here is just me.  All the opinions and ideas and mistakes… for better or for worse they were all mine, and what I thought was a smashing idea at the time, and I regret (almost) nothing. 

I’ve given a lot to the blog over the years.  The time, the money, the energy, and I can tell you that there have been a few painful consequences of maintaining it.  (Buy me a beer someday. We can talk about the dark side) but there’s something I can tell you about the choice to wake up almost every day for ten years and give this blog another hour of my life. 

It has been, over and over and over again, one of the best decisions I have ever made.  This blog has strengthened my marriage, helped me maintain relationships within my family, made me some of the best friends I have ever had, and made me a better mother. It’s been a tremendous help to my career, opened my mind to so many ideas, reassured me every day about the decency and intelligence of the world around me, and it’s even gotten me some really great yarn.  It has given me far, far more than has ever been asked of me, and I am a lucky and grateful woman who can’t believe her good fortune.  

I was on the phone with a friend yesterday, and we were talking about new mums, and what they need, and then we started talking about old mums and what they need, and then we realized that it really didn’t matter who we were talking about, or even what they were doing.  There’s one thing that changes everything, one magic thing that you can have in your life that greases every wheel, eases every transition, supports you though every crisis, and reinforces your success and confidence.  One thing that every person on earth does better with in every area of their life… and it’s a community, and some people find it a church, and some people find it in club, and however bizarre or unlikely or improbable, I have found it here, in a knitting blog that talks too much about other stuff to totally qualify,  and I want you to know that I will never, ever be able to properly or wholly express my gratitude for that gift. My life has been changed by a knitting blog, and you can tell anyone you want that I said it.

It’s been an amazing ten years, and as you read this, we’re preparing to reboot the blog to a new platform to solve most of our problems.  Comments are back up, but you’ll probably notice some glitchiness, and that’s what it’s going to take to keep the blog going for another ten years.  (What anniversary is that? Hopefully something better than tin.)

Thank you for all you’ve given me and my family.  To butcher a Robert Frost quote: We’ve taken the road less travelled by, and it has made all the difference.

I love you all.


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  1. Where’s my love(1) button when I really need it?
    Thank you, Steph, for giving so much of yourself to the community – so much so that a random person many km away feels ok using your first name.
    Here’s to the next ten years!

  2. We love you too! Thanks for bringing this community together, and bringing some sunshine into our days. Hugs from the interwebz! :o)

  3. Thank you so much for your blog, Stephanie! I’ve never commented here before, but I’ve been reading your blog for years, ever since I found a copy of Knitting Rules! in my local bookstore, several years after I learned how to knit. Your blogging has had a big impact on me and my own knitting as I’ve gone from high school to college to grad school, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. :) Cheers and happy anniversary!

  4. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, and especially for your humour. Always a great read!

  5. Happy to see you’re happy with your ten years. I’ve enjoyed reading.
    Heads-up though, typo in the title. It reads “Tin” currently

  6. Happiest of Happy Blogiversaries to you! Thank you so much for letting us all into your life and knitting for ten years. (Has it really been ten years??!?)

  7. and I love you….I love that you make me laugh and cry. I love that you reach into my knitterly head and take out my thoughts and put them out there in the world. So often I identify with things you say, things you do and things you say you do!
    Thank you, the last 10 years have been amazing and although we have never met I feel connected!
    Nicole Jamison
    45 year old Mom of two little girls in Vermont

  8. Congratulations on 10 years of fantastic blogging, Steph! I have been reading your stories since the old Knit List (Listserve) days and most probably have some old print outs somewhere in a box – stories that were just so good that I had to keep them. Where are they now – in the house somewhere! Looking forward to many more years of your fabulous stories of life and knitting and assorted things. Take care.

  9. Happy Anniversary, and love you too!! Thanks to your blog I have been reading for the past year, I am now a raging wine/coffee drinking sockoholic and desperately trying to become the out of control stasher you described in Knitting Rules. Yep, I’ve picked my poison and its sock yarn. I don’t even workout anymore like I used to. I was almost afraid to stop reading your post because it almost sounded like goodbye…But now that your nest is emptying…Can you make your way further south like say California?? Please?

  10. Wow, congrats on a decade! I started reading in late 2004 or early 2005, I think, when I had just started a boring office job. I had so much extra time that I went back and read all the entries from the beginning to catch up. I liked the blog so much that I would come back from my lunch break and open the blog and click refresh every ten minutes or so waiting for the next entry. And now I am a stay at home mom, a better knitter and this blog is the only one I still wait (im)patiently for the next entry to appear.

  11. Happy Anniversary! We love you too—-you have given us all so much interesting, funny, helpful and enjoyable reading—-we raise our glasses and toast to your next 10!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you for every word you write, for every picture of every knitted everything… For bike rallies, and flight nightmares, and family pictures, and ice lanterns…
    For your blog and your books and your “friendship” (though you don’t know me, we have only met in one class, and I still feel a little funny when I refer to you by anything less than your full name)…
    You validate my crazy, you give me permission to really LOVE knitting, and I cannot wait for the new book to arrive (have already ordered it!).
    Happy Anniversary!

