The moral of the story

Once upon a time a knitter in Toronto, who had a tremendously messy house, took some of the time that she should have spent on housekeeping and knit something.  Now, part of the reason that this knitters house is trashed all the time is because this is pretty much how she lives, and thing have only gotten worse not that she’s reached middle age without anything really bad happening because she doesn’t clean-  but we digress.  This slacker of a housekeeper sat down with a little ball of cashmere, and she fussed around until she had a very pretty cowl. 

So pretty in fact, that she called it Pretty Thing, and it turned out that some other knitters (who probably had trashed houses too… since there seems to be a connection – not that we’re judging or anything, just noticing that you can’t knit and vaccuum at the same time) thought it was very pretty too, and they asked her for a pattern. 

Now, the first knitter, the dumpy one with the sticky kitchen floor… she may have given these other knitters (the ones who are suspected of being way, way behind on the laundry) the impression that she would eventually get them the pattern, and then realized that she doesn’t really make or sell patterns (and that making and selling patterns sort of isn’t knitting)  and then started hoping that they would forget about it. 

Problem is, they didn’t.  Turns out that all of that time that the other knitters didn’t spend doing laundry, was actually time that they had freed up for cowl stalking, and stalk it they did.  Comments to the  first knitter became charming but persistent like "Beautiful hat, you’ve done a lovely job with it.  Don’t forget I want that cowl pattern you slacker."  Or "I’ve found that slipping the first stitch of every row gives me a nice selvedge, perhaps you could try that RIGHT AFTER YOU GET ME A COWL PATTERN WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG DON’T YOU LOVE ME?"  and every time the knitter saw those she sighed and made a mental note to get right on that. She even wrote the pattern and forced her friends to knit it to make sure it was right. She just didn’t do the second part.  The part where she put it up for everybody.  She knit instead.
The knitter was reasonably sure that the other knitters (the persistent ones with the smudged windows) had a crush on the cowl and would forget about it before she had to figure the next part out. 

That didn’t happen, and by the time the first knitter (who travels for knitting all the time and actually meets a lot of knitters) figured out that things were going to get personal (this was right about the time that a knitter asked her for the cowl pattern while they were in the ladies room at Sock Summit) and that it was probably worth getting on with it.  Then, inexplicably, the knitter didn’t do that, but she did send it out to a few more people for test knitting, while the other knitters, the ones who don’t even think about the way the kitchen sink is anymore, upped the requests from "persistent" to "absolutely nagging". Still, a woman who’s been ignoring a gansey for 3 years despite a level of nagging that is nothing short of elaborately dedicated is not going to be coerced easily.

In fact, the knitter pretty much let all of that be water off her back until two things happened.  First, RachelH knit the cowl and said "There is nothing wrong with this pattern, stop pretending it isn’t ready"  and when the knitter countered with not knowing how to put a pattern up for sale, the formidable RachelH then emailed her instructions on how to do it, thus effectively painting her into a corner.  (RachelH can be like that. It is her ability to wield the twin swords of fact and logic that both annoy the snot out of the first knitter, and compel her to love her to absolute bits, depending on what direction this superpower is pointed.)

The second thing, was that the first knitter decided that she would like to knit another one of the Very Pretty cowls, and then realized that unless she wanted an unprecedented level of nagging in which the comments to her blog (yeah, she had a knitting blog. Get over it) that she would have to knit in in secret… that she realized that she should just do it.

Turns out that it only takes about an hour, once you’ve taken 9 months to do all the other parts. Pattern available on Ravelry, or by clicking on the link under the picture there (which the knitter thinks will work for people who aren’t on Ravelry?)

Moral of the story?  Nagging eventually works.  Bummer.

Yarn: I used 20g (.7oz) of Roving Winds Farm 2ply cashmere in soft grey-brown, which was less than 150m. (164y) Almost any very soft fingering weight yarn would do.

Needle: This cowl is knit in the round on a 40cm, 3.5mm circular or DPNs (that’s a 16” #4 for Americans) but use whatever needle gets you gauge. (There are not enough stitches to go around a circular larger than 40cm. Don’t try.)

Gauge: 24 stitches to 10cm (4”) but gauge isn’t tremendously important, as long as you don’t knit it so tightly that it won’t go over your head.

Size: small-medium (fits over my 21 inch head) Feel free to upsize if you don’t care to have it fit so closely to your neck, knit very tightly, or have concerns about big-headed- ness. You can add another 17 stitch repeat of the chart very easily, and each repeat will add about 5cm (or 2”). Remember that increasing the size will take more yarn.

This pattern has a chart, but does not provide line by line instructions. It’s only 61 rounds though, so I encourage you to try.

337 thoughts on “The moral of the story

  1. I’d coo over its exquisetosity, but need to go investigate the oinking sound coming from the trees in my back yard. (But it’s pretty exquisite.)

  2. I’ve never nagged, but I’ve had yarn set aside for a year waiting for this pattern. Thanks so much! And if I am first, I’ll be shocked! Probably there’s a comments posting problem.

  3. FINALLY!!!
    And yes, I did forget – but what a wonderful surprise, right in time for when I need it – and I have a lovely black/white alpaca yarn that would be peeeeerrrrfect.
    Not that I need another project right now…
    Going to queue in ravelry…

  4. Oh, thank you! I was just thinking about this last week. And I didn’t (but I thought about it) e-mail you and nag you about the pattern. Because I don’t like to be nagged.

  5. You’re such a nice lady. And that is a beautiful cowl. And I like to tell people they can eat off my floor, because there is always something there. (old, but makes me laugh every stinkin time)

  6. I’ve never nagged you and I’ll never knit this because I don’t like things close to my throat, but, dang, that’s gorgeous. Logical people are a pain, aren’t they?

  7. Thank you! Now I won’t have to wear my “What about the cowl pattern?” shirt in Port Ludlow.

  8. Can you comment on the skill level required to do this? Is it something a beginner can do? I have never used a chart so that will be enough of a challenge. Thank you for finally posting the pattern!

  9. Well it’s downright gorgeous, and anything good is worth waiting for , at least thats what I have been telling my youngest daughter about her poncho. three years and counting?, Maybe I shouldn’t , but hey hows Joe’s Gansey coming? If Tronto is like here in Wisconsin he’ll be needing it soon. Enjoy!! (my laundry is calling, geez can’t put it off till next week).

  10. I love it! I haven’t nagged, but I’m still very excited for the pattern. Thank you!

  11. Finally, I have to admit I didn’t nag about it but I’m glad you came around and did it. Now about that gansey…; )

  12. this is probably the fifth time i’ve ever posted here (have been reading for years) but i HAVE been wondering about that gansey. how is it doing?

  13. Absolutely beautiful! You rock Stephanie. (Now how about a pattern for those wonderful Frankenmittens??)

  14. “click click click”
    That was the sound of yet another project being added to my Ravelry queue. Thanks, Steph, for finally making this available.

  15. Seriously? Did you really just acknowledge that nagging works and say that I’m part of an ‘elaborately dedicated’ team?
    This is going to be fun.

  16. Well, it’s about time! Yes, it is true about the theory that all of us who love pointy sticks and string seem to be slackers in the housekeeping area. Damn, are they coming to visit ME or my house? Mawtha Stewaht does NOT live here, not do any of her admirers…
    But I was tempted beyond reason when Sarah Anderson, who should know better, pointed at the gorgeous baby camel she had for sale at OFFF, and of course, I thought, perfect for THAT COWL, should it ever appear, and promptly bought some, and I may blend with tussah silk or cashmere (possibilities boggle the mind!), thus delaying my start of the cowl. This, because i figured it was at least another year before you produced a pattern.
    Forgive me, oh productive one? (who am I kidding, you only produced because you were prodded!)
    Thanks, Steph!

  17. Thank you. I wasn’t one of the naggy peeps, but I was a lurking one. Have the roving winds farms yarn already and everything. You’re the bestest.

  18. By the way, to those following, sign into Ravelry first and then buy the pattern; I tried to buy the pattern first, got a “sign into Ravelry” requirement, did, and got an endless loop to go back to sign into Ravelry when I already was, but no pattern to be found yet. Still trying.

