Thing Finished and Thing Started

That title sounds like it should be more like “Thing one and Thing two” doesn’t it? (Ok. Maybe just in my head. I’m used to that. Never mind.) This weekend moved at breakneck pace for our family, as Joe’s younger brother Chris finally took the plunge and married his beloved Robyn. The wedding was on the Toronto Islands, and it was a very wonderful thing to have family from near and far gathered for such a happy purpose. Joe and I hadn’t seen a lot of the family since our wedding a few years ago, and we just had the most wonderful time. We really did.

My girls were lovely and charming, and were a sight to behold in the company of their cousins – who are also very beautiful girls. It worried us – that many pretty girls in one spot. I’m surprised they weren’t beset upon by teenaged boys from miles around.


Joe was Chris’ best man, returning the favour Chris did him at our wedding, and the pride they had in each other was evident to all. Those of you who know us will take a moment to observe the unbelievably rare event of Joe in a suit. He didn’t even wear one for our wedding. When he walked up to his sister Kelly, she looked him up and down and said “Joe!? You look….. ” and Joe finished for her. “Unusual?”






It was a pretty day, followed by a really grand night – and it was even fun taking the water taxi back towards the sparkling city after seeing the last of the guests off.


Now I bet that some of you have already figured their wedding present out, or at least you are guessing. It was two-fold. We commissioned my talented Uncle Tupper, a woodworker, artist and carpenter, to make them this beautiful wee chest – made of cedar and pine… it’s beautiful and smells wonderful.


Inside? No surprise to you, I bet.. but a wonderful surprise to them.



Finished in the nick of time, and I do mean that. In classic knitter style, the thing was cast off the morning after the wedding, washed in the bathtub, spun in the washer, and then dried on the rack of my dryer for two hours before it was presented to them at their post-wedding party.


I love it, and hope it finds a nice spot in their home. I’d make one for myself if I thought I could take that much garter stitch heat again without feeling the need to drink heavily or strip myself of all my clothes and run in the rainy street screaming “I just need something INTERESTING”.


Log Cabin Moderne, from Mason Dixon Knitting. Cascade Ecological wool, purchased at Lettuce Knit, several of the undyed shades. 5mm needle.

I hope the blanket lasts as long as their lives together will, and that it plays host to many happy days.


They’re a great couple, and they deserve all the best.

215 thoughts on “Thing Finished and Thing Started

  1. Congratulations to the happy couple! You all look lovely in your wedding finery and everyone looks extremely happy! Glad you finished the garter ridge blanket – they’ll use it a lot!

  2. Happy day, happy people, and happy blanket in the hands of the lovely couple. I sense a vacation from garter stitch, perhaps a very long one? Congratulations to all of you!

  3. Great pics and the blanket looks beautiful. I’m so impressed you finished it on time. I really should finish mine at some point…sigh…

  4. Beautiful! Gift, Wedding, Gardens, Couple, Family, Blanket! Well Done! So glad you all had a great time after all your hard work on SS09!

  5. Wishing for a “click to embiggen” on the photo of you and your family in your wedding finery – your dress is beautiful…and do I see Birkenstocks on your toesies? Hooray for Birks! (they look just like MY dress shoes….)

  6. You all look gorgeous in your wedding finery. Such pretty girls. Are the Toronto boys blind? My fingers itch to smooth across Tupper’s beautiful chest. My grandpa was a carpenter so I grew up thinking hugs smelled like sawdust and cigars. Still like both smells. Congrats to Chris and Robyn, may they love on for years.

  7. Bravo on all accounts, the loving couple, your beautiful girls and their cousins, the gorgeous cedar chest and the (finished just in time) afghan!
    What a lovely weekend you had…

  8. I had to come out of lurkery to comment… Beautiful couple, beautiful gift; and what a lovely photo of your family! Congrats.

  9. Everything was beautiful – the wedding, bride/groom, your family, the cedar chest, the blanket – everything. And look at you in non-Birkenstocks! Thanks for sharing.
    And hope you can finally get some time to recuperate!

  10. Wow. I hope they appreciate that you were willing to (almost) go crazy making them a special gift – and the cedar chest was a terrific idea. Dress looks great – see, you were worrying for nothing! And Joe wearing a suit – this is one weekend that definitely deserved photographic records!