  13. I must have started reading just after you started writing- you made so many bad days better, just by your decency, and of course your humor. Days when laughing was just the thing I needed most. I know you will get many posts like this one, and you deserve them all. You are right, it’s not just knitting, it’s community, and you made a good one better.
    Thought of the day from VT; never mix wool and velcro, no matter how cold you are. You may literally never escape the consequences :)

  14. Thanks for the anniversary message.
    I am so glad the Blog has been good for you and yours.
    I am glad you updated us on your lovely family. ( though I have gone back to try to figure where everyone fits chronologically.)
    Enjoy Seattle. I am thinking the weather will be better than what you have had in Toronto.
    Please keep up the designing and writing.

  15. Happy Blogiversary, Steph! I always look forward to reading your posts. Your words resonate with me and validate my knitting life. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  16. We love you! Your writing about knitting, family, life, love, loss, etc. is so poetic and touches the heart…we readers are the lucky ones. Happy 10th and here’s to many more!

  17. We love you too!!! As a public transit knitter who gets sideways looks and almost no comments, you make me feel like part of a HUGE community and that’s wondeful. I’m getting ready to move from San Francisco to Salt Lake City in August and you will make me feel loved and “normal” there too :-) Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and your family. You are an amazing (and hilarious) writer and inspire me (and I’m sure others too) to greater and greater heights of knitting feats. Knitting Rocks!

  18. I’ve been reading since the beginning and I’m looking forward to the next ten years. Life wouldn’t be the same without a daily dose of your decency, wisdom and humor. Thank you.

  19. I first read your blog posts about 9 years ago. I got into knitting then got out of it, and am now in again. So where did I go when I got back into it, to your blog. Thanks for keeping it up – hey if you’re traveling south come to Laramie, Wyoming. The local yarn shop is Cowgirl Yarn it’s where people who need a fiber boost go and it’s right across the street from the Buckhorn Bar.

  20. Happy Blogiversary! (For a second there I was really afraid you were setting us up for good-bye–phew–so glad that’s not the case.)

  21. Thanks ever so for all the giggles and tears and inspiration I’ve received over the years. Looking forward to the new book and I hope you will know how grateful we are for your being in our lives via your writing.

  22. I’ve been a long time reader – thank you for sharing your knitting and yourself on your blog for so long. It’s been a pleasure and an encouragement!

  23. Thank Ken for me, will you, for giving you this blog as a gift. I come here daily for inspiration and laughs, and sometimes for tears. I’m the mother of three, and mine are even younger than yours were when you started this blog, so I am tearing my hair out a lot (or my kids do it for me). You inspire me to be in love with my own blog and just jump in and do it, write what’s on my mind and in my heart, without censoring.
    I also found your books through your blog, so I guess the blog has really paid off for you in that way! Yippie!!!

  24. We were informally introduced when I picked up At Knits End in a bookstore and I laughed so much I cried. I read it to my knitting friends (they smiled indulgently), to my husband (he nodded and didn’t understand), to my cat (she purred), to my stash (it smiled knowingly), and to myself, over and over again. Thank you for 10 years of sharing your life as a knitter.

  25. Love you too Steph. Reading your blog is an important and uplifting part of my day, everyday. I am always touched by your genuine writings and look forward to many more beautiful entries.

  26. Happy tenth anniversary!
    Hard to believe I’ve been reading your blog as long as I have been. I love your books (I have about half of them).
    Thank you for sharing your life on this blog. You prove that we’re not (completely) crazy for how much we love knitting and that it’s possible to live your life doing exactly what you want to do (even if you didn’t plan it that way).
    Your blog is an inspiration, really, and happy anniversary, again, may there be many more.

  27. I love your blog :) I’ve read it aloud to DH, he has given your books to me as gifts – the ones I didn’t already have.
    I’m a relatively new knitter, though have discovered that new knitter concerns and long-time knitter concerns are not all that different. Thank you for that!

  28. Happy 10th Anniversary!Your words and fabulous attitude made me a Knitter and by extension, my sister’s who I taught to knit. You’re an inspiration and would buy you a beer without hesitation. Cheers!

  29. All that love, right back at you.
    Thank you for sharing, for all the lessons learned, for making me think, for making me literally laugh out loud.
    Congratulations, and here’s to all the amazing things to come during the next decade.

  30. Happy, Happy 10th Anniversary!! Thanks for the time, the knitting, the humor, the intellect, and the love! I’ve enjoyed every moment spent here in this space with you!

  31. Stephanie, you are so loved by so many. Happy anniversary! So happy for you that you’ve adjusted (it seems?) to your new glasses or contacts.Loved the zuzu petals piece-hope you make another for yourself-you’ve certainly earned it!
    It’s my hope and prayer that you will continue to write wherever and whatever moves you, to continue creating beautiful fiber art,and to live the awesome life you’ve built. Yepper, you’re one wonderfully special lady!