  19. Wow – no wonder you were being nagged it looks gorgeous. Being vertically challenged I hate neck things like turtle necks (polo necks her in UK) and scarves have to be loose and flowing, so I hadn’t really admired the gorgeousness of your creation. However, that is so darned pretty I think it will be my christmas present (once knitted of course) to my bestest friend.
    Meanwhile, I am a distressed OCD sort of person, when I am knitting I am stressed about the housework, when I am obsessively compulsively cleaning I KNOW I should be knitting – yin and yang but so far apart!

  20. I didn’t even get to the end of the post before I hit the buy now button, bless you lady, bless you. You are truly a gifted woman.

  21. So so happy! I have the perfect skein of Malabrigo sock yarn in my stash that I’ve been saving just for this, as no other pattern struck me as perfect for it as your Pretty Thing.
    My husband has also been waiting three years for his sweater of love, so I give you a pass on the gansey.

  22. Thanks! Sorry for nagging. I’ve never mentioned the gansey because I wasn’t around the blog then!
    But how about knitting up Spock’s sweater for Joe?

  23. I would never nag you about a pattern. If I did I would then have to cough up the urban camo sock pattern I promised to eleventy-hundred people who saw the sock at OFFF. It’s not even to the test-knittable stage yet.
    Thank you for the wonderful pattern Steph!

  24. ’bout time. Any pattern that has 4 projects with photos in Ravelry has been thoroughly test knitted. Good job!

  25. That’s odd. Just yesterday I had an attack of wanna-knit-a-cowl. Never happened before. If I still want to knit a cowl in a week, you’re on.
    So: How’s that gansey? Should I start nagging Joe, or is he smart enough to stay out of (digital) sight? (feel free to ask how many WIPs I have; I probably ought to know before I go to Rhinebeck and SOAR anyhow, sigh)

  26. Yay! I had completely forgotten how much I love this, and I’m not much of a cowl person. Perfect time to get a jump on Christmas presents.

  27. Oooh, pretty! Might have to buy this pattern! Thanks! I’m a knitter with a not-so-neat house, although the kitchen floor did get swept and the hallway did get vacuumed,and there is no longer dog hair on the steps down to the computer. LOL! My mom knits and has a clean house, though. I don’t know how she does it! Of course, she is retired, but it was clean, even before that!

  28. really lovely – I just happen to have some so very soft and warm buffalo fiber sent to me by another lovely Canadian, it now has a project to be spun for thanks!

  29. This is a great cowl!
    FYI, putting up additional patterns takes maybe 5 minutes. Just some info to add to your next “nagging vs inertia” calculations

  30. wow – can I tell you how much very soft (too soft for socks) sock yarn I have lying around?
    Can’t wait for the gansey. Isn’t it still Tuesday somewhere?

  31. Ooh! Pretty! I’m in third grade, will it be easy enogh for me to knit for my mom? Mom showed me pictures, and she likes it. Thank you for the pattern.

  32. Yay! Wooooooooooohoooooooooo!
    I won’t get a chance to even consider starting it for a few weeks since my daughter wants to be a pink sea horse for Halloween and I have to knit and sew her costume…but just knowing that the cowl will be waiting for me to knit when her costume is done makes me VERY happy. Thank you.

  33. How do you know how much laundry I have left?!?!?
    Seriously, another lurker, de-lurking to say many thanks, I LOVE the pattern!

  34. I’ve been waiting patiently and was beginning to wonder if the cowl was being quietly forgotten. Thank you so much!!! You’re awesome!

  35. Once upon a time there was a crocheter in Orlando (who also had a very messy house) who took some time in which she should have been working (work work and house work are neglected for the cause) to read her favorite knitting blog. This blog was instrumental in encouraging the crocheter to pursue knitting and the crocheter will be forever grateful.

  36. My husband went on a cruise to Alaska and felt very guilty about going without me, I guess, because he bought me 2 skeins of Quiviat. I think this will look great in that! Thanks!

  37. I saw it was up yesterday when I was cowl stalking – but I must say that I love the additional pictures and I cannot wait to start knitting it.

  38. It took me an amazing amount of self control which, ask anyone, I have very little of, to not nag you about the cowl. But I’m so glad it’s done. Already faved it on Ravelry. Thanks so much.

  39. YAY! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve had the qiviut saved for this cowl for nearly a year now, begging me to knit something, anything with it. But I kept telling it to wait because the perfect pattern would come, someday. Thank you, thank you, thank you again!!!!11one!111!!!

  40. I love the cowl and was delighted to find the pattern in the new patterns listings at the Big Rav this morning!! If I can find a very soft non-itchy yarn I want to knit this. I’m a newbie lace knitter but I think I can see how it goes. :)
    I’m moving. I don’t have to do housework. I can’t! Most of my house is under boxes. Of course all I do is housework at the new house! Seems unfair doesn’t it!? Next is painting at the new house. Ugh.

  41. Oh goodie. I have some lovely soft Alpaca that will perfect!- Christmas presents here we come. Thank you.
    Another knitter with a sticky floor.

  42. If you ever decide to write up your version of Frankenmittens, I’m in, regardless of the price!

  43. I did forget that I wanted the cowl pattern. Ah, but I just crushed hard all over again. Off to Ravelry I go. . . .

  44. well. dang. you did it.
    PS already downloaded it. And pre-bought yarn:P BEEN WAITING.
    Also: so there. now you’re a designer. Your rav page says so. So does paypal. “Stephanie Pearl McPhee Designs”. No point fighting it anymore.
    Congrats- it’s loverly.

  45. Thank you so much! I have searched high and low and couldn’t find a cowl pattern I liked as much as this one! Bought & paid for! Yay!!

  46. Hear that sound? That’s the server at Ravelry crashing as we all scramble to buy the pattern at once.
    And I haven’t forgotten that I said I’d send an additional contribution to TSF if you published the pattern. Here I go to do that, right after I buy my pattern.

  47. I’ve been waiting for this, too. It just looks so delightful! If it’s on Rav, that must mean there’s a details page for it. I can’t wait to see all the “test” knits that were done for it, too!
    Thank you for doing this.

  48. Thank you, oh nagged one, (although not by me, outloud anyway) for producing such a pretty thing and sharing it with us! I have already made my purchase at Ravelry – in part so they will store it for me and I will be able to find it….yes, I too suffer from untidiness…

  49. Yea! I just bought some yarn for a cowl. I wonder if I will by more yarn for this cowl or use the yarn I already bought. It is this cowl that made me want a cowl in the first place.
    BTW, to knit and vaccuum, I recommend a Roomba! (Unless you have crazy pets and then it may just make things worse. Which is why I don’t have one.)

  50. Thank you ever so much! Another “dedicated stalker” who is running over to Ravelry to buy the pattern. :-)))

  51. I haven’t been stalking the cowl but I have had the cashmere for awhile now. In the mean time, I have been assuring everyone I have run across who HAVE been stalking the cowl that you have most certainly been busy what with the travelling, the sock summit, and somehow managing to squeeze in your own knitting and personal time. That being said, I am most certainly grateful that you have released it and I cast it on last night.

  52. Dude! I was totally thinking about your cowl a couple of days ago thought….”I wonder when she’s going to publish the pattern…”
    It is beautiful. Truly a Pretty Thing!
    Thank you!

  53. I clicked right through to buy it, but when I got to the end it said it was placed in my Ravelry account. Any ideas where it might have ended up? I can’t seem to find it…I wasn’t signed into Ravelry at the time, which makes me a little nervous that it’s lost in the never-never land of the interwebs…

  54. Thank you very much! Downloaded but not printed… can’t, won’t… I have to at least put that load of laundry IN the washer. That counts. It totally counts as doing housework. Really!

  55. thank you…Thank You…THANK YOU! I too emailed you a little while ago about this. I’m so glad the pattern was in the works. TOTALLY worth $5 for me. I will be making several of these as Christmas gifts, as well as one for myself. It’s printing out now…as soon as I get home from work I will be ‘stash diving’ and casting on.

  56. So PRETTY – and thanks for explaining NO STITCH on the chart! (Just had to do a lot of digging for my first charted project to figure that one out!)