  11. The blanket looks fabulous, and so do all the family members! If I could pick a little bone with you, Steph – I am a little cross that you held out on us all these years. You didn’t tell us that Joe had a brother!

  12. Oh. My. God. That chest!!! I’d swoon with joy to receive such a thing with a blanket already in it! Wow!

  13. The blanket and the chest are beautiful…and you look positively lovely in your dress!

  14. What a sweet, thoughtful gift – and what an adorable couple! Congrats to them as they begin their lives together.
    And where’s a pic of you in the dress? ;)

  15. Sounds like a wonderful family event! And the blanket is beautiful! I may have to look into that pattern as my son wants a blanket.

  16. Nice! Weddings are so lovely. They look very happy and cute together. :D
    The chest is amazing! The blanket is gorgeous. Woot!

  17. Congratulations on the finish. Even more impressive in light of the lazy (oops, I meant crazy!) time you’ve had lately!

  18. Just wanted you to know… the dress you got looked great! :)
    Congrats on finishing the blanket… and the chest is gorgeous!!! Both are destined to be heirlooms.

  19. I may be the only person who didn’t guess that the blanket was destined to be a wedding present, but I did think “Thing One and Thing Two” upon reading the title of this post.
    Great pics.

  20. Always love it when it’s down to the wire with a knitted present! They will treasure it always, I’m sure. Your family looked very dapper at the wedding…now you are certainly entitled a bit more of a break! Glad to have you back! :)

  21. All together now… Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Love the pic of you and Joe and the s. Nice shoes too. Everyone looks so well put together. How’d you do that?

  22. Wonderful wedding gift. That was big love to knit that much garter stitch. I mean big love.
    I’m glad you posted a family photo. Speaking from that peculiar virtual perspective, it feels like my photo album is a little more complete. You have a beautiful family and I appreciate that they share so much of you with us.

  23. Don’t you just LOVE weddings?! You all look fabulous, especially that lovely young thing in the new black and white dress next to her husband! Congrats to the newlyweds!

  24. Beautiful. Everyone looks lovely and happy!
    The blanket and chest are magnificent gifts.

  25. Lovely family, lovely wedding, lovely dress, lovely gift! Much love there and congrats to the newly weds.

  26. Wow, with such thoughtful hand-crafted gifts, and such lovely attendants, with the wholehearted support of you and Joe, how could that marriage not be given the very best of pushes into the water that is the future. May they sail safely and well.
    Love and best wishes (and holy cow I could not knit that much garter stitch!)

  27. Fantastic pictures, Stephanie!!! See, Sam has good taste!! You look great in the dress she picked out. Not to take anything away from the blanket which I know caused you much anxiety, but that chest was an incredible work of art. I could smell it from here. The 2 together were a perfect gift and the inscription on the card was so touching and so true!!! What a great day for all of you! Cheers, Hazel.

  28. Everyone looks so grown-up (kudos to Meg on her dress-choosing skills)!
    That is a lovely box and lovely blanket – many congrats to Chris and Robyn.

  29. Wonderful pictures. The blanket is beautiful and the chest is a real heirloom. Your family picture is my favorite.

  30. Proof positive that you can trust the fashion sense of a 15 year old girl. We knew Sam wouldn’t let her mother look bad at the wedding. You and Joe look great together and all 3 of your girls are beautiful.

  31. What a wonderful gift. I couldn’t help but look at the photo of the blanket and think of steps–and all the wonderful steps that they will take together.
    Cheers to you all!

  32. Ooooohhh! Toronto island! What a fabulous place for a wedding. I had visions of everyone going over on the ferry! What a party that would be – especially for the other travellers who were just going to the island for a walk-about!
    Glad you had a great day – and no tornados!

  33. A lovely wedding, and gifts to treasure. Handmade gifts are special, you get the gift and a bit of the person gifting, all in one.
    Nice frock too!

  34. You may have gone mental knitting that blanket but I think it is absolutely gorgeous. The chest is also so beautiful.
    Congratulations to you and to them : )

  35. the beautiful couple, the glorious chest, the fabulous blanket and the wonderful Toronto skyline, but where are you and the dress?????
    And now I know where the “Forever Knight” scenes were filmed!

  36. I got to visit the Islands once and I have to congratulate the bride and groom, because it’s a brilliant place for a wedding — and that shot of the ceremony backs me up. (I might be stealing the gift idea someday too.)
    Your family is beautiful. Not that this in any way surprises me.