  32. I first discovered your blog when I was a lonely teenage exchange student in Brazil. I felt very, very, very, very homesick and lonely, and my host mother asked me if i would like to knit with her. I learned to connect with my host family in Brazil because of knitting. At the same time, I took to the internet, and through discovering the world of knitters and their blogs I felt like I wasn’t alone at all anymore! I read all of the archives in 2005, and everybody I have met since then hears at one point about Stephanie Pearl-McPhee: The Famous Canadian Knitter. A wonderful ten years to you!

  33. I am a lurker and am disappointed where on days there is no entry. I enjoy reading entries that are human, well thought out and connected. You have turned me on to some neat patterns.
    Congratulations and I hop you are here in another 10 years. I am looking forward to your grandchildren.

  34. Thanks for sharing your life with us over the last 10 years. It’s been an honor to be part of your world, to share in your joys, your sorrows & your knitting shenanigans. I think I’ve been following your blog for something close to 8+ of those years. We met at your book signing in Jacksonville, FL & I felt that that I’d already known you for ages! I’m looking forward to another 10 years of reading your blog.

  35. And you’ve done an amazing amount of good with it. Much is unmeasurable…oh wait! What’s that total on Knitters Without Borders again? Who raises big time bucks biking for Friends For Life? You make us want to be better people not just better knitters.

  36. Congrats Stephanie-
    I love this place it makes me smile and in the darkness of severe disability, it makes my cousin laugh and that makes everyone around her smile.
    Please keep up the good work. Whether it’s happy or sad news to write, it’s real and totally you. You’ve made us part of your family and we care what is happening to you and yours.
    Blogs are an amazing thing. I hope to meet you some day, but until then, I’ll keep up with you here!

  37. Happy 10th Anniversary!!! So glad to be a part of things. I only found your blog this year. Your books last year. It looks like I need to find more of your books. I think I only have five.
    Love you back, of course. So privileged to be a part of this. :D:D

  38. It has been a great 10 years! Yours is the first blog I ever read, and it continues to be the only knitting -related one that I read faithfully. I have all of your books, 2 of which are signed, and I have had the good fortune to meet you, with a photo to prove it! You have enriched my knitting life more than I can say, and I look forward to many more years of the Yarn Harlot.

  39. Wow ten years of blogging. Way to go! You have given us all so much especially the confidence to laugh at our knitting mistakes while honoring our fine accomplishments. There is something wonderful about sharing my lunch with you.

  40. Thank you, thank you for your blog! It’s the second blog I ever read (after Judy Laquidara’s Patchworktimes), and I still get excited when I see you’ve posted a new entry. You’ve made me proud(er) to be Canadian, and shown me ways to be a more experimental knitter. I own 3 of your books (so those definitely aren’t the 3 you’re hallucinating).
    Thank you Stephanie.

  41. Happy 10 Years! When I discovered At Knits End those many years ago, I laughed, and cried and thought, “wow she’s writing about me”; I’m not alone, there are other’s just like me out there knitting”. Everything you write about resonates so deeply with me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your life with us. Congratulations on 10 years and I look forward to the next 10 years!

  42. I just found your blog last month. I’ve been enjoying it enormously. I hope you keep it up for another ten years. It’s one of the best.

  43. Have we really been at this 10 years? Your blog may have been a gift to you (nailed that one Ken)… but it has been a bigger gift to all of us. Happy blogeversary Steph. Thank you for ten years of sharing yourself with us. My life has been better for it.

  44. All of your postings inspire me, some to keep on trying with my knitting, and all of them to be a better person. You are such an amazing, wonderful, delightful woman. I had the great honor to be at your presentation in Chapel Hill, NC, recently, and the honor and thrill of being in one of your classes in Raleigh. (I was the one with great hero worship in her eyes and words, not that the words were very coherent. Those attributes probably don’t distinguish me from anyone else present.) I am so glad you started, and continue, this blog, and your books; to snitch words from a song, you lift me up. Thank you.

  45. Thank you Stephanie. I first learned about you, when I bought your book “Knit’s End”, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Happy 10th Anniversary and congratulations!

  46. I am so happy you have this blog! I’m almost 24 and even though my mom taught me knitting when I was ten, I didn’t get back into it until a few years ago. I love your blog and I love the knitting corner of the internet. It inspires me and makes me want to tackle more and more projects. :D I hope you have many, many more years on this blog!!

  47. Happy blogiversary! I’ve enjoyed the past 10 years. It’s an impressive milestone and proves you are a knitter-woman with a lot to share. Here’s to the next 10 years! Thank you, Stephanie!
    P.S. ILY2

  48. Not sure how many years it’s been since I discovered your blog, but it has been a joyful find. You have brought me such laughter and light-heartedness thanks to your wit and way w/words. Seeing (and reading), about your knitting has been such an inspiration. (I’m still waiting to read about/see finished photos of this past Rhinebeck Sweater.) Many thanks, Stephanie, for this wonderful gift!