  57. Now that it’s out, can I just say I have been trying soooooo hard not to pester you about it, but wanted to soooooo badly! That cowl has been the subject of many conversations in my knitting group. Where is it? What happened to it? Is it still being tested? What on earth could be wrong with it? Will we ever see it again!?!? Oh, the drama! The suspsense! I’m so glad it’s finally here!

  58. HOORAY! Yippee!!! Just think of it as another way to fund pizza and wool. If we buy it, you get more cashmere, always a good thing.
    Thanks Steph–it’s beautiful.

  59. I’m just so glad to see that you’re charging for the pattern! You’ve given so much to the knitting community; you deserve to get some back this time. :)

  60. I love it, I bought it with PayPal, now I can’t find the download. How can I get my pattern?

  61. I would really like to knit that cowl, and I will be purchasing the pattern in the near future, but (this is the part where you will likely want to hide & avoid the internet at all costs)I am very scared of charts. In fact, charts are more frightening than heels and I’ve been mooning over a heel for a week. (Should I mention that heels come are closely followed by toes? or that I actually have several heels under my belt but it doesn’t matter – heels are brutal)
    So, umm, all those examples you’ve given me (in your books) of how to email designers in the middle of the night – I hope you are ready for that.

  62. Yee-haw! I’m so glad that I get to benefit from the nagging and cowl stalking of others. This is perfect timing – I have a couple of friends who need this badly for the holidays. Thanks!

  63. Totally off today’s topic, has anybody tried using a single skein of Noro Kureyon in a Silk Garden striped scarf? I have a skein of Kureyon in a colorway I love, and I don’t think that colorway comes in Silk Garden. They seem to be pretty much the same weight.

  64. Ha HA! Now is when we have to put our money where our mouths are and pony up the money!!
    Thanks ever so much!

  65. Hurrah – didn’t dare ask about it when you had so much on but I have been hoping for this before it gets cold!!! I was even starting to think about what else I could do with the beautiful cashmere I had earmarked for this.
    Thanks so much – off to buy the pattern now.

  66. I’ve had yarn set aside for this since you first published the post — so glad that I can now benefit from others’ persistence!

  67. Thank you! I have NEVER purchased an individual pattern before. I specialize in free patterns and books and magazines from the library. I own some magazines and a couple of books, but they were either gifts, or I bought them only after I got them from the library so many times, I figured I ought to buy them. I am buying this pattern, though! Wheee! And by the way, my floor is sticky and covered in dog hair, and I won’t mention dusting, laundrey or general clutter-busting!

  68. Okay, so last Christmas I received two beautiful skeins of Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk in Fleur from my old man. When you showed us this cowl, I knew that at least one of those skeins was destined for this pattern.
    But for the last 9 months, whenever I bought new yarn, said old man would glance over at my yarn cabinet with a raised eyebrow and start crowing, “Have you used that Fleur I bought you yet?” (As if I could be guilted into not buying more yarn. Silly old man.) And I would explain, over and over, that it was destined for a very specific pattern, which had not been released yet, and a yarn so gorgeous demanded nothing short of the perfect pattern match. And he would grunt and go back to his book, or video game, or whatever it is that old men do.
    And finally, today. After all this time, you finally released the cowl pattern–on my BIRTHDAY, no less. Today I will very happily cast on for this special treat of a cowl. And as I do, I won’t just be thinking about how lucky I am to have a patient old man with exquisite tastes who bought me more Hand Maiden for my birthday (and who will nag me for the next year about using it before I buy more yarn); I’ll be thinking about how Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the knitting mother I never had, the Yarn Harlot herself, harnessed all her powers of procrastination *just* to give me a very awesome 23rd birthday present–a fact which will make this cowl even more special to me in years to come.
    So, in summary, thank you.

  69. Fabulous, off to Revelry for the pattern! And please warn me next time before you come to my house so I can clean the kitchen table off and get the dirty dishes hid. Oookay, soooo, does this mean you are going to finish Joe’s gansey. Poke, poke, jab, jab. LOL

  70. I’m ahead of you. I bought the pattern on Ravelry before you blogged about it. I’ve got lots of colours of Hand Maiden casbah that just may turn into cowls rather than socks-SO much faster. I can hear the chi-ching of the cash register as thousands of knitters download this gem of a pattern. At the next Sock Summit, we’ll be recognized by the cowls we’re wearing-even if it’s 90 in the shade. Cheers, Hazel.

  71. Like AlisonH,Suzanne and Lisa(so far), I too used the button on your blog and got the same problem. I’ve emailed to Ravelry several times, after trying to get a new link and getting the same results. So a heads up to anyone wanting to see it right away, buy it while on Ravelry. I hope they’ll get this bug cleared up soon. I was contemplating buying it a second time on Ravelry, but am restraining myself nobly.

  72. Can’t find the download on Ravelry…it keeps telling me to log in to download but nothing happens. Problems?

  73. Thank you. As long as I am buying the cowl, I will go on Blue Moon’s website to make my “Yarn Harlot Collection” complete by purchasing “Baby Yours” and “Baby Mine”. Ask Rachel H to show you how to add a designer link to those two patterns too.
    I also have had the yarn for a while – Karabella Super Cashmere. YES!!!!

  74. Great blog post today! I bought the pattern when I saw it for sale on Ravelry yesterday. I, then, promptly emailed some knitting friends and told them it was available. I can’t wait to knit it.

  75. Lovely cowl! As for the state of my domicile, my first name is not Martha and my last name is not Stewart. (I bet SHE doesn’t clean her own house/s either!) So I’d rather knit than clean. So I’d rather do just about anything other than clean. So what.

  76. Hey there Harlot~
    I purchased the cowl pattern and cant find it on Ravelry??? Any suggestions?
    Thanks :)

  77. I never forgot about the cowl and I never nagged. My patience has payed off. Thank you – at long last – it’s beautiful!!

  78. I too am having difficulties finding where it could have been stashed on Ravelry. (and the comments about my house hygiene…sniff…if the non-knitters in the family would just cooperate..)

  79. I gifted myself some silk/yak fiber in soft cafe latte color for my birthday a couple of years ago, and never spun it. I think it was waiting for this pretty, pretty cowl. Thank you. It’s perfectly lovely.

  80. YAY!!!!! you made my day. i was soo hoping that you were going to post the pattern before this winter. i feel the start of holiday gift knitting coming on. well, maybe i’ll test it out for myself first; yup-that’s my plan!
    thank you thank you thank you thank you

  81. I read this post as far as “Buy Now”, sprinted (figuratively) to Ravelry, and bought your lovely pattern. Thank you so much. I bought the cashmere when you first designed the cowl, and now I get to knit it. Many, many thanks to you, Rachel H, and the naggers. (I can’t bring myself to nag anyone. I loathe being nagged, and refuse to do it to anyone else, even if it is effective eventually.)

  82. May I just say…I know you say its not your thing but in my opinion you have a gift for writing patterns. You are very clear and just lay everything out – leaving nothing to be guessed. I am not an inexperienced knitter but I am easily intimidated and I like directions. I do not do well when I am forced to “imagine” or figure out things on my own. I first noticed your “gift for explaining” when I read Knitting Rules and it is evident again in this little pattern. I think the world needs more well written patterns. Thanks for contributing!

  83. Hi, I am having the same problem as some of the others – I clicked on your button and paid the $5 which PayPal says goes directly to you and they cannot reverse it. I should have gone directly to Ravelry as when I did, they had no record of my having already purchased the pattern…AND I really, really love the pattern and can’t wait to have it! Thanks.

  84. Great cowl. I don’t actually remember it, but will put it in my collection ASAP. So glad you’ve noticed my sincere & hopefully good-natured nagging about the gansey. I just keep thinking about Joe & how ANOTHER anniversary has passed without him receiving his WEDDING gift from his lovely wife. Will now humbly return to my Great American Afghan which was supposed to be finished Dec. 2008.

  85. oh, thank you, thank you. it is my birthday today and what a lovely birthday present to me. just bought the pattern. so pretty. can’t wait to start .

    That’s all.