  37. Good dress pick by the 15 year old! You look good as does everyone else. The chest and blankie are wonderful gifts! You even coordinated your outfit with the blanket. Good going.

  38. Nice dress! Guess your 15 year old daughter was right!
    Fancy getting married with the CN Tower in the background – what an amazing setting.

  39. your daughter did you right – the dress looks perfect. as does your gift! the cedar chest is lovely and your note was so sweet. :)

  40. Lovely, lovely wedding photos; thank you for them and to Chris and his wife for letting us share in their day, too. The afghan and its chest are beautiful–hand and heart, yours and your uncle’s, working in tandem. A stitch for each of their days, a plank for each of their decades together ahead of them.

  41. Congratulations to the happy couple – and to you for finishing that much garter stitch on time. The chest is gorgeous as well, and should keep the afghan and other treasures safe for years to come. What a lovely piece of work and an equally lovely couple.

  42. What a happy occasion !! I’m glad the blanket went to a home that will appreciate the hours spent making it–and what a beautiful chest !!! Those 2 presents sure beat a fondue set !!!!

  43. I like your dress. Your daughter did well in helping you pick it out. Beautiful blanket! All the garter stitch was worth it. Love the chest!

  44. I just love when you tell us the “rest of the story”.
    What a beautiful chest! Great long lasting gift an heirloom for an heirloom.
    I love the couple holding their finished blanket. All those pictures, and finally the giftees can hold their own blanket. Sweet.
    Thanks for sharing your family picture on such a beautiful day.

  45. “my talented Uncle Tupper, a woodworker”
    I like those words! I love the name Tupper, and that a man named Tupper should be a woodworker just seems apropos. That’s all. Oh and a ditto to all the comments on lovely daughters,dashing husband in suit, splendid you in a great dress, and love eternal.

  46. I recently delivered a wedding cake to a reception on the island. Taking a wedding cake across on the RCYC ‘ferry’ was the most harrowing of experiences! I’ll never forget it.
    Congrats to Chris and to you for the lovely blanket.

  47. Joe in a suit and you in a dress. Gosh. And do I see dress-up Birks? Great family photo’s!

  48. What a lovely time you all had! You all look fantastic–what gorgeous girls you produced. And you look great too–what were you worrying about?
    (And may I just say…Joe-in-a-suit? Too hot for words. Just wow.)

  49. Beautiful celebration. Beautiful couple. Beautiful daughters. Beautiful gifts. The afghan on my couch (that I cuddled up in last night) is the one my mother made for my first wedding over 40 years ago. The dishes are gone, the mixer donated in another life, the man has since died, but the afghan? . . . I expect it will cuddle my great-grandchildren some day. And you look smashing in that dress.

  50. Sam chose a wonderful dress for her lovely mum. And your ability to finish knitted goods just in time continues to amaze.
    Best wishes to the newlyweds!

  51. I got the giggles with every comment about there not being a picture of you in your new dress!
    I guess those commenters thought the pretty lady in the black and white dress was one of your daughters.
    The blanket is beautiful, as is the cedar chest.

  52. The wedding was beautiful and happy, judging from the big smiles in the photos! You look lovely in your dress and you did wear shoes!! What a wonderful gift, Uncle Tupper’s chest and your beautiful blanket. It makes me want to abandon all projects and knit one!!! But I’m smarter than that. Miles of garter. The feeling will pass, right? I finished my first blanket not long ago and all the while knitting it wanted to make dozens. One for each family, one for each person! But garter stitch is so warm and classic looking and I would like to try that pattern….. Hmmmmmmmmm I can feel stash diving coming!

  53. I hope you are not bored by the repetition. So much garter stitch = a lot of love.
    The blanket looks beautiful, the chest is beautiful, the family looks happy, and the dress selected by your daughter looks FANTASTIC on the lovely woman wearing it. Peace

  54. Oh, STEPHANIE! Well, I’m known to cry at weddings; fortunately PHOTOS of a wedding that distance away only allows for a basic tearing-up. Like they all said – Joe looks wonderful, the girls? Stunners, to a one. May I reccomend a new ornament for the living room? Sharpened axe perhaps? Muzzle-loading rifle? Or have Joe learn to practice cleaning a pistol on the coffee table (he can buy one in pieces, doesn’t have to really work – but laid out on the table, and him holding an oily rag….FABULOUS!) But – my old eyes can’t quite make out the note — help?