  49. I’ve been reading since just before Hank turned four. I got here through the spinning listserve… Go figure. Love you, Steph!

  50. Very moving. You have definitely touched me. I wouldn’t have a successful (unsponsored) blog and design business if I hadn’t been inspired by you, and all the non-knitting stuff you write about with such skill is what keeps me and all of us coming back. It’s not just about knitting; knitting is only the vehicle for talking about the things that really matter.

  51. I’m not kidding at all when I tell you that earlier today, when I clicked to your blog to see if there was a new post, I was thinking that I should send you a “thank you”. I was thinking about the many reasons I love reading your blog and thinking, just as you mention here, how many blogs have shifted to Ravelry or Facebook. So I truly do want to thank you so much for continuing to visit this wonderful space and share so many amazing things with us. I feel I have come to know your family a bit, and I think they are awesome. Your thoughts and words inspire me to be a better mom and a better knitter; I would go so far as to say that there are days when I am not being my best self and I read something you wrote and realize you went out of your way to do the right thing for someone else, and thus I renew my resolve to do better. So Happy Anniversary, and many, many thanks!

  52. I was just reveling the other day at how long I’ve been a knitter (a little shy of ten years)
    And then I realized, holy moly, Steph has been blogging for TEN years.
    Reading your blog is a huge part of ‘being a knitter’ for me. I learned how to knit from Youtube and Knittinghelp. WEBS and Knitpicks are my yarnstore, so an online community is what comes natural for me. When I started, you’re the only ‘other’ knitter I knew, in a way.
    So thanks for everything :) You’re awesome!

  53. Happy Anniversary! and thank you for all you have shared through the years…your expertise, your humor, your unerring moral compass, and your open and generous heart. It has been our pleasure as well.

  54. It’s a pleasure to sit down and read your blog over a cup of coffee every. single. day. Thank you for writing it, I have learned so much over the years, along with lots of chuckles and a few tears. Happy Anniversary Blog!

  55. I’ve only been blessed with knowledge of this blog for a little over a year, but I am very thankful to have found it. Thank You for sharing your thoughts with all of us for ten years!

  56. Happy Anniversary and thanks for being there. I love your blog and wouldn’t miss an entry for the world. Here’s to another 10 years.

  57. I just ordered your soon to come out book and can’t wait for the one after that. You have been the one blogger who I truly love to follow. Meeting you in person was even better and you helped me in so many ways. The class I took from you made a real difference for me to be able to design what I wanted. I also started blogging because of you and I thank you for that too.
    Happy Anniversary and sip a cold brew in celebration and I will have one too. Thank you for being there and being an inspiration to us all. Cheers!

  58. Happy 10th! Most of it has all been said already, above. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, have read every post at least once, have read every book. Your blog has become a part of my routine, my life….like, get up, get coffee read The Harlot. Thank you, thank you, thank you! YOU have done more to turn knitter’s into a community than anyone I can think of. Your impact far more than I think you realize. Tons of love and best wishes for the next 10 years!

  59. we love you back. thanks for encouraging me to remember what my grandma taught me, and for making all us knitters feel like we’re making art, not just oddities. you always brighten my day.

  60. Happy anniversary!
    I don’t know how long I have been reading your books (every one) or the blog, but I know that I won’t stop until you do. You connect me not just to the community of knitters, but to the community of my hometown and my home and native land, and your distinctly Canadian voice is so comforting to a homesick ex-pat.

  61. Sweet Mother Of God, I thought you were going to end this entry by telling us you were stopping. My heart was in my throat.
    I remember when I stumbled across your blog in 2008 – I had moved a six hundred miles from home, no friends or family, changed cultures from rural to urban (yes, there is a difference), and left aging parents behind. I was dreadfully lonely.
    I brightened up my day by reading your blog. I filled in the bloodless days y starting at the beginning of the blog and reading entries. I laughed, was thoughtful, occasionally raised an eyebrow. I fell in love with a politician-seriously, who would have thought? (the fellow, who stark naked, ran and jumped into the water along with the Newfoundland reporter who was interviewing him) (well, it’s a quiet one-sided romance, but it’s there nevertheless). I found new projects, new fiber, new yarn, and most important, a new community.
    Just this morning, I emailed a friend – another Canadian knitter, who is currently getting whacked with winter weather in Maine, and told her she just had to read yesterday’s blog from The ‘Harlot (I know, how overly familiar is that – abbreviating your given internet name).
    Ok, no “and now, folks, I’m done” ending. I can breathe now. I think I’ll got knit a little something in celebration, maybe even cast on something new. Thanks for everything and much love in return.