  87. HAZZAH! Sooo gorgeous, and it is small enough that my lovely little skein of quivet will do the trick!

  88. Yay! Thank you!
    Does this mean I should start a nagging campaign about the much older socks you said you’d put a chart up for one day? (from Dec. 2 of 06, the ones with the colorwork in black, the ones you wrote “I love you” to…) Then again, I am a much better & more capable (& more confident) knitter now, so perhaps I should be able to chart them out myself. hm…

  89. So happy you published the pattern for Pretty Thing though I would have understood if you chose to just keep her to yourself.
    Guess this means you are officially a designer. (And a runner. Congrats on that! Could the hurt shoulder be from running? God-forbid it’s from knitting!)

  90. Awesome! See, its really your own fault. If you weren’t so clever nagging would be unnecessary.
    … what about a pattern for those traditional, fussy mittens?!

  91. Thanks for putting this up. It’s such a nice pattern, and also great that it doesn’t need too much yarn.

  92. love it! bought it! said it was put into my ravelry acct, yet didn’t show up there. is there a time delay?

  93. Yay! I’m excited! Of course, I’ll have to cool my heels a bit because my download also seems to have got hung up somewhere in the Ravelry system. Maybe I’ll be forced to clean my house while waiting…

  94. Saints preserve us! I have two balls of Louisa Harding Kimono Angora that I had no idea how to use until you posted the Pretty Thing. Then it took so long for the pattern to come that I was thinking it would never be published and was going to de-stash that yarn on Ravelry. Just in time! Imagine the consequences of not having published: by your inaction, you would have compelled a knitter to GET RID OF YARN. We can’t have that. With great power comes great responsibility.
    (I had not considered the possibility that nagging you was an option, but now that you point it out, I may just join the geurnsey brigade…kidding. Maybe.)

  95. Thank you. I thought you’d forgotten (thank heaven for all the naggers). I bought it, printed it, and now will go stash-diving.

  96. Just for the record, I have not been nagging (except mentally). I splurged on a skein of cashmere awhile back and discovered when it arrived that it was a much smaller amount of yarn than I had anticipated. (Guess I didn’t read the small print.) So when I saw your cowl, I knew I had found the perfect pattern-to-be. Many thanks for following through … I’ll be ordering in the very near future!

  97. I have been wondering what was a respectful length of time to allow you to recover after the Sock Summit before asking about this beauty and how to make it myself. I have some cashmere in my stash (two kinds!), and it might be just the perfect project for my upcoming knitting retreat! Thanks for this opportunity. I’ll order tonight.

  98. Nine months isn’t really that long. At least the pattern came out before those naggy knitters needed a cowl to keep from freezing to death!
    Good job.

  99. I’m psyched…it’s in my queue on Ravelry now. I wanted to email you a gentle reminder, but never got around to it. Glad other folks did:) It’s going to be a great pattern for christmas gifts this year (or next…if I don’t start before Thanksgiving, then it might not happen and Thanksgiving is Monday…yikes:)
    Oh…did I say YAY! and Thank you!

  100. Oh. my. goodness. That brought a big smile to my face. Going to ravelry now to download.

  101. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I’m so glad you’ve gotten the pattern ready (9 months huh, could’ve popped out a kid in that time :) — a different kind of labor of love )

  102. My pattern is in Never Never Land somwhere. I got the message “Crappers” that there is a problem with my download. I wish I were more computer literate so I could find it. I want to knit, not fight with my computer!

  103. Oh, thank you so much! I was just thinking of this pattern the other day when there was a chill in the air. I almost wrote to nag you too! I am so ready to knit this!!! Gotta go cast on!

  104. hurrah! I’m on a no-spend month but that’s in line for me to purchase first thing in November. That is so very lovely, I’m excited you’ve published it.

  105. Ooops. I feel so sorry for nagging you. So sorry. :(
    Still, it’s here! And my sister will probably feel glad to own it when she gets it. :D

  106. Christmas has arrived early for me! Thank you so much, from one who never nagged but strengthened her weak muscles of patience by waiting, hoping and checking ravelry for the pretty thing every week.

  107. Well, not everybody is on Ravelry, so I’ll have to repeat my flinging-down-of-the-gauntlet here in public. At the very beginning (comment 15, on 1-10-09) of the thread “Pretty Thing cowl” on the Ravelry Yarn Harlot Fans group, people were talking of Stephanie donating the $$ from selling the Pretty Thing pattern to MSF. A lot of people agreed, myself included, that MSF is deserving of many donations.
    Of course, the pattern is for Stephanie to do with as she pleases. Thank God, it has pleased Stephanie to allow us to buy it for the minimal sum of $5 US.
    That’s when I got to remembering all the “donate to MSF” talk. I went to the MSF site and attempted to donate an equal amount in honor of Stephanie. Their minimum for such a donation is $10. Easy! So that’s what I did. (Due to a hiccup in my brain, I wound up doing it twice – so, $20 US to MSF in honor of our beloved Yarn Harlot.)
    (watch out, here comes the gauntlet)
    Sooo – How many other fans of Stephanie *and* the beautious Pretty Thing cowl are going to follow in my size 11AA footsteps and donate something to MSF in honor of Stephanie? We all know MSF can usse the funds and can be relied upon to use the funds wisely.
    **Is anybody following???**

  108. Thank you. I am an incredibly slow knitter, but I saw this cowl when you first made it and thought it lovely. This summer, I decided to make my mother a cowl for Christmas (haven’t started yet so it doesn’t have to be for this Christmas) and I was disappointed not to find this pattern. So I had to settle for something not as lovely, now I don’t. Thanks again.

  109. Love the cowl. It’s beautiful!
    Hey, since you have two daughters at home, how about they help you clean the kitchen, this way you have less guilt about knitting and feel more at ease about contributing great patterns to the world of knitters. thank you very much…I’ll step off the soap box now. :-)

  110. LOVE! Love love love this… now if only I had some money! Aww, I know it’ll wait, and it’s not like I don’t have other projects I can do. Thank you so much for overcoming your own inertia and succumbing to all of ours!
    (and I promise I’ll catch up on housework while I wait to get the pattern!)

  111. DEMAND RESISTANCE is what this psychological problem is called (my husband tells me, it does pertain to my lack of standards of housework, and there are no prizes for knowing how this gets ‘discussed’)
    ‘Delegation’ is better to ask other more competent people how to achieve things we find difficult – but why is it not more socially acceptable for this to be more widely accepted to housework.

  112. Thank you very much for putting the pattern up for sale! I tried not to nag, and I’m not sure if I have the right yarn, so I probably won’t buy it until I do get the right yarn. I would love to knit it someday, though. So, thank you very much. (I didn’t even think to nag you at Sock Summit. What a good idea.)

  113. I bought the pattern this afternoon and cast on 118 sts. Pattern says to repeat the first 16-st row of chart 7 times around, but 7 x 16 = 112, not 118.
    I didn’t discover the problem until I got to the 5th row, increased the 1 st for 119, but the repeat doesn’t work there either.

  114. JOOOOOOOOYYYY!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! (Now that I bought it, if only I could figure out how to find it in my Ravely account…) :)

  115. It’s beautiful. I haven’t tried any lace ever, but I’m going to try this. I *think* I have a good yarn for it.
    That said, I bought the pattern, and it says it’s in my Ravelry account, and I feel retarded (I don’t use my Ravelry account a ton), because I have no clue where the pattern got stashed. Didn’t see it in my inbox, queue, patterns… Where are they sticking it? (Sorry for the silly question…)

  116. Except for the part where the knitter of the first part fails to use all due diligence to produce a promised pattern within a short period of time, this whole thing has been major instant gratification for me. A few days ago when I was killing time on, a small skein of rose-colored recycled cashmere caught my eye (as these things will) and with 2 clicks, it was mine! It arrived yesterday, and now today I see the perfect pattern to make the most of a small skein of cashmere, and in the blink of an eye, I have clicked, downloaded, and printed out the pattern and put it in the same bag as the cashmere. Let’s hope that this (and not the long wait for the pattern) is a sign of gratification to come with Pretty Thing! Thanks, Stephanie!

  117. Yay!!! Stephanie!!! Guess what I just bought? I cast on in Knit Picks palette “clematis heather”; I’m at row 10 and it’s gaw-jus!
    I know what ALL of my friends and relatives are getting this Christmas…
    Thank you very much :O)

  118. Stephanie – thank you so very much! I have some lovely 2-ply cashmere from Sarah’s Yarns that will work just perfectly. Unfortunately, I got so excited that I bought through Paypal rather than directly with Ravelry and now I can’t find it in my account… assuming it will show up sometime tonight.
    And, let’s not even talk about housework. Suffice to say I’m the cleanest one in our house, and that is really not saying much at all.