  55. I like the dress! And you finished the blanket–hooray! I still have to seam all the log cabin squares I did together…*sigh*

  56. Is it just me, or does the groom look like Tom Hanks? Younger, of course. Congrats on finishing the blankie!!

  57. Great dress! Great present! And my goodness, what a great place for a wedding – those pictures are beautiful!
    I love seeing a family picture of ya’ll.

  58. There ends up being no need to be concerned about the dress choice for Mum of a 15 year old daughter. It looks terrific in the picture — yeah, Daughter!!! I really hope you’ve framed this picture after cropping it a bit. Such a great family pic and memory.
    I absolutely love your quote of a marriage requiring falling in love over and over again, always with the same person. That may be the very best advise I’ve ever heard for a successful marriage!

  59. You and your family look fabulous! Yes, Joe in a suit(!) and you in a dress plus all the girls together are very different from past photo ops. The happy couple looks very pleased with your gift and Tupper’s work is fantastic! Perfect fit of form and function for both objects. Also love your card sentiment. Good choice. Happy times and happy people. Off you go to some other amazing adventure in knitting and life. Hugs, Alice

  60. The blanket is fantastic! Makes me want to knit one now. Not sure I can bear the monotony just yet though. Maybe in November, when the snow gods will begin their assault on Northern Ontario.

  61. I went to the wedding of my friends Lauren and Meg in that EXACT location – not just the same island, but that building and those gardens – in 2003!

  62. What a wonderful occasion – love the family pics, and as for the gift?? Spectacular.
    I love thinking of imaginitive wedding gifts … the best one we received was a yellowwood tree to plant in our garden.

  63. It’s not just you! That is exactly what I thought when I saw your title – “Thing one and thing two”! Well your “thing one” is lovely – what a nice box to hold “thing two” – which is a beautiful gift and I am sure will be a treasured belonging for them for many years to come! You and your whole family looked beautiful! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  64. Ah, weddings! Mazel tov to the happy couple. You and Joe have a beautiful family. I love your dress! And your sandals don’t look like birkenstocks to me – if they are, enjoy a laugh.

  65. I know you like browns and greens, but you can never go wrong with black and white. Never.

  66. congratulations to your loved ones and…. your dress was a great choice!

  67. Blanket was absolutely lovely, chest was a treasure and you looked very pretty, summery in the black and white dress. Hubby looks handsome as well. Everybody always looks wonderful at a wedding don’t you think?

  68. Joe looks great! Your dress looks great and the best part is everyone looks so happy. The Toronto Island’s are such a special setting for a wedding.

  69. OOPS that sounds like Joe is the only one that looks great and that isn’t what I meant at all. Should read before hitting post. Revision and the women looked gorgeous!!!!

  70. Well, your 15 year old daughter has good taste. Excellent.
    Did you bring the metallic shawl you knit? If there ever was a party a metalic shawl could go to, this was it.
    Congradulations to all. It all looks wonderful.

  71. Congratulations to the newlyweds, and to you for another photo finish! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and the cedar chest and the afghan are to die for, absolutely gorgeous both of them.

  72. the blanket looks beautiful! congrats on being able to work on something other than garter stitch now, and congrats to the happy couple!

  73. You all look marvelous! I love the picture of your three daughters in a row. Wow, they are all beauties. The picture of Joe and ‘his’ girls is also lovely. Not often you can get him in a suit. Your dress is great. Kudos to Meg. Weddings are the best opportunity to get lovely family pictures with everyone in their best clothes. Enjoy the memories and congrats on finishing the blanket! That’s like running two marathons! Love Tupper’s chest as well. I’m a fool for good woodwork.

  74. Congratulations, best wishes, happiness, long life, and health to the happy couple! The pictures are adorable, and the blanket looks wonderful. It’s worth all the brain-melting :D.

  75. Looking at the photo with you in it, for a second I thought that you were one of the beautiful young cousins. Seriously nice dress and great shoes.

  76. What a lovely wedding! And yes, I along with suburbancorrespondent and possibly others, do wonder whether they were wearing anything behind the blanket. Bet you’re glad you’ve finished knitting that, Stephanie!

