Things Finished

1. My plan to have teenagers sprayed with a gas that makes them find the idea of a partner disgusting.  I just need to figure out how to invent the gas. The plan is otherwise good.

2. Thanksgiving. Good holiday, great meals, one leftover pie.  I shall do my level best to finish that too.

3. One Drops Jacket 103-1 (Bewitching name.)

Yarn: My own handspun.  Fleece was a beautiful corridale I bought at the Royal Winter Fair, was processed by Wellington Fibres, and spun into a gorgeous cushy, bouncy two ply (6.5wpi).

Modifications: None really. I’m short, but like jackets long, so I deliberately didn’t shorten this, which was kinda lengthening it, if you think about it right.   I put on fewer buttons, and I didn’t make any button holes, just crocheted some loops after the fact, which is really great because it meant that I got to decide just where I like the buttons while I was wearing it, not while I was knitting it, which to my way of thinking should be a little more accurate.

Overall, I think I love it. It’s cozy and light, but warm and comfy.  It seems a little dressy, and I like the shape of it, though if I had it to do over again I might do some of the A-line shaping at a different rate.  This flares sort of low for me.

I wore it for a walk yesterday, and it felt really, really chic.  Crunching along through the leaves with a warm wool jacket on…very autumnal vibe… which is good, because the only flaw I can see with this jacket is that it really is a jacket, and too thick to wear under a coat, so in a few weeks it’s going to be too cold to wear it.  I’m going to compensate by wearing it constantly until then. 
(Furnace not on yet, so perhaps I shall wear it indoors.) 

238 thoughts on “Things Finished

  1. Hurray! Those are just the buttons I would have picked for it! And I don’t think it flares too low. It looks great.

  2. I live in Ottawa…so yes, the furnace is on during the day…it’s *#@% freezing here….

  3. Woo! It looks great! I wish I had the chops to spin up a sweater’s worth of handspun. On the drop spindle I think it would take me about three years, if I were a diligent daily spinner, which I’m definitely not. So I’ll just admire yours!

  4. Furnace Wars, oh yes. My family has its own version of that every year. We’ll see how this week’s blast of Cold Canadian Air affects our standing!

  5. I was going to say that sweater would be perfect indoor wear util the furnace goes on! At least 3 more weeks until I’m going to even think about that…

  6. I think it looks fantastic! Now I want to knit the jacket . . . I might have to rethink the reasons I had decided not to knit it.
    Will you be at Rhinebeck this year? If so, there will me much fondling of the jacket by other knitters — Fair Warning! :)

  7. Lovely! I was wondering how your furnace war was going this year. I have entered one as well, though not by choice. Good luck to you!

  8. Lovin’ the jacket! A perfect merging of pattern and yarn. (And skill. That goes without saying.)

  9. Looks great. It could be your house jacket with a thermal and other knit wear underneath once it is too cold to wear outside and before you turn on the furnace…
    How many ounces of wool did you end up using? I suppose I will end up weighing my own cardigans to find out how much I need for a handspun cardigan.

  10. Beautiful! And there is nothing in the world quite like wearing a handspun project.
    We turned on our heat the other night (in the high 40′s F) and I thought in your direction, You won!

  11. Ooh love the jacket! As for your plan regarding a teenager spray, I propose faster result may be had by spraying said teenager with something that makes them less than attractive. I don’t know what works in Canada but lavender seems to be pretty repugnent to teens in England!

  12. Love the jacket. I especially like the color. We have been having a cold snap here in Texas. I do not want to turn on any heat yet. I thought of you the other day because it was 69 degrees in the house and I just put on a sweater.

  13. …your comment about the button loops is wise; it seems to be a good cure for the problem the busty have where the buttons are always just above and below the full bust point, resulting in The Dreaded Gap.
    And the jacket is lovely!

  14. 1. Remember to turn off the gas at about age 23/24; you don’t want the three lovelies with you forever. Also? Grandkids. Think about it. Might be nice, after the three lovelies are past age 25.
    2. You have pie left? Bad Harlot household, bad, bad, bad.
    3. Oh, hell, I’m going to have to knit that. In handspun. (not by Rhinebeck though; I do have some shred of sanity.) I just wish I could carry it off with your world-weary-full-of-pie-knitter panache.

  15. Ooooohhh…very nice. I wish I had done the crocheted loops instead of button holes. My buttons fall in odd places and don’t do what I want them to do.