  119. Just bought the pattern off Ravelry and ordered the yarn from someone on For once, I have made a commitment to a project and am absolutely determined to carry through with it until it is completed! (Usually I buy some yarn, look around for a pattern, give up….) I am excited!
    Now all I have to do is remember what I’m planning to make when the yarn arrives.
    You could eat off my floor, if it doesn’t eat you first.

  120. Your timing is exquisite! Cold weather on the way, Christmas on the way, my birthday barely past. I just turned my first heel so I know I can learn to knit from a chart. I am learning so much about knitting since I started reading your blog. I have picked up a lot from you directly and I follow links, too. So much to learn. Thank you for posting the pattern, good on you for putting a price on it. Going to be busy for a while now so the house work will have to wait. (’cause it so wasn’t waiting before. HA! in my dreams)
    BTW, I only nagged in my head. You’ve been busy, we understand. Really.

  121. Beautiful. Now that we all know that nagging works, I still would like a picture of the dress that Sam picked out for you. Thank you. I’ll “remind” you again in a few weeks.

  122. Ahhh! Ahhhhh! Finally! You slacker! ;)
    All kidding aside, thanks for making the pattern available. I’ve coveted this cowl for what seems like forever (not that I’m given to hyperbole or anything). Off to purchase! :)

  123. Hey Steph,
    Awesome cowl. I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to knit and vacuum at the same time. My friend the roomba skates around the room as I sit on the couch and watch Glee and knit. Its pretty handy and does well with cat hairs.

  124. OK, fabulous. You just solved my Xmas problem for all the women on my list.
    Frankenmittens pattern — PLEASE????

  125. I usually tell people things ‘need to be aged to perfection’ with no explanation of that when buying time. It appears you have now perfected this and the insatiable nagging horde will merely sound like needles clicking together. Well done! Now, about that gansey…

  126. Oh goody! I too thought, when you first showed us the cowl, “now that would be fun” and realized I had just the right alpaca yarn from a farm (Sallie’s Fen) in Barrington, NH, where my Mom lives. I have indeed been hoping that the pattern would turn up to match the yarn and now it has! …and in plenty of time for knitting for the holidays (normally I conceive of a gift project a few days before Christmas Eve). Thanks!

  127. Well, I confess I had forgotten, but I’m grateful to all the nagging knitters, because I checked up here just after spending 20 minutes of unsatisfying searching for the right cowl pattern for a gift knit to use a skein of handmaiden cashmere I bought at spa umpty ump years ago. I literally have four cowl patterns open in different tabs, and then a rav tab with a search for cowl. And then you and the universe, with the help of a bunch of pesky knitters, delivered exactly what I needed. And on a rough night too. Thanks! Casting on now…

  128. Thanks for the pattern!! I’ve been watching for it ever since you first showed the cowl — didn’t want to nag….you did have alot going on this past year…..Just thought about it the other day, tho and almost wrote a comment asking about it — and here it is!! It’s beautiful!

  129. Aaaahh! Well that answers one question I’ve been wondering about. I thought somehow, despite following you almost religiously for years, I had missed the grand unveiling of the finished Gansey. Evidently not! I didn’t like to ask in case it was shoved in a dusty corner somewhere, whilst you worked overtime on forgetting it’s existence . . . this seems to be going swimmingly. :)

  130. It’s so beautiful. I cannot wait to be knitting those beautiful stitches. So glad that it’s only 164 yards. It will make a delightful gift.
    Since nagging works, then this means that it’s not much longer until the blog will see a Gansey!
    Now, off to purchase a lovely lace Pretty Thing pattern.
    Thank you!

  131. YES! I am so excited! You got me out of a heap of trouble. I promised my sister-in-law that I would make her this “pretty thing” for her. I was just about ready to stalk you for the pattern- but you saved me a trip! Thanks so much.
    By the way- this will be knitted out of Greenlandic Qiviut given to me by said sister-in-law. I hope to have enough to make one for myself as well. Can’t wait and thanks again for the pattern.

  132. It’s very pretty, yes, but is it actually a cowl? I could find no pictures of it pulled up to cover the head. If it can be used as a cowl, I’m in. Might even bust out the cashmere.

  133. Thank you! You know…some matching fingerless gloves would be lovely, now…
    Seriously, I just bought it. I’d be very interested to learn how many other knitters buy Pretty Thing in its first 24 hours, as well. I’m curious about where I place in the whole yarn/pattern hoar continuum.

  134. Hallelujah! Though I have to say I cant believe you put the words “nagging works” in print. I predict our behavior may get even worse come the future. That said, thanks for getting this out there! And thanks to all those who nagged :) Having just done my dishes (since eventually the sink just makes itself KNOWN) I am feeling quite justified in scooping the cashmere out of the stash. Yum!

  135. Squeee!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! And thank to RachelH too for getting her to put it up!

  136. There – done! Now to the stash to get the yarn! You know you must tell us how many downloads… far we’re up around 200 comments, so if we all buy it (silly me – of course we will!!) you should be able to hire someone to come deal with the sticky floor and kitchen sink…..and laundry…..and…..

  137. Thanks to Rachel for “encouraging” you. I have never been interested in cowls, but this one is so pretty that I had to have it! Thanks.

  138. Thank you so much gifting the knitting world with the pattern for this very pretty cowl. I knew you were busy with Sock Summit, your very busy traveling and writing life, and family, so I was just quietly patient. Meanwhile, I had some lovely cashmere put aside just in case. Now I can cast on for a little bit of soft loveliness for me -and in time for the cold weather on the way. Smiling.
    BTW, I need to figure out how to turn off that darn Macbook built in camera-who knew you could see into my house while I visited your blog…. I promise to be better at the housework thing after I finish this row, really.

  139. Hurrah! Congrats on your run and bless you for putting the pattern up :) I was just thinking about it the other day in the context of a christmas present for Mom, however she declared she much preferred a scarf and now I think it will be a christmas present for me. I lurk and hardly ever post but I want you to know that your blog has been a great entertainment and inspiration, so thank you.

  140. Yay! I had forgotten about the cowl pattern- too busy trying to cram the mess in my house into the laundry room so no one knew I’m really not Martha S….which makes it hard to do laundry…Are you supposed to see OUT one’s windows? I thought they were for my son’s amusement- he can fog them up and use them to draw on….. :) Can’t wait to knit the cowl!

  141. The cowl sings of quiviut… Perhaps I’d better return (someday, but long before housecleaning) to picking guard hairs out of the old stash of the filmy stuff. Or maybe spend lots of money and buy some already spun?

  142. I have the perfect yarn with which to knit your wonderful cowel pattern. I am another fan that paid for the pattern, but could then not find it at the ravelry site. Any suggestions for how to find it would be a big help.
    Can’t wait to knit it up.

  143. Congrats on getting the Pretty Thing ready for publication. I’ll bet it was much, much easier than putting together the Sock Summit.
    (My house is awash in dog hair and dust, but I have lots of dandy socks.)

  144. Oh, it still is a beauty. :) (Hmm, I wonder if that white cashmere insists on being lace gloves or if it’d settle on being a very beautiful cowl…)

  145. I never nagged. Not once. There was hoping, lots of hoping but it was very silent. But I have one request that I will voice now — any recommendations for a wool free yarn that you think would suit the pattern?

  146. Thank you! I didn’t nag at all, but I did notice that there were folks (on Ravelry) that were nagging and I was secretly smiling and hoping that the nagging would work and it did!

  147. Not much of a nagger here, but I admit that every little bit I’d think, “Wasn’t she going to get that pattern together?” and then I’d think “gansey” and shrug and go on…
    But wow! It’s already downloaded, and I’ll have to make at least 3 for the holiday crush (one for me of course, one for a friend who’s moving from sunny California to Ohio, and one for a niece at college in a cold place, which is unfortunately not in Canada or I would be visiting her.)
    Thanks to you for a brilliant necksnugg, and to every one who tested it, and to Rachel H for kicking your arse into gear and getting the dang thing up there for the world to admire!

