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Today I’m right in the weeds, my petals – so this will be a quickie. There’s actual, bona fide progress on the new blog, after a glitch with the server that I don’t understand at all, but has resulted in the technical decision to migrate to a new server, and I don’t understand that either.  Servers, templates, themes, plugins, databases… I just want to put up a picture of a sock, and talk about it with you. That’s all I want.

Pictured here, the next sock in the queue, and as I knit it, I wonder if I’ve taken the colour thing a little far? This is Trekking XXL 550,  and it is searingly, fantastically bright in a way that makes every fashionable thing from the 80′s look washed out. This morning when I took it out of my bag at the optometrist, the lady next to me gasped involuntarily.  I’m convinced that she simply hadn’t seen a colour like that since the winter set in and was shocked into remembering that such a fantastical thing could exist. I bet she woudn’t have blinked if it was August.

Or maybe it’s too bright. Hard to tell.  These socks will be the second ones of the year, and that’s pretty awesome, since I made myself a little promise that this year I would have twelve pairs finished by December 1st. I made this promise December 23rd, when a whole sock and a half still loomed in front of me after knitting the crap out of the whole month and still coming up short.  Not this year – and not socks. Twelve pairs by that deadline means I need to churn out a complete pair every 27.83 days. I’ve marked intervals on my calendar.  As I was flipping through, counting out 27 days and then putting ” L sock” or “M sock” in the squares (Ladies socks, Mens socks – so that I don’t get stuck with all the huge ones at the end, such are my fantastical and amazing powers of procrastination)  it occurred to me that this might be a little obsessive and weird.  “Too far?” I pondered, as I considered colour coding the reminders to make sure that I knit a proper and full spectrum… and then I remembered what it felt like to have 36 hours and two socks to go, and I kept right on going.

Obsessive? Maybe.  Effective? I bet it is. Ask me in December.

13 thoughts on “Drive By

  1. I like your human being tester that makes me drag a shape. It seems so much more fair than “type these hard to see letters”

  2. Didn’t have a chance to wish you a happy blogiversary, and to thank you for the laughter and moments of pause you’ve brought to my life for the last several years. Hope the new format for the blog is a big success and sufficiently thwarts the spammers!

  3. Love the new layout! Death to spammers! I’m so glad you’re up, any chance we can get more petals pics? Any pics.? I need your blog to get me through work. I work in a call center and when someone’s yelling at me on the phone I read your blog and remind myself there are still nice people in the world.

  4. At last the big Reveal! Do you feel like you’ve been on one of those home renovation shows?

    Hope your new virtual living room has the chesterfield you’ve always wanted. Hope Ken has the actual beer he’s always wanted.

  5. I’m so glad you’ve got the new blog site up and running because I couldn’t wait (well I could. ‘Cuz I had to ) tell you that the new socks are not too bright…as a matter of fact I love them…but maybe I should also say that one of my favorite colorways was called “clown”… Nope I think I won’t mention that !

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