  16. It’s a really nice jacket! I think I would have gone for one more button just under the bust, but that’s just me. It’s wet where I live, so I’m living in raincoat and boots. X_X

  17. I have this one on my ravelry cue. While I read your blog regularly I just now realized it is the same sweater. Awesome.
    Belated congrats to your lovely daughter.

  18. Love the jacket! It looks very chic indeed, and I just think it’s so cool that you spun the yarn for it. Looks like a great addition to your furnace wars arsenal.
    I like the idea of the crocheted loops for the buttonholes. That makes a lot more sense to me.

  19. Furnace war time again already? Groovy! Good thing you have that stylish new jacket; you’re sure to win this year!

  20. Our furnace has been on for over a week! Record lows this week! Brrrrrr. That sweater would feel so wonderful here in my house. I love the collar. It looks very very nice on you.
    Good luck on the gas thing. Try feeding the girls cabbage rolls, navy bean soup and garlic bread before a date.

  21. Very beautiful! I need to make a sweater that makes me feel like that. Love the furnace wars. Decided to have our own. 11 degrees celsius in the house today. Brrr.

  22. The jacket looks great! I’d be wearing indoors WITH my heat on… as it’s snowing and COLD out in Calgary today. What happened to fall!?

  23. Beautiful! Now I know what my next project will be. It will be perfect to wear at work in February, Maybe I’ll only need 2 layers instead of the usual 4!

  24. Love the jacket. Great Job.
    I would never make it in your family. Since we have an outside boiler that also provides hot water for the home and farm, our furnace has basically been fired up all year.
    Although I did convince the Hub that turning it off at the furnace heat exchanger gave the AC less to fight all summer.
    Again, Great jacket. And when you get that spray, will you market it?

  25. Gorgeous! Love it!
    Our furnace isn’t on yet. Of course, it’s probably colder in Canada than here in SePA, but still… :)

  26. Wow – you didn’t start spinning this until a smidgeon less than a month ago (by blog post anyway). So in a month (or less) you spun all the yarn, knitted it, sewed it up and put the buttons on, washed and blocked it, and have had the photo shoot. Stephanie… you’re my hero!

  27. I love it! The pattern looked like it would have been really bulky at the neck, but yours looks wonderful. I might have to add that to my list now. :) And Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

  28. Love the jacket and what a great idea to think about buttons when your done.
    I do have to ask… if your not turning on the heat yet, what is the average temp in your home? I’m in the suburbs of Chicago and I couldn’t take waking up to 63 degrees (fahrenheit) or what would be close to 17 degrees (celsius).

  29. Gorgeous jacket and the flare looks right from here.
    Jackets worn inside are always good for delaying the furnace debut. I was able to last until Nov. 1 last year. Not so sure about this fall. Going furnace filter shopping this afternoon just to be prepared.

  30. Very nice! I’m so jealous! I wish I could knit as fast as you. That would take me months. I was wondering about Furnace Wars 2009. How cold is it in your house? I’m a wimp and turn on the heat as soon as it drops below 65F.

  31. And what did she do this time? The jacket is awesome btw. It inspires me (to go out and buy more yarn!).

  32. Love the jacket and I just queued it on Ravelry! How much ease did you knit it with? (or asked another way, what size did you knit and was it your usual size?)

  33. Stephanie, the jacket is GORGEOUS! Looks just perfect on you. I’ve found that a heavy knitted shawl or poncho worn over a knitted jacket extends their life farther into the cold weather. Bulky? Perhaps, but double the hand-knitted wondrousness!

  34. I am so GLAD you found just the right pattern for this gorgeous yarn! Especially after your sad pattern disappointment earlier. The sweater is splendid, Stephanie!

  35. We had 3 inches of lake effect snow here last night. My furnace has been on for two weeks already. Love the jacket and will add it to my list of things to knit :) However, I’ve just gotten started on holiday knitting– have 1 1/2 inches on my youngest son’s hoodie (he had very specific requests for his holiday sweater this year :)

  36. I was just wondering if you had the furnace on yet. We don’t and I can use you as an excuse when the husbeast wants to cave. I’ll say you don’t and you live in CANADA! (We’re in Virginia)

  37. I love the jacket. I also love that you made it out of handspun! I might have to do that also. Down here in Texas, I might be able to wear it all winter!!