  148. No nags from me,
    but boy, am I delighted a cowl here to see.
    Buy it I will,
    as the pattern is so Brill.
    Thanks Steph :)

  149. oooh – that is SO pretty! Now I have to find some cashmere in the ‘right’ colour. What was that weird word you used – housework? Whats housework? If its not knitting, then I don’t really want to know.

  150. Rams’ comment almost made me snort water all over my daughter’s laptop! She can be very clever. The cowl is very pretty and very, very, above my knitting level…you see, lace + me = disaster!!!
    Maybe one of these days. It’s good to have dreams.

  151. I never nagged, because 1. I don’t wear cowls (I have shals, scarfs, high necked pullovers for warmth), 2. I never bought individual pattermóns from the net…
    But you know what I just have a 25 gramm ball of cashmeere I found in a second hand shop and couldn’t leave it there (could I?)…

  152. Your commentary made me laugh out loud =) Especially the part about not being able to vacuum and knit at the same time (or do dishes for that matter). My dear husband also laughed and said, “Sounds familiar!”
    I’ve also noticed that you can’t play video games and vacuum, however you can play video games and knit… Kind of.

  153. WOWOWOW!!! what a gift! I awoke at 330am, couldn’t sleep and wanted to knit. Turned on the computer and checked you out…THERE was the promised pattern I’d been [patiently] waiting for, for a year!! heee heee
    Gratzie mille…..

  154. Hooray! I was thinking about this just yesterday! I was so happy that as soon as I bought the pattern I hopped over to MSF to make a donation and share the love. And all while nursing my baby. Now to work out how to knit and nurse…

  155. Thank you, my daughter who is so hard to please will love this. Christmas will be Happy!

  156. Thanks Stephanie, I knew you’d do it eventually. Sorry if we nagged you, but it’s such a pretty pattern. You made a lot of knitters very happy. :) Thanks, again.

  157. Thank you for making me laugh with this post. I really needed it, with my morning cup of tea and your newly purchased pattern I feel quite normal. The idea of wearing this beautiful cowl almost makes me look forward to cold weather and walking the dogs at 6 a.m.!

  158. Beautiful awesome cowl !!! Now can we ask for a french version of this pattern ?? (said the french knitter who seems to look for trouble hee hee !!) :o)

  159. Well, now that you’ve taken the plunge …. are you going to write up the pattern for the fabulous Frankenmittens?

  160. Oooooh Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I’ll be purchasing as soon as I get home from work. Now, who the heck told you about my kitchen? I make every effort to keep the neighbors out so they don’t know how messy my house is and you somehow figured it out.

  161. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s so pretty, and I loved it the first time I saw it on your blog (about a million years ago!)

  162. Another WIP does not count as a UFO. I have spoken.
    So I can start the cowl guilt-free. Plus the wrap sweater.
    Thank you :) Knitting is for joy! And this cowl has Joy in every stitch.

  163. I am absolutely amazed that you remember the existence of the gansey and admitted to it!
    Poor Joe… winter’s coming again and still no gansey.

  164. Talk about cosmic one-ness. I am walking to the bus this morning, wearing my Blue Heron rayon metallic leaf shawl, thinking “I’ve really got to use up that blue cashmere before I go to Rhinebeck (in 10 days, right). I wonder if Stephanie ever published that cowl pattern?” Mind you, I did not nag. So, we are connected in the universe, and thank you very much for publishing it. When I finish my 4 WIPs, I’ll get to that cowl. Not likely before Rhinebeck though.

  165. I’ve been biding my time waiting for this pattern to emerge. I figured that just like my kitchen sink (or extractor fan, anyone?) it would eventually get done (I don’t nag, it’s bad karma when you’re an accomplished procrastinator yourself).
    Just wondering what’s with the ‘no long circs’ remark. Does this pattern defy magic loop or what?
    Oh and Steph, a special thank you for pointing out to me over the last year, both in words and pictures, that knitting is possible on planes. I’d never have thougth it would be, what with the security folk even taking metallic nailfiles out of your purse. I’ve just returned from a convention in Sweden and had brought my knitting (socks, lace) for the first time ever on a plane and it was a lifesaver. Due to some technical problem we’ve spent all day yesterday (9:00 until 18:45) at Arlanda airport in Stockholm waiting for a 2 hour flight to Amsterdam. Really good, for socks that is.

  166. People on ravelry are knitting it in Qiviut. Now I want Qiviut and the cowl pattern!
    Looks fantastic.

  167. I jumped right on it as soon as it got chatted up on Reavelry. Thanks, starting it today, wish me luck, never tried lace.

  168. Hallelujah!! Many thanks from one who had not the way, have you been peeking through my windows???

  169. I picked up a skein of qiviut on our trip to Alaska this summer, and your Pretty Thing is just the pretty thing I want to turn it into!

  170. Ahhh! Very happy to see this. I just popped over to Ravelry and bought it. Now to restrain myself and continue knitting my current pile o’ projects instead of casting on for this cowl. If I don’t finish the socks I’m knitting for my poor aged mother, she’ll defenestrate me. And I’ve started my first sweater, so had best keep momentum on my side there, and not get sidetracked. (Although how much momentum I actually have is debatable, since I think I must be the world’s slowest knitter.)
    Still, lovely cowl, and one of these fine days I’ll knit one up all for my own self, and revel in my pleasure. I’ll be sure to raise a glass of wine (or mug of coffee) to you when the day comes!

  171. Throw the proceeds in a beer fund and reward yourself everytime you go out for a job well done. Congrats!

  172. Hurray! I didn’t nag, but I’ve lusted after this pattern ever since you first posted about it. I have lots of yarn and fiber that this would be perfect for, so thank you for making it available. Now I’m off to Ravelry to purchase it and put it in my queue!

  173. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve been waiting sooooo loooong. I nagged and am glad it paid off. You are a generous, priceless pearl beyond compare for sharing this beautiful Pretty Thing with us.

  174. At last. Many were the times that I almost emailed – but I knew you were busy (sock summit and appliance travails, and daughters heading to foreign lands, and husbands inextricably stuck in trucks), and also – you don’t know me. . . . funny how that seems to matter little in the blogosphere. Anyway – YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have some yarn in my stash that will make this up in a very pretty way. Yippee. I may cast on this evening, in celebration. Oh, happy day.

  175. This spacey knitter had forgotten all about the cowl so seeing it again (with pattern, no less) feels a bit like Christmas or my birthday or a really good Thursday (which it actually is). Thank you!

  176. As one of the naggers, I can’t thank you enough! I plan on knitting many for Christmas. And, my husband bought me a skein of cashmere the last time he was in NYC. He went to Purl as a surprise. :) You are AWESOME, Stephanie!!! XOXO
    PS…because of you, I’ve taken a weaving class and I am hooked. Thank you for that, too!

  177. I like the cowl very much. Since you brought it up – how is the gansey of purgatory doing?

  178. Thank-you SO much. I did make a comment quite a while ago but have since taken to reading the “pretty thing” cowl thread on Ravelry in hopes of someone else doing the nagging!! I too have yarn tucked away for just this project. I tried to get the same cashmere you used but they were inundated with requests – more than they had the yarn for this year! I already have my request in for next year!

  179. I legitmately SCREAMED in the office and went OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! And then I had a massive hacking coughing fit, because I forgot I was sick and really shouldn’t scream on a sore throat. *coughs again* But such is the power of the Pretty Thing, that it has the ability to remove sickness! Or at least make us forget said sickness exists.
    Thank you Steph! From someone who only moderately nagged (though I think I did tweet you about it once). Off to buy NOW. Will this be the most rapidly-purchased pattern in Rav history? I would like to see that stat…

  180. FINALLY! Thank you god and ye little fishes! (and you, of course, our dedicated lady of the housework and knitting who has taken the time out of making another cowl (in secret) to write up the pattern).
    I’ve been ogling this for who knows how long…
    Now, speaking of the Gansey…
    (you can run, but you can’t hide…)

  181. Oh, but you’re wrong. You can knit and vacuum at the same time. It’s called Roomba, the robotic vacuum that is the only thing keeping my house from filling to the windowsills with dog hair.
    Now I need a robotic laundry folder and bed maker.