  62. I found your book in the library one day in… 2011 I think. I was now becoming a devoted knitter after my Ranger leader re-teaching me how to knit. It was “Free Range Knitter: the Yarn Harlot Writes Again” I had absolutely no idea what a harlot was at the time, and despite the deliberately written, “this book is about knitters” I thought it had patterns in it. Nope. It was a really funny book, and soon I went and checked out all the other books that you had written.
    I had looked up the blog, and I distinctly remember that the post at the time was about goats. I thought “weird” and didn’t look back at the blog until much later, and it was some really humorous post. From then on I read it.
    To keep writing a blog for “tin” years shows how devout you are, something which I incredibly admire about you. I’ve tried to write blogs, but I don’t have enough to say or I don’t have the focus to keep it up. So to keep it going for ten years is amazing to me.
    Happy Anniversary, and keep writing for another ten years or more :)

  63. Happy *Birthday* Yarn Harlot!! Thank you for sharing the past 10 yarny years with us; it’s been a pleasure and a privilege being here.

  64. I have been a reader of your blog since the beginning. Back before Rav, twitter, facebook and every other social platform even existed. You pointed me towards Knitty back in the day when they were a baby online knitting magazine. You have made me laugh deep in my belly, have inspired me to give more, and have made me proud to be a Canadian knitter day after day. Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day, and for that I thank you. I hope I can still read this blog ten years from now.

  65. Thank you for all that you have given to those of us who follow along with you. You make me laugh, cry, smile and share your posts. I am grateful for having found you so many years ago, for your insights, your rationale thinking and your amazing outlook on life.

  66. Another 10? You’ll be platinum!
    Yours is one of the first knitting blogs I found, after I retired and got a home computer. Your humor, prose and great knitting tips enticed me to read your every word! I told my daughter about the Yarn Harlot, and she went out to find your books to gift me.
    Thank you for your steadfast dedication and honesty. Here’s to another 10!

  67. Happy anniversary and keep it coming.
    I hope you arrived in Seattle in the middle of the day, as today was absolutely delightful here in Seattle where we are spending time with grandchildren.

  68. The pleasure has been all ours. We are so lucky to have you.
    And wait — Joe won a Juno?! I had no idea. How awesome! For what work? Can you send a link? My husband is in the music industry and grew up in Canada, so you can bet I’m properly impressed.
    A very belated Congratulations! ;-)

  69. Thanks, stephanie, for letting us into your life. It has been a great honor to meet your family through the blog. And I enjoy reading your words so much….thanks for sharing them.

  70. Thank you for this, the bit about community is exactly what I needed to hear today. Congratulations on such a wonderful anniversary!

  71. Happy Anniversary. Thank you for your wonderful, educational, funny, sometimes thought provoking, mostly knitterly and always interesting blog. Here’s to 10 more terrific years.

  72. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! And thank you- I started knitting in 2002 or 2003 and eventually found your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it and being part of the community. Cheers….

  73. thanks for so much fun, so many insights, great ideas, personal triumphs, and such a great learning experience. reading this blog has made my day so often, sometimes picked me up when I was feeling down, helped me decide to try a more challenging pattern, and given us all a better outlook in general.

  74. I am in tears, but happy tears. I am so happy for you and can’t believe so much time has gone by. I don’t know that I have missed many of your posts over the past ten years so you have enriched my life, as well as my daughters, more then I could say. I remember reading them parts over the years about what your daughters were going through by having a fiber Mom. They were comforted to know there may be other kids on the planet who were asked to model a garment for photos when they really didn’t want to. Sometimes you said so perfectly what motherhood is and entails that I would just have them read the whole thing because that is exactly what I would say if I had the gift for expressing my feelings in words. Congratulations on 10 years of laughter, tears and sharing good times and bad with us. Keep up the good work and a very heartfelt thank you. (:

  75. I got goosebumps reading your post Steph – I’m a knitter from New Zealand who delights in your words – blog and books.
    Thank you very much. Here’s to another 10 years!

  76. I got goosebumps reading your post Steph – I’m a knitter from New Zealand who delights in your words – blog and books.
    Thank you very much. Here’s to another 10 years!

  77. Congratulations on 10 wonderful years! I can’t even tell you how many years I’ve been reading your blog now, but I do know that I look forward to every single entry. I’ve learned so much from you and not just about knitting. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do!

  78. Congratulations! You have been blogging for about 2 months longer than I have been knitting, and I was fortunate to discover your blog and others right as I was learning. So for me, knitting and the internet will always be a team. Thank you for continuing to write. I love Ravelry, but you’re still at the top of my reading list!

  79. congratulations. this is so cool. i remember finding your blog, and some others later on and reading these things called blogs, on, er, dial-up? powermac? so, you inspired me, and along with others in the cyber-fiberworld like jude hill and india flint. i struggled into a blog, and because of that i’m headed to australia for the second time to teach. life is crazy cool, and technology can be, too. but there once was a yarn harlot who inspired and made me laugh and cry and rant a bit, too. thank you!

  80. What a magical world this is, that knitting can give us such joy and that we can all connect like this from our own homes. I love you too! I’ve been right here those 10 years, reading along and going to the Seattle book tour talks, which were always great fun and many laughs. Thank you Stephanie and Happy Anniversary!