  38. Love the jacket – a large part is that the yarn is just so gorgeous – it sort of “pops.” It looks warm & snuggly & yet very attractive & stylish. It’ll also be a great spring jacket & maybe would be good for in the house in the winter (you do keep the thermostat set low don’t you?)

  39. Please let me know when you have invented the gas. I would like to be your first customer. My 18 year old daughter has her first serious boyfriend and I’m losing my wits. Love the jacket – I’ve knit several Drops patterns and so far have loved how they turn out.

  40. I admire your mad spinning skillz! Also the fact the furnace is not yet on. I am trying to inure my family to a cooler house – so far so good, but I think my husband is about to crack.

  41. It looks fabulous! How come when you knit a jacket with two buttons it looks wonderful, but if I had such a thing it would routinely fly open just below the 2nd button, leaving my less than shapely midsection chilly, despite its, ahem, insulation.

  42. Perfect jacket…I bet you will get to wear it a tad longer than you think…the weather is bound to get nice again for awhile…and those are the perfect buttons…its the one I would have picked out of the assortment…

  43. I suddenly understand why that jacket is so popular. It occurs to me that I *need* that jacket. Like right this second. Because it’s probably the best fall jacket I’ve ever seen.
    Also, the model looks fabulous in it.

  44. Love the jacket! It fits perfectly and looks fantastic on you.
    The spray is a brilliant idea. Just think, finish it and you could retire early, a millionaire many times over, no doubt ;)

  45. I’m not really sure what an A line is but the sweater is very nice. Wear it in good health.

  46. Oh, and what type of pie? Pie is off of my list of allowed foods, but I can live vicariously through you, if that’s alright.

    Done with the caps
    LOVE it.

  48. I love this. Old non-knitter here, but if I were, I would quickly knit a large three corner (same yarn, perhaps a lighter weight? not sure) shawl to wear over it for the much cooler weather. The two together would make for a really nice set. Put that together with an awesome hat (knitted, of course – matching mittens) and WOW ! I digress. Must learn to knit first. But I couldn’t help myself……

  49. Am I insane? I could have swore the picture on the pattern you linked to when you started the jacket has 3/4 sleeves. I LOVE the long ones!

  50. Love the jacket!
    I was wondering if your furnace had been turned on yet. I am sitting in my living room wearing a fleece vest and my jacket because I don’t want to turn the heat on yet.

  51. Lovely! I’ve got a romney/coopworth blend fleece that I’ve been scheming for. Was wondering – what was your yardage and total weight of fiber spun? I’ve got 6#, so there should be plenty, but I’m still quite curious. Hope to see the jacket in person at the end of the month in Oregon!

  52. I bought a corriedale fleece in the spring to spin for my first handspun sweater. Now if I only had time to card/comb/spin it…It has a beautiful natural color so probably won’t dye it.

  53. Great jacket!! Definitely will help you win the furnace war. Love the long sleeves. What a fabulous photo shoot you would have with you in that and Joe in his GANSEY!! Happy Thanksgiving and autumn.

  54. beautiful!
    My husband and I have already started the furnace wars, but since we live in Tacoma, WA, these wars don’t carry the same sense of discomfort as for those folks who live in places with real winter. :)
    Speaking of winter, that is a great sweater/jacket, but you look like you are freezing!

  55. My husband turned the heat on Sept 30. I try to wait until Oct 1, but I wasn’t home and he did it.
    Great jacket. I’m knitting candy cane stripped socks, feels like the holidays already.

  56. Sorry hon, I think it’s just the right length, flares in the best place & look absolutely glorious on you!! I like it so much in fact that I
    1) downloaded the pattern
    2) am checking out the yarn in the stash
    3) may just have to spin my own yarn for it
    4) want it NOW.

  57. Agree with Sharon in Surrey above: want one NOW. looks fabulous, love the line of it on you.
    PS If you invent the gas, will it work on grownups too?

  58. I just want to reach through the screen and pet that sweater. It looks amazing. I hope the winter weather holds off for a bit so you can enjoy it.

  59. Love that jacket! Will dress up or down and will look fabulous layered! Really like the button loops.
    I’ll be awaiting the invention of the partner control gas. Will buy it by the case for two teen daughters!

