1. I spent 4 hours driving about 30km. I decided to drive because a G20 security thing had the subway closed.

2. Usually, four hours driving would get me somewhere really far, like Ottawa, but yesterday I was actually able to knit while driving.

3. This is because I am calling "sitting in my car while not moving for 20 minutes at a time because of the G20 security measures" DRIVING.

4. When I got out of the car after this period of "driving" I started to walk away from the car and was suddenly overcome by a wave of dizziness and vertigo. It felt like the world was shifting around and I thought maybe the 4 hours of rage and heat had gotten to me.  I reached out and steadied myself with a hand on the car for a minute and the feeling passed.  I decided I must really need a glass of water and a rest and went in the house. A few minutes later I learned it was a 5.0 earthquake. (No injuries, no damages.) I’m sort of relieved because as worrisome as an earthquake is, I really thought I was having a stroke for a minute.

5. I continued conducting an experiment. I ran the dishwasher 5 days ago and told the family that it needed unloading.  I am waiting to see how long they will go just piling more dirty dishes on top of the appliance before one of them is triggered to unload it.

6. Yesterday we ran out of clean dishes.

7. While final results are not in, it would appear that teenagers will actually come to you and tell you that there are no clean dishes (exactly like they are unaware of the purpose or action of a dishwasher)  before they will empty said dishwasher to obtain more. 

8. This has made me wonder if I didn’t take a good enough pre-natal vitamin.

9. I went to the store and filled a cart with all I needed. I went to the cash register and discovered I didn’t have my wallet.  I threw an internal fit, went home, grabbed my wallet off of the counter and went back to the store.  Once there I got back in line, waited my turn and then discovered my wallet did not contain my bank card.

10. We are out of milk, bread, eggs and just about everything that isn’t a three year old condiment.

11. This is related to my reaction to the trauma of #9, which was to go directly home and lie on the chesterfield with a cold beer while trying to figure out how to turn olives, balsamic vinegar and three kinds of mustard into a meal.

12. While the G20 traffic had me waiting, I finished my June socks.

Embossed Leaves pattern, Dream in Color Smooshy in Spring Tickle.

I love this pattern, and this time I did the funky toe and heel that were in the pattern.  I usually do as pleases me, but for the self-imposed sock of the month club I’m trying the patterns as written.  It’s a fun way to try stuff I don’t usually do and get me out of my rut. (We all get in them.)

Turns out I love them even more when you follow the pattern. (Who knew?)

13. I grafted together the two halves of the Eventide scarf and set it to block.

14. Having new socks and a new scarf almost makes up for the the way the rest of the day went.

15. I may have ordered some yarn to take the edge off the rest of it.