  81. Thank you for a wonderful blog.
    I know you are a far more experienced knitting then I am and your knitting stories remind me I am not alone in knitting frustrations. After all most of the time I take sticks and string and make something wonderful. Some times I just make a mess.

  82. And we love you Steph! I’ve not been around for the entire 10 years,but for most of them, and strangely ,I admit ,I go each day to look and see if you have “sent me a a note “. Some days I return a few times to see, because they bring such pleasure to my daily life . Thank you for that!

  83. It’s amazing that you feel you have gotten so much from the blog (and the Blog), when we all feel that you have given us so much.
    Thank you – looking forward to many more years of this special community.

  84. I’ve been reading your blog for about 9 years or so. I’ve enjoyed every word and picture. At the time I was a rather timid knitter, nervous about doing other items other than scarves. You inspired me to branch out. Your expertise and the mistakes you’ve made…and how to correct them, made me want to move on with my knitting. I thank you for that. You taught me that knitting was to be loved and enjoyed as a process and as a finished item. Thank you too, for being real and down to earth. Happy Anniversary! I know I’m not alone when I say I love you too!

  85. Have been reading your blog regularly for several years & feel like you’re one of my close friends, although we’ve never met (yet!) because you’ve shared so much of your life with me, the way friends do. I’ve laughed and cried with you, I’ve read all your books, and own most of them. The words ‘Thank You’ don’t seem enough, somehow, but thank you, for everything.

  86. thank you.
    For your openness, for your honesty, for letting us into the messy parts as well as the easy beautiful parts of your yarn and your life.

  87. Thank you, Steph, for sharing your life with us. You are the one who has created this beautiful community. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us.

  88. Thank you so much for 10 year (10 years!) of the blog! I have read various entries to my husband, who doesn’t know how to knit and doesn’t want to know how to knit, and he loves the blog, too. He says you are a wonderfully humane writer. I remember the first one I read to him was your entry about searching for clothes to wear to the airport and ended with “go lie in traffic”. I laughed out loud at that, while completely sympathizing with you, too.
    Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

  89. Thanks Stephanie. You inspire me with every post. I write my own blog because of the joy reading yours has brought me. And my blog has made all the difference for my ability to spend my days with yarn and tapestry. Thank you so much. And keep writing! I read all of it.

  90. what an amazing and inspiring story! i’m so glad you decided to share it all with the world. thanks and here’s to another wonderful 10 years!

  91. I look forward to reading your blogs at the end of a long day to give me joy and hope in the next. Thank you for keeping it candid and full and always to a point worth pondering. Thank you for you and your books and inspiration!

  92. Happy anniversary Stephie. Your blog has given me many laughs over the years. A few tears as well. Thank you. You’re the best.

  93. Happy [blog]versary. I have enjoyed reading your well thought out words for almost 10 years, and look forward to reading for the next 10 and on.

  94. Thank you for the time, money, and tears that have been put into this blog. Know that it brings smiles to the faces of so many. Blogs like yours make me feel as though I have a knitting group to gain tips, tricks, reviews, and information from and I thank you do much for this!

  95. I wish you had a like button. I’m not much of a commenter (maybe 6 times total) but I have been reading your blog for about 9 1/2 years and during that time you have become a part of my life also. I feel like you’re my friend. I quote you enough that my family thinks you’re my friend. I have discovered yarn and patterns and designers that I never would have in my little town. I am knitter and your blog has played a part in that. Thank you.

  96. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for making us a part of your life. Your blog is part of my daily “I need to feel better about life” routine. You have enriched us all.

  97. I’ve been reading your blog for almost the entire ten years, and just want to say, thank-you. You’ve made me laugh, think, cry, and remember the things I’m grateful for. I hope you keep on blogging for a good long while!!

  98. Thanks for 10 fabulous years. We all love you for helping to create this wonderful community of knitters. Let’s keep doing this.

  99. And we love you too Steph. I still get the giggles when I think about you rubbing your sock on my first sock at the talk you gave in Fairhope, AL. I got a piece of your knitting mojo, and how cool is that?

  100. Thank you for your blog! You always make me laugh and I love reading it to my husband who thinks I nuts sitting here giggling! I enjoyed meeting you in Fort Wayne and look forward to the next 10 years!
    All the best

  101. Love your blog, your insights, the inspiration to knit. Love your patterns (is my cloisonee the one you saw and mentioned on twitter?), the laughs, the serious moments, the occasional tear. I’m proud to be a fellow knitter and canuck and I’m happy to celebrate your tin(th) anniversary with a ‘tinned’ alcoholic beverage. Cheers!

  102. You were the first blog I ever read! Many blogs have changed or drifted away but here you are, still at the beginning of my favorites list. Is the knitting a part of your life or is life a part of your knitting? I love that you cover both so well. Thanks Stephanie!