  60. Well, if you come and visit me at my house this winter, you can wear it inside all you want. We keep the house set at 55 during the day and 50 at night. And my husband STILL wears T-shirts…

  61. I’m very jealous of your jacket. Especially because I made that jacket, and love it, and it’s perfect for San Francisco where it’s not that cold outside but is perpetually freezing inside… But I made it out of crap yarn and it’s one big, fuzzy puff ball that sheds everywhere I go. I’ve found puffs of the yarn places I’ve never even worn the jacket, it’s so sheddy and sticky! I guess I’ve learned a lesson!

  62. I really like that jacket! It’s a lovely jacket but even better, you created the whole thing, except for raising the fleece yourself. That’s an accomplishment that not too many people can do or care to do in this day and age.

  63. The jacket is glorious and not a smidgeon too long. Is it my computer, or is it grey? Furnaces? Mine is on because the roof was covered with snow this morning. The snow didn’t stay, but I didn’t shut off the furnace either-mind you, I keep it at 18. Well, back to my thrummed mittens, scarf, ishbel, pretty thing cowl, and socks. Un embarras de richesse. Cheers, Hazel.

  64. Inadvertently started the Furnace War with myself this year – pilot light went out last April, no leak, and the weather was warming up, so I tried once to get it lit, and then put on sweaters, socks, etc. FF to October, and last week it got a little nippy here in central Alberta, but I put on layers, and thought about it. Old house, natural gas destroys mortar in chimney (found that out a couple of years ago – friend/gas man fixed that!), so, today it got down to 34F in the house, and “myself” snapped (“I” would have continued with layers – LOL), Friend/gas man to the rescue again, and he’s going to do the chimney liner as well! Sure am glad I stopped giving away socks – had lots for me! Thankfulness, indeed
    Might try that jacket for next year though
    (not using my usual sigline – don’t want the blog friends to yell at me!)

  65. I really like it! I can’t wait until I’ve knitted enough to be faster so I can start and finish something in a few weeks! One day, one day…

  66. NOW I want to make it. It looks great on you! Did you ever consider swapping some of your knitting skills with a sewer who could make a lining for your jacket – maybe even a snap-in one – so you could wear it longer?

  67. Wow–I was skimming kind of fast and thought your plan was to have the teenagers SPAYED.
    That will teach ME to skim, LOL!

  68. Absolutely super beautiful –just love it on you. Are you going to the Royal again this year to get more fleece or do you have any room for more ?

  69. I caved. I wasn’t going to turn the heat on until it snowed, since this is the first apartment I’ve had in years where heat is not included in the monthly rent. It hasn’t snowed yet, but I am weak.

  70. Really? You find “103-1″ a less than enthralling name? We could fix that. Someone, for example,pointed out tha somehow Joe got left out of yesterday’s litany of blessings. You could rectify that now. Your particular iteration could be called, oh, I don’t know, maybe something like “The Very Thought of Him?”

  71. That jacket looks wonderful on you! Beautiful!
    (as for the furnace wars, I live in the south of the US w/a family member prone to hot flashes who is also in charge of the thermostat. The heat may never be turned on, I may need one of these myself come, um, January)

  72. I made this late last year ago but never seamed it since I hate to seam and it was spring anyway and then realized I’d forgotten buttonholes, so I’m thrilled to see your crocheted loops.
    I wish my SO was a furnace holder-outer. He fired our heat up today. I was hoping to make it to November.

  73. Well, Rams, since you seem to have started a sweater-naming contest…I suggest “Coulda Been Joe’s Gansey.”

  74. Lovely! I have the same pattern on my to-do list, but I think it’ll have to wait until after the Christmas knitting is done…

  75. Golly! That looks tres swanky! I’ve always thought of Toronto as a very Cosmopolitan city. You and that jacket fit in perfectly!

  76. Love it! I am discovering that I love most of the designs Drops has. Now I just need a job, money for yarn, and oh yes, the time to knit all 9 billion patterns I already have/want!
    It looks great on you, and I’m jealous! All I every make for myself is socks, socks, and sometimes a hat. I do make sweaters for others though. Go figure.

  77. So posh and elegant. I’d wear it all the time! Maybe a vest over it and leg warmers to complete the total wooly effect. Love the sophisticated poses!
    Eve from Carlisle

  78. Yeah, just think how much longer you could last in the furnace wars with you wearing that and Joe wearing his gansey. ;)

  79. I am your Michigan neighbor and am sad to say I’ve already lost the furnace war…. My kids made me feel bad while shivering and chattering- they reminded me that we have a furnace for a reason and I gave in. I was weak! Do you have a thermometer inside the house? And if so, what do you live with before giving in? This morning it was 57 inside- brrr- and 30′s outside. I know they got snow north of here!