  77. A beautiful blanket, beautiful cedar chest, beautiful couple. A perfect day all round, it seems! For the record, your girls looked wonderful and you should hire Sam as your wardrobe coordinator – great dress choice!

  78. You look beautiful,the girls are beautiful,the couple is beautiful, the blanket is beautful.Ummmm, the couple behind the blanket look, ummm, caught on their honeymoon, hiding behind said blanket? :)

  79. The dress is great, even with Birkis, so hug your daughter for the choice.
    You’re making a lovely picture as a family – love it.
    And of course all happiness to the newly wedded couple too – they look so happy!
    And that blanket in that chest is a great, great gift – Steph, you’re wonderful!

  80. All the best to the bride and groom! And, what a wonderful chest and blanket.
    PS: The teenage boys would have been there in droves had they known.

  81. Aww… The kiss photo made me tear up. You gotta love it when nice people find each other.

  82. Wow – so much wonderful-ness in this post. You all look spectacular all dolled up (or suited up, as the case may be). The wee wooden chest is such a wonderful gift, and the surprise inside is so lovely. I can imagine them cuddling with that lovely blanket for years to come. Kudos!

  83. I agree that everything in this post is amazingly beautiful! You look lovely in the dress. I didn’t guess that the blanket was the wedding gift. I hear ya on finishing at the last minute-my mom’s birthday socks were finished in her living room and were given to her immediately after photos lol.
    PS-I’ve giggled every time I saw a “I want to see the dress” comment.

  84. the chest and the blanket are gorgeous, but the note is what really took my breath away! * how **beautifully** you gave words to the sentiment *..
    ..and the dress btw – stunning! your little one’s got amazing taste, and you look as striking as the girls, if not more so :).

  85. Love the blanket, Stephanie, and you look GREAT in the dress. Your daughter has good taste!

  86. Well done! In the nick…my 90+ y/o aunt and two cousins helped me sew pearls on my #2 daughter veil & train the night before her wedding … okay, I sew slowly at times.
    By the way, your 15 y/o can accompany me the next time I need a new dress!

  87. congrats on getting it to them in the nick of time! and that couch and wall? look exactly like my living room – i had to do a triple take before i was able to believe i wasn’t the Robyn you were talking about, and/or that you hadn’t somehow absconded off with my couch and wall!

  88. congrats on finishing the blanket! talk about living on the edge!
    your family portrait is a wonderful thing – I have never seen the 5 of you together…yes, you DO have beautiful daughters! and your daughter’s dress pick for you turned out well any thoughts on letting her do it again?

  89. All is really lovely. It’s so satisfying when it all comes together well, isn’t it?
    Very special sentiment on the card – but couldn’t read the citation at lower right….

  90. I just nearly bawled that was such a beautiful post today.
    I’m incredibly impressed with the chest and blanket. In my family, there is still the tradition of hope chests for girls when they get married. A chest (the few that my grandmother decorated) is packed with housewares to be gifted to the bride and groom for their new home. When I see someone presented with a chest with housewares inside, it just seems so perfect and right. It’s so welcoming.
    You have a beautiful family and obviously a wonderful flare for both dressing and gift giving.

  91. Everything and everyone looked beautiful. And the blanket is great! I made one for myself in Silky Wool a year or so ago (one of the few times I’ve ever used the yarn called for in a pattern) and it has been my saviour during a bout of poor health. I hope it brings your in-laws as much happiness, comfort, and love as my blanket has brought me.

  92. Really? You think that that tiny picture of you with 4 other people is going to cut it? SHOW US THE DRESS, WOMAN.
    Although, what I could see of it looked lovely.

  93. Perfect all the way – dress, family & gift!
    You did it! (I could never have done what you did)

  94. Congratulations on finishing the blanket – totally worth all the brain-melting garter stitch. And don’t you all look wonderful, and wonderfully happy, in your family photo. It sounds like a lovely reward for you after all your phenomenally hard work of late.

  95. It appears that taking fashion advice from a 15 year old was “grand” rather than otherwise; you can be fearless in accepting her fashion help in future. Your family photo is so lovely.
    And the blanket with its own special chest is wonderful, totally worth all the mind-numbing garter stitch.

  96. What a great picture of the girls!
    The blanket turned out wonderfully. Those colors are amazing, and the placement is striking. Nick of time is traditional, of course. And your dress is very nice!! Sounds like a grand weekend indeed.