  103. no, thank you! i’m a little embarrassed to say that to my non knitting family and friends i refer to you as ‘my friend stephanie, who writes a knitting blog’…. even though i’ve been in close proximity only twice and only for a few minutes…( my knitting friends know who you are and would call me on it!) thank you for being there when i needed a pick me up, for providing me with a way to help people i will never meet with the small amount of money i have to share…. and for the giggles… and thank you to your family for sharing you with us!

  104. And we all love you too. I have often said that you and I are twins who were separated at birth (and by probably 15 years but I don’t know how to account for that)! Thank you for your love and truth and for being here for us. Happy Anniversary with much love.

  105. Thank you. Reading your blog has made me laugh and made me cry, and has always made me feel more connected to the wide world of knitters. What you do is meaningful and greatly appreciated.

  106. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I am grateful that you were so brave ten years ago. I do have community here, around my home, in physical space. But, as a working mother, it is limited to a few close families. Blogs like yours help me feel connected to a larger group of people, even if I don’t often comment or participate in the conversation. Reading this makes me want to recognize and send appreciation for the generosity with which you’ve shared your writing so freely with us.

  107. I have been with you right from the start when I found your blog while I sat in front of the computer with a brand new baby on my lap, late at night when she wouldn’t sleep. I didn’t know that other people knitted like loons or talked obsessively about their jumpers and you opened my eyes. Your blog saw me through post-natal depression (twice) and emigration to the other side of the world. Life has changed and for large chunks of it while my now husband (we’re also godless heathens who lived in sin with our babies until we got around to the nuptials) and I set up a business I was alone but The Blog kept me company. Eventually I travelled to Rhinebeck and met you and all the CPaAG guys from Ravelry. For the last decade I’ve never been lonely thanks to our community of Ravelry, the Blog, you and Joe and the girls and, of course, thanks to Ken. You changed my life too in so many ways for the better. Happy birthday, Blog. I love you.

  108. Totally amazing how much the world has changed in the last 10 years. Thank you for keeping this little bit of consistency. I’m looking forward to reading at least 10 more years of blog posts!

  109. Stephanie, you didn’t mention that you and the blog are responsible for raising over a million dollars for Doctors Without Borders. That is the most amazing feat, I think it deserves mention today. On another note, my optical technician husband wonders if the person who wrote or transmitted your prescription transcribed it incorrectly. We don’t think it’s you.
    Happy Annivrsary!

  110. Happy Anniversary, and best wishes for many, many more to come! (Joe, I hope you took your wife out to dinner, or will be doing so, to help celebrate this milestone. Her favorite modestly-priced place probably will do, as long as she doesn’t have to cook and you’re as romantic as all get-out.)
    And thanks for giving this long-time beginner knitter who knows just enough to be dangerous hope I might someday complete my first sock. Maybe when there’s a breed of feathered pig called “Pegasus”. Until then, there’s lots of big square or rectangular things to knit. . .!

  111. Happy blog-iversary! I can remember reading back entries here when I first discovered this blog about 9 years ago. Wow! Just realizing I’ve been reading along since almost the very beginning! Thanks for giving us this amazing community :)

  112. Happy 10th!
    You are my go-to site every morning. I’m always interested in what you have to say, even when I’m not interested ;-)
    Your knitting is inspiring, you are clever and witty and honest and generous.
    Thank you Harlot! Love and peace to you.

  113. I am so happy that you haven’t regretted sharing your life with us. Even if we sort of stalk you at knitting festivals (although I still maintain that you were stalking US at Rhinebeck…).
    Your honesty and courage and humour and simple grace have been inspiring and I’m so glad we’ve all been privileged to share in them. Thank you for continuing to do this for so long.

  114. You’re so very awesome, Steph! I totally remember the day about 8 years ago that I stumbled across your blog and it just opened up a new world to me. Feeling like the lone knitter under 35 on the Canadian prairies, I had no idea that there were others like me and your blog has lead me to so many cool knitterly things. thank you for all that you do — you do it so well!

  115. I’m so happy you’re still blogging! Thank you for taking the time to write – and so thoughtfully. You put so much love and joy into the world. Your blog is one of my very favorites (and I’m not really a knitter). Happy 10th blogging anniversary! :)

  116. Hi Steph,
    I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but want to congratulate you on your anniversary and thank you for sticking with the blog – finding a new entry from you in my blog feed is like getting a letter in the mail from an old friend. I first found your blog a year or so ago and your book Knitting Rules at the library about the same time, loved it and looked for it in stores for a while, and then went online and found and ordered it. I’ve already wish listed and am eagerly waiting for the next one that’s about to be released. I particularly like how much you share about yourself and your family and you have just the right amount of self-deprecating humour to keep the “knitting goddess” human. Please keep writing.

  117. I could write a really lengthy comment about how your blog and knitting have changed my life, and my sister’s as well. It’s just too long a story, especially on your anniversary post. But I will say thank you from my heart for your writing. You are an inspiring and unique person.

  118. I add my thank you for continuing to write your blog through all your life happenings. I also wish to thank your family for letting you include their experiences in your blog. I intend to continue readindg as long as you continue writing. May we grow old together.

