Things Finished

1. My plan to have teenagers sprayed with a gas that makes them find the idea of a partner disgusting.  I just need to figure out how to invent the gas. The plan is otherwise good.

2. Thanksgiving. Good holiday, great meals, one leftover pie.  I shall do my level best to finish that too.

3. One Drops Jacket 103-1 (Bewitching name.)

Yarn: My own handspun.  Fleece was a beautiful corridale I bought at the Royal Winter Fair, was processed by Wellington Fibres, and spun into a gorgeous cushy, bouncy two ply (6.5wpi).

Modifications: None really. I’m short, but like jackets long, so I deliberately didn’t shorten this, which was kinda lengthening it, if you think about it right.   I put on fewer buttons, and I didn’t make any button holes, just crocheted some loops after the fact, which is really great because it meant that I got to decide just where I like the buttons while I was wearing it, not while I was knitting it, which to my way of thinking should be a little more accurate.

Overall, I think I love it. It’s cozy and light, but warm and comfy.  It seems a little dressy, and I like the shape of it, though if I had it to do over again I might do some of the A-line shaping at a different rate.  This flares sort of low for me.

I wore it for a walk yesterday, and it felt really, really chic.  Crunching along through the leaves with a warm wool jacket on…very autumnal vibe… which is good, because the only flaw I can see with this jacket is that it really is a jacket, and too thick to wear under a coat, so in a few weeks it’s going to be too cold to wear it.  I’m going to compensate by wearing it constantly until then. 
(Furnace not on yet, so perhaps I shall wear it indoors.)