  97. It looks like a wonderful day. The chest is lovely, as is the blanket. I admire your patience with that much garter stitch! And I too would like to “click to embiggen” to see you, Joe, and the girls – and especially your dress – a little closer!

  98. Family time agrees with you. Looking at the pic with Joe and the girls, I thought, yeah, a bevy of pretty girls. It actually took a few to realize that one of those “girls” was actually their lovely mum.
    Joe in a suit is a sight worth the wait. He is a good looking feller, and dapper in the party duds.
    The blanket is stunning. Love the dark border. It’s a brilliant frame. What a gorgeous end to all that blah garter stitch and you didn’t have to present it still on the needles. Brava!
    A marriage wish for Chris and Robyn: May their love last until every stitch has worn out and fallen from the blanket and every fluff of lint had blown away.
    What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Welcome home and thanks for Sock Summit ’09.

  99. Great pictures! That garter stitch blanket is actually very stunning – what a wonderful present. That trunk is totally cool too!!

  100. Hee hee, I know this is a terrible thought, but it’s late at night, and terrible thoughts tend to mush together;
    You mentioned stripping naked and running through the streets of Toronto for lack of something “interesting”, and then I saw the last picture of them holding up the blanket.
    Please tell me they’re fully clothed behind the blanket, lol?
    (Really sweet gift; good for you!)

  101. Congratulations to everyone – what a lovely wedding! That’s exactly where my wedding was in 1992, on Algonquin Island, except that we had near-sleet even though it was June. This is what it was supposed to look like!
    And you all looked absolutely great too!

  102. Well, the entire family was glowing in those pix; your daughters really are quite the trio of beauty. Just looking at that blanket gives me the twitch…I don’t know if I could do that much straight stitching, yet it is the epitome of handsome and heirloom. The blanket and the chest definitely graced each other.

  103. The blanket is lovely, just as I expected it would be, but the presentation in the box turns it into a truly spectacular gift.
    The dress looks great, too.

  104. You look mahvelous!!! Glad everyone had a great time. However, on the advice of a fellow mom of 3 teenagers (one will be 20 in October, so I can’t say that much longer…) for goodness sakes, take a day off!!! Eat some chocolate!! Knit something lace-y or a new sock pattern! Take the phone off the hook! Unplug the ‘puter! RELAX!

  105. Beautiful pictures. You and Joe and the girls were resplendent in your finery. Your girls are very lovely.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll knit next. Will it be extraordinarily complicated to make up for all that garter stitch?

  106. Holy cow. I got to the end of the post and thought, “Okay, so the blanket is finished, but what is started?” Took a full 30 seconds before it occurred to me that you were referring to a marriage, not another knitting project. Talk about forehead slapping moments! Everyone looks lovely. Congrats on finishing the blanket!

  107. I echo Rosemary: Where’s you and your dress? It didn’t happen if there isn’t photographic evidence for The Blog!

  108. 15 year old daughters can give very fine advice. Looks like a lovely wedding. Your gift was incredibly beautiful and thoughtful. Happiness to the new couple!!!

  109. I need to go shopping with your 15yr old daughter. I already rely on my 5yr old for fashion styling, scarily (or should that be no suprise!) she is better at saying what goes together than her father…

  110. Lovely blanket! I’ve been itching to make one but can’t bring myself to that much garter stitch. The wood chest is gorgeous – quite fitting for the blanket.
    It looks like an excellent day!

  111. Great dress! You found a the perfect 15 year old to listen to. Congratulations to the happy couple! I love the cedar chest and blanket idea. That’s really lovely. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family!

  112. Looks like everyone had a great time.
    We were married when we were in grad school, 35 years ago, and still have some things that we received from other impoverished graduate students at the time. There are still a couple of towels with us (not used much for a number of their early years).
    There is also an acrylic (don’t laugh – it was the in stuff at the time! – and affordable for the giver) peach and white afghan/throw. It was knit in one piece with one strand of each color, stockinette stitch blocks with alternating facing directions, on very large needles. Very soft and squishy, and for years wasn’t used because I was afraid the cats would destroy it. At some point we did haul it out and use it. It now lives on the family room sofa, and our daughter will curl up with it even when I think it is much too warm to need it. The cat likes to sleep on it too. Oh, and it goes in the washer and dryer regularly. It looks a little the worse for wear, but still pretty decent.
    And the ‘pattern’ which I’ve used since, makes a heck of a nice baby blanket as well.