  80. see- being in the SF bay area in California with the mostly uninsulated homes, I was thinking that jacket would be just perfect for keeping the heat set to below trust fund level!

  81. *giggles* My husband is away during the week as of late, and comes home most peeved that it’s so cold in the house. My standard rule is “not until November, or until it falls below 15 inside the house” until I turn on the furnace.
    The funny thing is that I HATED my mother when I was a kid for playing this game (except she played it all winter long in Northern BC.) I always swore that when I was an adult, I’d never be cold in my own house.
    Blood will out.

  82. Still need to order the yarn for this stunning jacket… Daughter (almost 20) is never home to consult for color… Still waaaay too hot for it here. Was in the 80s (F) today so we have some time. But I am seriously looking forward to this knit. It looks FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing with us.

  83. i lost the furnace war embarrassingly early this year considering where i live and my criteria. BUT i do agree with one compelling reason my husband made to turn it on early. We own a house now instead of just an apartment (which was why there was no Sock Summit for me). It is our CHOICE to turn the darn thing on in August if we please or not. We are no longer at the whim of any laws or building management. I’m still embarrassed though and try to turn it to off whenever i can.
    i think it’s a beautiful jacket for outdoor wear and the most perfect sweater for the furnace war of 09. :)
    next year? next year it’ll be better.

  84. Dang. We has sideways rain, the windows were all left open so the house was wet and cold, and I have a vicious head cold. I snapped and lit the wall heater. In Northern California. California, zero. Ontario, one.

  85. I find it just amazing that you spun the yarn yourself and now you’ve this adorable jacket! Great job, you should be so proud of yourself!

  86. If you think your jacket will be lonely all winter, I could use it as a jacket all winter in Oakland CA! And some summer in San Francisco. I’m sure you’d love to send it on to me.
    Wear it inside. Gives you a solid place from which to wage the furnace wars. (I wouldn’t mind a lovely inside jacket right about now. It’s chilly in here. My husband fights the furnace wars with the power company.)

  87. Already lost the furnace wars here after 3 consecutive days around 20 degrees with damp. Couldn’t face the shivering puppy dogs. ;-(
    Perhaps I should knit them some jackets like yours? It’s lovely!

  88. Wooooo, nice jacket. I am thinking it would be a great suit jacket for an office, with a nice comfy black tee pretending to be a business garment underneath. That is really lovely. I bet the sheep would be proud :)
    BTW, I did the scarf-rescue hat thing and my husband actually WORE THE HAT! I am absurdly proud, and thank you for such a useful idea.

  89. The jacket looks great on you- inspiring -I could use a sweater jacket- ummm maybe next spring.

  90. I think your brother doesn’t have a chance at winning the furnace wars this year! Although you may have to make one for each of your daughters so they’ll survive…
    It really is lovely.

  91. Hahaha – you do look in those photos like you mean business about the gas.
    And I’m so delighted to see “try my level best” – I didn’t think anybody outside India said that anymore!
    Lovely jacket.

  92. While reading the last bit I kept thinking, “But couldn’t she wear it indoors?” Then you wrote the last line…
    Our old house in England was so draughty (sp?) we were bundled up inside. And now in South Africa our house is colder inside than out in …house is designed to stay cool in heat and does not care about those three months called Winter…inside jackets it is, then.

  93. Very very nice! You can tell that it has the lovely lightness of handspun. I just got 2 pounds of Shetland top from Schoolhouse Press–you are an inspiration, and perhaps I will stop arranging it and start spinning it.
    Or not.

  94. That looks fantastic on you! Seriously gorgeous sweater…and with your own handspun! Awesome!!
    I think it will be absolutely perfect to wear in Pt. Ludlow in a few weeks though :)

  95. With that jacket, you are sure to win the furnace wars this year. You haven’t been giving away too many warm knitted items to your relations lately, have you? :)

  96. I am sitting here stunned that you have not turned on the heat. I am in Portland Oregon and the heat has been on a few times already!!! I went online to see that Toronto Canada is 46F to our 56F which makes it flipping cold there?!! good grief woman! Good thing you have such a lovely jacket to be wearing INSIDE while you stay firm & win the furnace wars!…stay strong, put some whiskey in your coffee and button up your lovely new jacket…

  97. Great jacket-looks perfect on you. Enjoy wearing it as long as the weather will allow. I have my wood stove going-nice steady heat. Hopefully won’t have to use the furnace much again this winter. Wood does warm you twice-I’ve been getting my daily exercise stacking it. I love seeing it all in nice, neat rows.

