Just a quick note on this rainy Friday to congratulate our Meg.  We spent this afternoon at her high school commencement – where she’s finally officially graduated. 

Also – I know.  A lot of you pointed out when Amanda graduated that holding commencement in the fall is weird, odd, strange or even… wrong.  I assure you that it’s just one way to hoe the row, and it works fine. Anybody who didn’t quite make it has the summer to patch up their last credits so they can still graduate with their friends, everybody has final grades, awards and scholarships in place, and this weekend is Thanksgiving, so most kids are home from University anyway. Fall is commencement time in this part of the world, and it’s a wonderful reunion for all the kids who haven’t seen each other since high school ended, or University started. It was great seeing them all together.  I have a special fondness for Meg’s friend Maddy, who’s spent so many sleepovers at our house that we call the trundle bed under Megans "the Maddybed".  Meg’s going to University here in Toronto, but my Madeleine is further away – and I miss her.   They’ve known each other since they were 5 (seen here stringing beads for necklaces in dress up clothes) 

and I think they’re only improving with age.  What beautiful, bright, successful girls. 

We’re very proud.  Congratulations Meg and Maddy. 
(Both knitters, just for the record.)