  119. Happy Anniversary! Your blog has made me laugh and cry, it has taught me a thing or two about knitting and life. I have enjoyed your books as well as meeting you at various fiber festivals. Thanks for writing this blog, I look forward to each entry!

  120. Hurray!
    I too love this blog, this two thousand ways street of knitting knowledge that goes on here!
    Happy 10th and many more!
    I have challenged myself from here and succeeded!

  121. Congratulations! Yours is the blog I check first every day, hoping a new post will appear, with pictures of something you’re making. I quote you often at home from your posts and books. If my husband wonders what on earth I’m doing with that pile of yarn that I’ve yanked off of the needles three times, I tell him “It’s okay. The Yarn Harlot says this happens to her too. It’s called frogging.” Thank you for showing me that my knitting life could be better, that I could be adventuresome and not be afraid to try new things. I still haven’t steeked anything, though.
    Best wishes for the next ten years of blogging. I can’t wait to read it!

  122. Isn’t it amazing, what all can happen in just 10 years? Thanks for bringing us on this journey with you. And your advice here years ago to never say anything in the blogosphere that you wouldn’t say to someone in your own living room has stood me in very good stead.
    Here’s to another 10! But only if you feel like it…

  123. Two years ago I rediscovered spinning after a hiatus of many years, because of you. I learned to take chances with my knitting and not be a fraidy-cat, because of you. I have learned to try new patterns and new techniques, because of you. You inspire me, you make me laugh, sometimes you make me cry. Every single entry is a worthwhile read, and because of you, I’m thinking of travelling more. Congratulations on 10 years of a GREAT blog; and for continuing to inspire all of us, many thanks.

  124. Thank YOU Steph for bringing all of your readers together and helping to form this wonderful knitting community. Congratulations on 10 years of the blog and here’s to the next 10 (and more)!

  125. Happy anniversary–I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! I think I’ve been here since close to the beginning. I hope you’re here for another 10 years, and many more to come.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  126. I want to thank you for all the things you’ve given me through this blog: your time, mostly, and your experience, advice, many laughs, many tears, lots of ideas and inspiration, and the camaraderie and friendship of a fellow knitter. You are awesome!

  127. Thank you Steph for all the pleasure you have afforded me over the years. With both my daughters having flown the nest your blog has been the one that has helped fill the gap. As a dedicated knitter I have been inspired by many of your posts and have your books to keep me company when the I’net connection fails. Bless you my Canadian friend and keep on blogging.

  128. Thank you so much for sharing your time, love, friendship, wit and life experiences with all of us. I know to you, we are mostly a faceless blob, but to us, you are our friend Steph. We’ve watched you grow and change over the years. Laughed and cried with you. In short, we’ve taken you into our hearts. It is a gift and it is so appreciated.

  129. I found your blog about six years ago through your first book that I purchased at a used book store in Chicago. Although I have only commented once before in all that time, I have enjoyed your writing and the privilege of being included in your daily life. I love that you still make knitting mistakes and share them with all of us. Just that fact alone makes me a better person and a better knitter. Thank you!

  130. Happy anniversary! Thank you for your blog. Everything the above commenters said! I hope to continue being inspired by you, in so many ways, for a long long time! You are awesome.

  131. I actually found your blog because I googled knitting doula. I was a doula at the time as well!
    Thank you so much for starting your blog. For writing your books. For continuing to write your blog. For sharing a bit of you and your family with a slew of internet strangers. And for being so kind to the hoards of people that show up to your readings.
    I’m glad you’re here.

  132. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your knitting, and your life with us for the last ten years. You have truly given us a great, great gift. You’ve been with me as I’ve learned to knit, through happy times and not so great times…through all of this your blog has been a bright spot for me. I’ve learned so much from you and I thank you for giving us the blog.

  133. OMG! I started to cry because I thought you were saying goodbye. Then I kept crying out of sheer relief. What would my day be without a daily dose of The Yarn Harlot? I check your blog first thing every morning; at lunchtime; and again at night. If there isn’t a new blog, then there are the comments from the The Blog Community.
    Stephanie, you have inspired me and reassured me; made me laugh and made me cry; and made me want to be a better, more adventurous knitter.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the past 10 years. Here’s hoping there are many more.
    Many virtual hugs from Calgary.

  134. I love reading your posts. I love reading all the comments from the blog community. It is a privilege to be part of it. Thanks.

  135. Happy birthday! I have been reading you for several years and this blog has come to mean so much to me. I don’t have many knitting friends and it has been so wonderful to know that there are people out there that are like me, who care about gussets and ladders and the best way to do increases for a given pattern. Thank you for blogging!

  136. Perfectly perfect blog post for a spectacular blogiversary! I haven’t been following the whole time…but I have followed loyally since discovering the Blog! Glad it’s as good for you as it is for us ? Also as a Canadian living in Australia – what I wouldn’t give for some snow days when I cannot cool down in 40+ degree heat! Our bodies are not made for it!