  113. Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom, Handsome and Distinguished Best Man. The Wedding Setting was gorgeous! The Grooms SIL was stunning, I knew her daughters choice would be a winner! The girls looked outstanding, Canada’s finest! The Wedding gift was perfect, but I always think something hand done is something to be cherished. Both the chest and blanket are just so special. It looks like a winning day for all involved. Wishing this happy young couple the best of times in the years ahead.
    “For Better or Worse, but Never For Granted.”

  114. Beautiful wedding! Beautiful photos of your family. Your girls,as always are georgous. And you look amazing in that dress! The blanket and the chest, supercool and I’m quite sure will be cherished by the happy couple forever and always!

  115. Well you’re 15 year old daughter apparently has impeccable taste, you look great in that dress! And the bride’s dress is stunning. Love the finished blanket.

  116. My mom loves your blog. My family visited Toronto for our last vacation. I saw the things in your pictures and it is cool that the tower lights up at night. I am six years old and I might learn how to knit someday.

  117. Seeing that picture of you and Joe and the girls really drove home how long I have been reading your blog. Your youngest was just a little girl when I started reading. You all look great.
    I, too, am surprised you didn’t have the teenage boy population of Toronto hovering outside the wedding reception waiting for your girls and their cousins.

  118. Wonderful pictures!! And, those girls!! What a beautiful bunch they are! And, you and Joe clean up pretty good too…looked like a good time was had by all. And, the blankie made it in time (as we knew it would) and is surely a family heirloom in the making. As always, thanks for sharing.

  119. What a wonderful wedding gift! All of those long hours paid off! Maybe you’ll decide to make a blanket for yourself if you don’t have to knit it exclusively. I think (from the small photo) that your daughter did a nice job picking out your dress. The girls are lovely and Joe looks very dashing! Congrats to all of your family.

  120. Yay! You did it!
    (Wow, Sock Summit AND eternal garter stitch afghan, both finished in the same month! You ARE SuperSteph!)
    Everyone looks lovely in their wedding finery.

  121. May they enjoy long and happy lives together. And those are wonderful gifts for them. Talent clearly runs in the family!

  122. That is a wonderful gift. I want to make one of those blankets for myself, but my love of garter stitch is just not that huge abiding thing. I think I would explode from the effort.

  123. I always love reading blogs, windows into other people’s live your would never know, or otherwise meet. It’s wonderful to realize little quarks in people’s live that you know, from just seeing pictures.
    Your dress is lovely! And your family is very handsome ( How are you not beating young men off with a stick? My husband is a proud Puerto Rican and he is eying a Machete for when our daughter reaches teenage-hood)
    Lovely gift, lovely couple!

  124. Beautiful couple, beautiful cedar chest, gorgeous blanket! How nice to see a happy family gathered together for a wonderful event. Congratulations to all!

  125. What an act of love! Wow!!! The blanket is beautiful, as is your family, you all look great! You have a lot to be proud of. Love the chest too, bet it smells divine!

  126. You and your family look so beautiful! Great blankie, I’ve done a couple of the baby-sized ones, can’t imagine the tedium of a full-sized one!

  127. Well, your teenager made a great pick for you. You look mah-veloussss!
    And the blanket is lovely! Right on Steph!

  128. Wow, everything looks so pretty! I love the wee little chest. That blanket looks like it was a well-worth-it challenge!

  129. My sister made an afghan for us when we got married 14 years ago. It’s been in our living room or bedroom ever since. It *just* popped a stitch the other day (helped, no doubt, by two boys fighting over who gets the “warm” blanket).
    Every time I look at it I think of her, and our wedding. :) I saw her working on it and thought it was for a baby and told her “When you finish that one, you can make one for me in the exact same colors.” :) I was surprised to open the box she gave us and find it at the bottom :) It’s one of our treasures.

  130. Yay for finished blanket! V pretty one, too. (You looked great in the dress — coordinated nicely with the girls. And it worked with Birks!)
    Love the chest.

  131. Congratulations to the happy couple! It’s amazing how lovely everyone looks in wedding photos. That is a wonderful picture of you and your beautiful family.
    Nice dress and great choice of shoes ;)

  132. Good Job… On the family all so nice looking.. it looks like a great place to have a wedding. Good job on the blanket.