  182. Dude, I have been waiting for this since your first post about it, while my little skein of cashmere sits forlorn on my stash. Thank you for not forgetting!

  183. That is the Most Lovely Story! Thank you.
    Also one kick a**ed cowel. I can see why you were being staulked. I will see if this techno-ninny can figure out a way to order said pattern.

  184. I’m a regular reader of your blog, commenting for the first time because I am impressed by your superhuman powers of calmness. There are times when I find it hard to deal with my responsibilities at work and home, and you have a legion (plus some) of knitters at your door clamoring for you to do something for them!
    Now, I did note how pretty the cowl was when you first posted about it, but I still can’t believe how much, ummm, attention it has generated over on Ravelry since then… To say that your fans are demanding would be a major understatement!
    I commend you for the patience, grace, and goodwill that you have shown in this latest example of dealing with the looniness that is the knitting community. Thank you for going above and beyond :)

  185. Ever thought that designing and selling patterns would be a great (and legitimate) excuse to neglect the housework even more? Can’t do it. Working on patterns to feed the family in these tough economic times. Hee hee. Ahhhh, I am so gonna enjoy using my alpaca/silk 2-strand laceweight on this Pretty Thing. It is truly worthy.

  186. For those who did not have issues with pattern purchase, you should know that Stephanie e-mailed me right away to say that she’d e-mail me the pattern if it didn’t download presently via Ravelry. And she did (no one is surprised, of course).
    Also, in response to dee near Berkeley’s above thrown gauntlet, I say “$50, done!”.

  187. Amazing!!! I am so happy, have waited patiently forever(or so it seems), this will be wonderful and will make lovely gifts, off now to revise my Christmas knitting list, thank you to the edge of the world!

  188. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am just finishing up a big project (my Rhinebeck sweater!) and am looking for something new that won’t take forever.

  189. FINALLY! I didn’t want to nag so I didn’t. But next time, I will join the Naggers Corp. Thank you for FINALLY putting it out there for sale!
    Love it and love you!

  190. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Will make a donation to your favourite charity in addition to buying it.
    And stop peeking into my kitchen….a little mess is good exercise for the immune system!

  191. Thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you…
    YES!!! It WAS worth all your effort!! And the neglected kitchen (and the looong wait *ahem!) The Wildgeese Bison-cashmere-silk blend in my stash will no longer feel forgotten!

  192. I admit I sort of nudged on your blog just a few days ago – I presumed I had somehow missed the grand announcement of the pattern. It downloaded perfectly, luck me. Now. On to the joy of shopping!

  193. I’m halfway through a full sized swatch with the wrong yarn, but I had to see what it would look like and whether I could follow a chart(I’m more a language person). The 17 stitch pattern repeat on each round is so easy to memorize and so absolutely symmetrical that it’s a breeze, even for a tremendously inexperienced lace knitter. It’s going to be worth buying the cashmere to make up these little gems. Might try one in Hand Maiden’s casbah as well. Cheers, and hope all your patterns are this popular. Hazel.

  194. Seriously…I want to see pictures of this “messy house”. All the pictures I’ve ever seen taken inside your home look great. I bet my house is entirely more messy than yours…. Want to beton it? Maybe there can be a Knitter Messy House Contest.

  195. steph – 1
    unfinished cowl pattern – 0
    i hear the kitchen mess beginning to tremble in fear. it knows it’s next.

  196. I bought it from ravelry and it is a thing of beauty. It looks simple and lovely, and I’ll be shopping for yarn this week!!
    p.s. my house is tremendously dirty these months leading up to the holidays. I would NEVER show photos.

  197. Oh, for the love of all that is good. I’m at work today and tomorrow, and there is no way I can justify knitting at work. I shouldn’t even bother checking the internet at work, because now I won’t be able to concentrate the rest of the day until I can purchase, print, and find a suitable yarn in my stash. Thank you so much – I hope you raise lots of money.

  198. I have a crashed tree on my roof but I am going home to knit this cowl right after work

  199. RachelH needs to post those instructions, because I can’t even get my FREE patterns up on Ravelry. Not that I haven’t tried, and that the Rav-Team hasn’t tried to help me, I seem to be deficient. Much like my housework . . . ;)

  200. yes, Yes, YES!! I bought some alpaca/silk last week with, I swear, this cowl in mind. I knew the pattern hadn’t actually come out, so I was cruising around for a substitute, but now I can have the real thing! *does happy dance*

  201. Finally! Finally! Finally!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Now to go stash diving and find something wonderful to make this with.

  202. Let me rephrase my earlier post at October, 7, 2009 4:13 PM
    Totally off today’s topic, has anybody tried making the Noro striped scarf with three skeins of Silk Garden and a single skein of Kureyon? I have a skein of Kureyon in a colorway I love, and I don’t think that colorway comes in Silk Garden. They seem to be pretty much the same weight.

  203. Wonderful pattern! I came home to find my credit card sitting by the computer,the proper knitting needles, and a note from my daughter begging for the pattern. I mentioned needing yarn, and she produced some alpaca I’ve been hiding for myself. And then, help! she kidnapped all of it- pattern, yarn, needles- and I want to knit the pattern. So I had to buy two. It’s easier than not teaching her to knit herself. Thank you for the pattern!

  204. This is the gift that keeps on giving; will be able to use this pattern(no prob at Ravelry, BTW)for special holiday gifts! Kudos, Harlot!

  205. Thank you, Stephanie, it’s absolutely beautiful. I am currently trying to decide which yarn to use. (The ecologically correct cashmere? The alpaca and silk hand dyed in Australia? The angora rabbit and merino purchased at the Sock Summit? Go back to the yarn store in the town that has polo fields and buy the quiviut?)
    By the way, if I’ve calculated right, you probably have made enough money from the sale of the cowl pattern to hire someone to clean the house.
    BTW The people who own the yarn store in the town that has polo fields looked at me with dropped jaws when they saw my Sock Summit t-shirt. Two years from now? On the east coast? Pretty please?

  206. Opps. Not an arithmetic problem but a “what we are calling the first row of the pattern problem?”
    If the first three rows of Pretty Thing are worked from marker to marker – you did place a marker to keep track of rounds, no? – as the base number for that portion of the patt is 2, all will be well and the st count can be increased on rw 5 as directed.
    The herringbone/yo’s work of the main pattern turn out just fine on the stipulated 119 sts.
    Happy knitting; all’s well as ends well and remember,”Ya’ gotta believe!”

  207. Bwaahhahahahaha! Slacker housekeeper – I love it! I will get that pattern now…although I have no divine yarn to knit it in yet!!! Thank you:-)

  208. tytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytyty………….
    oh, btw……….. THANKS a bunch! :)

  209. wow! let me get this straight…. your house is untidy, you don’t excel at housework, you spend time knitting when YOU SHOULD BE CLEANING and …. your friends and family still love, admire and value you… sigh.
    I need one of those types of support circles.
    but thanks for sharing! it is soooo reassuring not to be the ONLY one! :)

  210. Hot diggity!! I’ve been waiting, and have just discovered that my lovely little ball of silk is 164 yds… Woohoo!!

  211. Oh yeah, and do you know how bored I was waiting? (and hunting for a small enough pattern for my small ball of silk) I CLEANED OFF THE ISLAND IN MY KITCHEN. Seriously. The kids didn’t even know it was there until Monday.

  212. You should have held out for something like reaching $1,000,000 for KWOB. Bribery is totally legit for charity. :)

  213. I am in LOVE! By-the-way, in case you read it, I have someone who comes once a month for $15 an hour US to clean all the nasty things so I can knit guilt free! This is all thanks to my husband, I do love him (almost as much as the Pretty Thing!!!) XOXO

  214. Very lovely cowl, but what I loved even more about this post is that I felt you were talking about me (well the part about knitting instead of cleaning, not the part about designing a beautiful cowl). Thanks for sharing!

  215. HOORAY! FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting for this pattern. It is sooooooooo pretty. Can’t wait to get it started. I think knitting is waaayyy more important than cleaning, you can always move stuff out of the way.

  216. Hi Stephanie:
    I have the same question as Carolyn Tharp. Your pattern calls for CO for 118st. The chart shows 16 st. 16×7= 112 st. not 118. Please explain.