  98. Gas? – the administration could be difficult, could we work on putting something in their food?
    Southern Hemisphere here, thermals off last week, and down to two layers, though jandalled DH always likes the heater on in the car.

  99. dear stephanie, it looks great! you look great! well done! i want one too! but i am tall and not as slim as you so wouldnt look as good on me;-) i love your blog, you must be the funniest woman in the world and my knitting hero:-) greetings from germany, mara

  100. Great sweater… this one’s been in my queue forEVER, which is where so many of the good ideas I have seem to rest. (sigh)
    I am IMPRESSED that you haven’t had your furnace on yet… your furnace wars are epic.

  101. I just lost the local furnace war because the contractor asked me to turn on the heat so the leaky pipe problem area could dry-all-ready and he could put the kitchen back together.
    My sister says I’m a wimp and should just continue to haul water from the basement utility sink to make coffee and etc …
    But I think she’s just jealous because I still have red tomatoes.
    Lovely jacket.

  102. Our weather just turned from +27 °C to around 6°C withing four days… At the moment I am glad that my flat is in a house with central heating and the management turned teh heat on this weekend… I hate winter and cold, so I would be the absolute loser in any furnace war…
    the jacket is gorgeous simple but elegant, and the handspun yarn give it just the necessary “kick” :-)
    (Perfect length, I don’t like too short things, and the line falls perfectly. Now I wanna knit it myself…)

  103. Hooray for the furnace wars and a great sweater in which to do battle!
    Does it count if the thermostat is turned on, but is set so low it hasn’t kicked in yet? It is cold here in Minnesota, and every night I think I am going to hear it kick on, but not yet!

  104. That is a handsome jacket and it looks very good on you indeed. I admire the neatness of your sleeve finishing. I find that very daunting, to the point of sticking to raglan and round yokes. Your examples of handspun (like the delectable February lady) make me really want to learn to spin. I’m waiting for the 28 hour day to be invented specifically for that purpose. Alternatively I’ll have to bide my time until a projected early retirement to France in 10 years or so leaving me with long, cold and potentially snowed in winters.
    We’re having a little cold spell (Netherlands) but are holding out on the furnace so far. Trying to ignore the oncoming winter. But admit to looking forward to unpacking my dormant woollies that are currenty exiled in a moth free zone.

  105. Love the sweater, love the longer length!
    As usual, beautiful work! I haven’t been knitting long, and I’m not good yet at changing the sweater to suit me or picking the best style for me.
    You inspire me to keep trying!

  106. I live in Newfoundland so the furnace is hardly ever off! The jacket is gorgeous – you’re so inspiring!

  107. Beautiful jacket! Very sophiticated. Happy (late) Thanksgiving! We’re going to visiting my sister in eastern Ohio and her husband’s family for US Thanksgiving. Depends on the weather — we have to make the drive that includes the corridor between southern Buffalo to Erie to Ashtabula — in November. Yipes! But I have to be there as my sister has tasked me with keeping other cooks out of the kitchen so she can cook our side of the family’s recipes. Hmmm..I see myself posted at the kitchen door with a whip and a chair…or better yet yarn and a knitting needle. :-)

  108. I love the jacket. It looks great on you. The pictures of you turned out well too. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  109. Wow! Wearing a lovely jacket from YARN YOU SPUN YOURSELF! How cool is that?!!

  110. Love the jacket! I think it looks better on you than on the Drops website. Just my humble opinion.
    As for not being able to wear it much longer this fall due to cold weather… just think about how you can wear it all the time in early spring then because it’s already done now! Yay!

  111. Love the jacket. I’d like if you could find a gas that makes one’s adult child only desirable to someone wonderful!!! Mine seems to attract the wrong types!