  133. Your dress was lovely, and the blanket looks comfy and cozy and stylish..they looked like they appreciated it too.. karma points for working all that garter stitch into a one-of-a-kind thoughtful gift! By the way, Chris and Robyn are too cute..they should be wedding models in a J.Crew catalogue somewhere.

  134. Congrats to your family! Love the dress, by the way! I think you can safely take the fashion advice of your teenage daughter any time. She clearly has good taste!

  135. What a beautiful family you have; your girls are just gorgeous and you and Joe looked wonderful (dress was good call by niece).
    Thank you for sharing your family and the wedding with us.

  136. Your family is lovely. They clean up quite well. And you, my dear, should put the 15 year old on as your full-time stylist. You look absolutely perfect and well put together.

  137. Great dress, beautiful daughters and dapper Joe! I share your garter stitch blanket hell. I am making one for my nephew to take to his freshman year at college. Not only is it a huge garter stitch undertaking the school colors are orange and brown (a tiger is the mascot). I am working on the trim and figure if I put in a few all nighters it might be ready for his friday departure for Rochester is the colors don’t have me hallucinating.

  138. Oh My Gosh! Thank you, HarpTonya for mentioning your dress. I had to go back and… there you are! I was so enthralled with Sam and her dad looking so charming, I missed you. Please, no offense –I thought you were one of the cousins!!
    Beautiful Family, Lovely wedding, exquisite gifts (and your outfit is perfect). Thank you for sharing.

  139. A). Your dress looks great.
    B). The comment about running naked through the streets in response to knitting that much garter stitch gave me a sudden flashback to a post you wrote years ago about cutting through an alley(?) on a cold night (?) and discovering a half-naked woman who was rather angry that you happened to look at her (it’s entirely possible I’ve garbled this story quite a bit, since I don’t exactly memorize your posts, but something about weird attire and a sour attitude, and you were on your way to a shop or something, and noticed some official stopping at her house while you were on your way home). ANYWAY, the point is — I bet that woman had been working on just such a garter stitch project, and it totally warped her mind. We’re all glad you didn’t suffer a similar fate.

  140. You made me cry for joy. So beautiful. Mazel Tov! Glad – no-thrilled to read your blog again. Love from the Florida keys!

  141. I don’t know if that dress you’re wearing is your new one, but it’s just perfect! You look great in it – and you probably would be safe making your 15 year old your very own personal fashion consultant…she’s good…very, very good. My own 16-yo dd sure comes in handy for that; her taste is unerring, whether it’s for herself or her old mum. It was a bit staggering to see Joe in a suit, but that’s true of my own husband, as well. It never ceases to amaze me how GOOD men look in their suits! Your daughters are so lovely, as always – good lookin’ family you’ve got there.
    Chris and Robyn look so happy, and they’re very lucky to have such a wonderful sis-in-law; one who knitted them a *garter stitch* blanket. Now that’s real love, in my books. Thanks for sharing this lovely slice of your family’s life!

  142. Oh, so sweet, what a lovely gift, both the chest and the blanket are stunning. What a wonderful day for your family. Weddings are good that way.

  143. Congratulations and blessings on all. May they have a fruitful,happy, and joyous marriage proceeding through all their lives, blessing and inspiring all who meet them.
    cheers, bubbly golden cheers, and dandelions.

  144. That was the perfect dress with the perfect shoes! (for those who can’t find her photo, she’s in the one at the top with Joe and the girls…)
    I’m glad your gift didn’t become a punchbowl! hee hee hee

  145. oh, i LOVE this post! i love your dress (seriously, great dress) and joe’s suit and the girls . . and the blanket in its special box and especially the blanket with the happy couple; it’s the perfect ending.

  146. What beautiful gifts! The box is gorgeous as is the blanket. I might have to make one for myself. (Blanket that is… not box!)

  147. I know you are being shy and modest about the dress thing, but I am so glad you put a picture of you in there. You look really glamorous!! Kudos to you and your teenagers! It looks like a wonderful day for all involved:)

  148. Congrats to the happy couple.
    Assuming Sam is the 15yo and the dress is the one in the pic, the dress you wore looks great and Sam knows what looks good :-)

  149. Your daughter done good! Picking your dress for you, you looked great. And your hair wasn’t big either, woo hoo!! I’m just teasing, I have big, fuzzy hair too, but I like mine ;)

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