  217. Thanks a lot for the pattern it is totally easy to knit! But could you post or send some yarn subsitutes that are available in Europe better Germany? I’m right now knitting with “Baby Alpaca” from Lang Yarns but it does look right. Thanks for your help in advance! Kind regards Claudia (Munich)

  218. Thanks a lot for this lovely pattern, I love it and it’s totally easy to knit! But could post some yarn substitutes which are available in Europe better Germany? I’m knitting with “Baby Alpaca” from Lang yarns but it doesn’t look right…Thanks an awful lot! Claudia

  219. Phooey. This WOULD be the day that we found out someone stole my CC # and used it to download iTunes. (I don’t use an iPod.)
    …er, this means I don’t have the means to buy this now.
    But somehow I don’t think I’ll forget about it. I’ll get you, My Pretty! (And thank you, Steph, for allowing yourself to be…helped into getting the pattern out!!) :-D

  220. I didn’t nag but was full of hopeful wishing. My beautiful cashmere from arrived on Monday and I had waited one year for it as Becky ran out last year.I was doing my darndest not to drool all over it and truly this is the most beautiful yarn I have ever had the pleasure to hold. Your pattern was just the most wonderful surprise ever.Bless you! Housework is only useful when you are keeping your yarn safe.:)

  221. What a lovely pattern. I am very glad you finally posted it.
    I hope it goes well for you.
    I think you are more than generous with the patterns and education you do drop off. I’m dining out on the spiderman mittens pattern, this year, having boy smallies around who would like it.
    I am glad you have a team of team-players and supporters, as well. I know you support them in their endeavors and lives.

  222. Lovely pattern and a perfect, quick project for gifts. I also understand today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, so Happy Thanksgiving.

  223. Thanks so much for the pattern, I actually was going to nag the day before you posted, but thought better of it. I had bought 100 yrds of handspun Dk Angora and thought of your “pretty thing”. If I see the vendor at Rhinebeck I’ll pick up one more skein.

  224. FINALLY… omg, this was my plan for my 2nd entry in the stampede. i had the yarn all.. you know, waiting… preparing to be a winner. i’ve been blaming abby. i have to admit it. alas, i knit an evelyn clark creation and won anyway.
    it snowed yesterday and the day before.. with a little luck it’ll snow this weekend and i’ll have a new cowl to keep me warm and happy.
    thanks so much for gettin it done!
    thanksgiving long weekend, here i come!

  225. Yay! I just happened to turn on the tv and it just happened to be on BBC America and I just happened to catch it during the Graham Norton show when Greg Kinnear was a guest! I’ve been wanting to see it since you mentioned it! :)

  226. I am in love with this cowl…and I kept nagging and checking and nagging and checking…it is a work of art. Might have to skip the movie tonight with the “guys” (family)…oh wait, I just won’t wash my floors this week (just kidding), not sure when the guys washed those things last…Thank you from the bottom of my neck.

  227. I firmly stayed in the camp of “not going to nag” (wasn’t I good? I never even mentioned it at The Whole Nine Yarns or at Sock Summit….) but wanted the pattern badly. I’m moving north tomorrow and think this will have to be my first new “Connecticut project”. Thanks Steph.

  228. So now put the Frankenmittens up there. I think they are gorgeous and I really really really need this pattern. Really. And I would happily be a test knitter, in fact I would be honored.
    And kudos on your successful run. I have been thinking about taking up running because our home away from home is a remote spot in the Jemez mountains in New Mexico and it is really, really far away from any gym. It was encouraging to read that at least the misery doesn’t get exponentially worse the longer you run.

  229. I don’t think I’ve nagged, but I have mentioned it even to husband, so maybe silently nagged? I’m glad it worked! I have the perfect softest cashmere ever for this!

  230. oh well, it´s SO beautiful, I just have to have it.
    And by the way, thanks to the knitters who mentioned their Roomba – I´ll very probably have to get one of those too. Might save some time for knitting.

  231. I never considered myself ‘middle-aged’ – whatever THAT is – until I hit my sixties. But I adore the drape and fit of your cowl. Congratulations on a Beautiful thing. (And I’ve been considering a Roomba too!)

  232. Would someone explain what it means “Work the first row of the chart 7 times around your stitches” There are 16 stitches on the chart, and the CO is 118, and 16×7 is not 118, so it must mean something else???

  233. Oh thank goodness! I thought I’d have to resort to serious harassment and that’s just so unattractive!

  234. Thank you so much for putting this out there so I could buy it! I’ve longed to make one ever since you showed it that time. Now, to find the right yarn. Merci Beaucoup!

  235. “Moral of the story? Nagging eventually works. Bummer.”
    My daughter aced this concept from the 1st moment post-womb . . .yes, I’m in trouble (she’s 13yo this mo.)

  236. I don’t have paypal and have to use public computers. Looks like I won’t be getting to knit it.

  237. Wow, this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, to knit as my grandmother’s Christmas present. Thank you!
    Long-time lurker, first-time commenter – love your blog, though it almost seems superfluous to mention it, since I’m in such deafening company :-)

  238. my first comment here.
    you know, i hardly check your site anymore do to time constraints, but i believe it was the holy spirit that brought me here today. i remember this cowl. it is beautiful, and i give many thanks to all of the crazy knitters that have stalked and nagged you because now i can benefit from it! yay! thanks for sharing, stephanie. xoxo

  239. DAMN!!!! I want that thing. Sadly I do not have the needles and my mother has complete and utter say on my yarn and needle stash. ( I’m 16, she is the absolute boss of my stash.)
    BTW, I’m typing this from the library where I just picked up 4 of your books.

  240. Well (ahem, cough) there’s this thing called, and all it does is sell patterns for people who don’t necessarily want to be in the download-pattern-selling busines full time, and it’s Canadian, too, and a lot of people like it. I’m just saying. Happy Thanksgiving!

  241. you had a different role in the group lesson that patience is indeed a virtue – and may the dust-bunnies relish the dust-carrots.

  242. I’m feeling very frustrated that, as for some other commenters, the maths at the beginning of Pretty Thing is not working out for me. And the explanation given by one commenter so far hasn’t helped (thanks for trying!) Clearly the instructions make complete sense to most people, so they must be right. Would anybody else like to have a go at spelling it out in different words?
    Thank you!

  243. Thank you! I was just thinking about this cowl the other day and wondering what ever happened to the pattern. (Didn’t want to nag…) but I’m glad some people did!
    Thank you, thank you!!

  244. Thank you, very very much! I have been saving the Quivuit I got for Christmas just for this….can’t wait to cast on!!! Hooray!!!!

  245. Props to you, Steph. Someday, I look forward to knitting it, once I can use knitting as an excuse for the kitchen being a complete mess, instead of five little tornadoes I managed to birth . . . ;o)

  246. It’s gorgeous. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to score a wee amount of cashmere for the holidays and then I will help fund your habit by purchasing the pattern.
    Enablers unite!

  247. Thanks!!!!
    I am going to sleep like an angel today, I was just looking around Ravelry when I saw the pattern!! I have been dreaming about it since I saw it in Clara’s Knitters Review Journal! Hope you get rich and hire someone to do all your laundry and cleaning and to look after the teenagers…so you have more time for all the knitters around you!

  248. Bravo and thank you!!! I’ve been checking up on you and your cowl for months now and almost given up. However I hoped that eventually you would find time for the tedious task of non-knitting a pattern. You are a sport for doing this.

  249. Just got an email from Becky at Roving Winds Farm that she has a skein of cashmere with my name on it! Now I have to work on finishing a few things so I can be ready when it arrives! Thanks again, Stephanie, for the pattern.

  250. Stepahnie,
    I love pretty thing and raced right over to Ravelry to purchase the pattern.
    Not sure if there is a problem with the Ravelry /Paypal link though.
    I went to check out, and the transaction would not go through. I was booted back to Ravelry. A couple of fellow knitters in our office also tried to check out and the same thing happened to them.
    Now, it may be our employer’s subtle way of telling us to get to work instead of playing onlind, but I was wondering has anyone else experienced difficulties with the check out process. (I think we will always have problems with employers expecting us to work onsite rather than knit).

  251. Teachers and other staff members often know the importance of this work in theory, but pay little attention to it in practice. ,

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