  112. LOVE that jacket!!! I wonder if it would be too warm for Central Florida?? We do get our cold days, and what would be summer for you probably is the dead of winter for us, but it doesn’t last long so I just need to figure out if I want to knit up a jacket that I will only wear for abt a month a year……

  113. Nice sweater. You can definitely wear it inside.
    I’m trying to go till November before I turn on my furnace. It’s been down to freezing a couple of times, and it’s kind of chilly inside, but I’ve been drinking a lot of hot tea. And I do love my flannel-lined jeans.

  114. My husband just asked me about your furnace wars this past weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving (yes we’re American and we celebrate it because that’s the weekend that his snow bird parents head south for six months).
    So funny, he said “hey hon, how’s your knitting friend doing this year in her family furnace war?” and then proceeded to tell the whole family about it – and he remembered you were from Toronto. You’ve got to love a man who remembers details when it comes to knitting . . .

  115. Oh, that’s absolutely lovely, and I really didn’t like the pattern picture when you linked to it. Good thing you can tell how things actually look, instead of how they’re staged to look. Really, very pretty.
    You could always move to New Mexico where that will suffice AS your winter jacket. :-) (Unless you choose to move to our mountains and then, all bets are off)

  116. Gorgeous jacket! You look great! Definitely an indoor/outdoor sweater. I like the buttons with loops because the lovely central panel shows every stitch rather than being “interrupted.”

  117. Funny you would say that the flare isn’t quite right. Before I got to that sentence, I was looking at the picture and thinking, Wow, what a nice flare, so well executed, so well placed, so flattering!
    I don’t see how people can fail to grasp the joy of knitting. How great is it that you could start from hunks of wool, and with your own two hands and minimal machinery (no external power source) create an actual jacket! It’s so…human, so connected, so primal! It’s almost enough to make me want to learn to spin, though my one foray into spinning was an exercise in complete futitlity. But how admirable it is to be able to both create yarn and knit it into lovely articles of clothing!

  118. How inspiring, this is a really lovely jacket. I agree with the person above who didn’t think it was “all that” from the link you posted. I could do with something like that right now. Can I borrow it?

  119. Wonderful jacket. I am a gardener and I am sure you must get the same feelings of immense satisfaction and amazement as I do when I plant minuscule size seeds and they grow to four foot plants. You start with a fibre with no structure and clean it, spin it, weave it and finally voila a jacket!!

  120. Every day I can count on you to bring humor, clarity, and empathy to my life. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you!

  121. LOVE it! I;m knitting one as well and will do the same for the button holes – the crochet loop! Was putting off knitting the fronts because I didn’t want to worry about the button holes!

  122. It came out absolutely beautifully chic and crisp. I’ve just started knitting with my handspun and it’s so entrancing to think about – spinning the yarn and knitting the knit. That length is very flattering (and it gives the bum a little protection – very important while out walking in the cold, I always think!).

  123. You are, as usual, an inspiration. I must (!) finish this everlasting baby sweater that I’ve been working on since summer before the kid is in elementary, and, more importantly, so that i can start on something lovely for myself…like this. And I love Chloe’s comment above about getting it lined by a friendly neighborhood seamstress…

  124. You were right, I was wrong. It does suit you perfectly.
    On the furnace. Have you ever read “The Blue Castle” by L.M. Montgomery (of “Anne” fame)?
    Valancy’s father dies because her Mom won’t light the stove till a certain day. Even though it’s the coldest fall on record. Just mentioning it. (And since it’s well below zero here in Cold Lake, I do have the furnace on!)

  125. Jacket is just lovely. Of course, wearing it would be like being in a sauna here. It’s still air conditioning weather here in Florida. Ugh. We’d all welcome a cool spell right about now.

  126. Oh for pete’s sake. I’ve been trying to decide between two jackety-cardigan things, which one to knit. And now I have to consider another one! Very attractive, and I will also have gray homespun to make it! But of course I’m still carding, so I have months to make the final decision! Looks really nice– Gretcheng

  127. OMG, how I wish I could knit as beautifully as you. Kudos, and I bow down to you and your needles.

  128. I love the jacket. Your yarn is beautiful, too. I agree about the bit of classiness that really dresses up jeans just the right amount. Very grown-up.

  129. Oh, and I agree about the need for that gas on teens. The energy and the angst that surrounds high school dating is so not worth it when you look back.

