Yes, It’s true

Just to finally answer the question "Can you knit on a plane?"

Yup. Once again, on Air Canada, it was no problem.

Denny, Rachel H and I made our way from Toronto to Oregon for SOAR, and we knit the whole way.  The only thing that security said was "What you’re carrying is perfectly safe, but.. what is it?"  Answer, spinning wheels, spindles, needles and yarn.  Thanks for asking.
The only thing the flight attendant said was "Is this the Stitch and Bitch row of my plane?" Answer – "Yes. Didn’t you get the memo?" She laughed.  Turns out she was a knitter.  The only people on the flight who thought it was weird were the other passengers, who just couldn’t keep their eyes off the knitting section.

We felt very normal.  Safety in numbers.