  130. Great jacket – and from your homespun yarn, too. that makes it more special.
    Our furnace was turned on near the end of September and we live a considerable distance south of you. I told DH that I was not turning on the furnace yet – Stephanie doesn’t have hers on and she lives in Canada. He knew who I was referring to (points for him) but turned in on anyway. ; (

  131. Tre cool!
    (In Michigan, my family cheated and turned on the furnace in September!)
    You look fabulous!

  132. Not sure what the story is about teens & partners – but I find telling my teen that ‘I once dated a guy like that’ works great for ending a relationship :-)

  133. The jacket looks great and I like how you did the buttons!
    Please invent the gas because I have a 14 year old who needs it! ;)

  134. Brilliant! And you can tell everyone that you had the yarn and that sweater all planned from the beginning. Never mind that you put it in writing that you didn’t.

  135. Beautiful. I see you seem to like asymetrical stuff. It’s so pretty on you. Too bad it’s not larger… then you could send it to me in the winter. Our office never gets above 65F summer or winter.

  136. When you first wrote about that pattern I didn’t think it was anything I’d be interested in knitting. But now seeing the finished project on you – I’m inspired. It’s so beautiful – suits you perfectly – the yarn seems perfect as is the color. Great job!!!!

  137. Steph, that gas is not gonna work on teens any more than the cream I invented to rub on my toddlers. They are now in their 40s and competent, coping adults who are wondering what they can invent to put on ME for the old lady thing. Good job on the Drops sweater – which flares just right BTW.

  138. That jacket looks really good on you! I saw it on the model and wasn’t all that impressed with it, but it looks much better on you. Why is it that everything thing you knit and model for us looks better on you than the highly paid, skinny, tall model? Maybe that could be a sideline for you! Something to think about.

  139. Lovely jacket! And (I know this might sound a bit stalker-ish) you have very pretty hands.

  140. I love your jacket. Sure hope the furnace replacement isn’t as big a problem as it sounds like, it sure isn’t when we have to replace units here in Florida. Would love to see you down this way again if you need a break from the cold, just give us a call and we can get you to a warm spot to knit for a while!! Vicky in Vero Beach

  141. Well, I hope your teenagers are VERY impressed with your new jacket because you look super trendy and that is not always easy to pull off when you are living with teenagers (at least in their mind). Great job on the jacket and aren’t you glad you didn’t let the fact that “everyone was knitting it” deter you from making one of your own?

  142. This is a very beatiful coat which makes you look even more lovely than usual. Congratulations!

  143. I, on the other hand, am a total wuss. I live in Pennsylvania, WELL south of Toronto, and my furnace is already on. (I did, however, start closing doors to non-essential rooms upstairs. If I need yarn, I can always open the door to the yarn room, but the heat doesn’t need to go in there!)

  144. Stephanie, your photos are wonderful! Good to see you in front of the camera! Kudos to the photographer! Great job on the Jacket! Gives me more incentive to get my “February lady” done..

  145. Steph~Love the jacket and the color, perfect! Also, when you get your anti-partner spray perfected let me know!! I need about 14 gallons here with 5 kids all of them teen,early 20′s!!

  146. Dad-GUM you are fast! that would have taken me months. And it looks fabulous. Here in NC, I could wear that instead of a winter coat, which is why I never get to make sweaters like that. I’d need that sweater/coat for about 3 days. Kudos to you!

  147. I love your jacket. So much, I’m faving it on Ravelry. I’ve considered sweaters and jackets big projects for some time now — but this, well, it is begging to be added to my project list. Nice. I like it. Good goin’ and handspun too! Nice.

  148. I think this is the best version of this sweater that I’ve seen. Admittedly, when I first saw the pattern I was ambivalent about it. It seemed just ok to me. However, seeing your version (and this is NOT sucking up – I’m all about sincere compliments) I love the grey, I love the length on you…it looks wonderful!

  149. Gorgeous! I am always in awe of people who spin an ENTIRE SWEATER’S WORTH of yarn, and then actually knit with it. I’m more of a single-skein spinner, but look forward to finding the time and inclination some day to spin my own yarn and knit it. I just hope it turns out as beautifully as yours! Wear it with pride!

  150. Skimming the comments, I realize you have become an environmentally influential blog – think of the energy saved by loyal readers fighting the Furnace Wars!
    Great sweater – the flare suits you were it is, I think.

  151. That is beautiful, Stephanie. It really suits you. I have a feeling I would look like a jolly, bumpy brown giant in it, but it’s awesome on you. :o)
    Enjoy it while it lasts!

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