The more things stay the same

Randomly on a Tuesday:

1. I am home. I got home late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning, depending on your perspective.)

2. It is very hot here.

3. I have reclaimed three of the eight rooms in our house.

4. Mill St. Belgian Wit is my new favourite beer. Has coriander and orange in it, and while I usually resent any adulteration of my beer (or coffee- for that matter) this one is really, really delicious. Maybe the heat is messing with me.

5. I still hate flavoured coffee though.

6. Since I got home I have had a party to be at everyday. I would like to lie down now.

7. I am knitting a big, neutral coloured garter stitch blanket. Again. Still. Forever.

157 thoughts on “The more things stay the same

  1. Welcome Home! Hope you had more fun than you imagined, and that you get sufficient time to recover before your next huge expenditure of energy.

  2. Welcome home and back to the real world. I, too, am trying desperately to adjust. Still haven’t reclaimed one room. You are doing great!

  3. Yes. The summer has come to this. It’s time for school to start, or something.

  4. Welcome home! Take the beer. Go to your deck. Sit down. Enjoy the day. Do nothing! (Housekeeping is always there.)

  5. Welcome Home! Knitting a big neutral colored garter stitch blanket seems like it would get old real fast, also seems like it would make things hotter. Good Luck!

  6. That beer sounds like it would make tofu taste good lol, What I need to ask is, I recon you didnt save any of that Toronto snow for days like this? nor did I , save any of the Buffalo lake effect drifts lol, what were we thinking, i didnt want it then , wouldnt mind it now.I will have to settle for a/c, while knitting wool socks, I look stupid lol, but at least its not a blanket , sorry tee hee

  7. I’ve been wondering about that blanket. Congrats on the 3 rooms…I’ve managed to vacuum some, run to town too much, go to knitting group Monday p.m. and get a migrane! Oh, and finished a Great American Afghan square. Yeah!

  8. Glad you finally made it home! Reclaim one more room (you’d be batting .500) and then declare a complete day of rest — preferably at an air conditioned pub.

  9. Mindless knitting is salve for your weary soul. Though the heat kinda wrecks that small pleasure. I’d be surprised if you even touched a sock for the rest of the year.
    Oh, The Blog must know – how many free skeins of sock yarn did you get? At the end of the Marketplace, I was hoping the vendors would just throw yarn at you, Tina & ST2. We are a generous bunch and I should think you didn’t buy a thing!

  10. So glad that you got home safe and sound! It’s blazing hot here today. But at least I’m not knitting on a blanket.
    P.S. That beer sounds delish!

  11. Welcome home! But wait a minute, I thought Tuesdays were for spinning and randomness was for a different day? I’m probably wrong. I’ve got ramdomness scheduled daily around here and spinning penciled in for sometime in my next life, so who am I to question someone elses schedule?

  12. Garter stitch and beer are known to have restorative powers for those suffering from Sock Summit overload. Rest. Knit. Drink up.

  13. Looking forward to seeing the progress on the blanket – sorry it is so boring. As for adulterated beer, you should try Boulder Brewery’s Hazed and Infused. Really yummy.

  14. The beer sounds good, and I’m not a fan of flavors in my beer or coffee either. It must be good to be home. Take some time for yourself to relax and enjoy being home, sitting in one of the reclaimed rooms, of course.

  15. Nothing like “everydayness” to restore you to reality post “Sock Summit”. That, heat, a forever garter stitch blanket and being tired…
    But soon, the parties will end, Canadian winter will return…and knitting the blanket will be WONDERFUL!

  16. Welcome home! I’m celebrating your triumphant return from the Sock Summit by, well, working on a sock.

  17. Going to try to get my favourite local pub to bring that in… they do guest brews, I love Belgians (and Belgian beer!), just need to get it to Bay Area, California…
    So, how’s the Dec. 25 Knitting (TM) coming?
    Welcome back! Now SLEEP!!!

  18. Welcome home. No flavours in my coffee please. Unless it’s a little Irish Whiskey with a touch of whip cream on a snowy night. LOL
    Rest yourself and enjoy that beer, you certainly deserve both…maybe two beers eh?

  19. Welcome Home! I wasn’t able to come to SSO9, somthing about DH being reluctant to be a single parent for 4 days. Anyway, I have enjoyed reading about all the antics on Ravelry. It sounds like THE event of the year. Many congrats on pulling it off!

  20. Ahhh…. from the heights of the Summit to the existential reality of laundry….
    Yep, the heat is sweltering. Good excuse to stop knitting big, honkin’, lap-covering blankets. Me, I’m in the sock rut – but enjoying it.
    Maybe Christmas scarves??

  21. Can you imagine what it must be like to come home from a business trip the way many men do? You walk in, the house is a bit cleaner than you left it, and you have nothing to do but rest and revel in your accomplishments. That’s the kind of gender equality I’m waiting for!

  22. Maybe someday when all caught up you could send me a pix of you with the Monstersocks I gave you at SS09, and permission to post pix on my blog.

  23. Welcome home! Somehow #7 sounds like a pretty good representation of normal life: it goes on and on, but the result over time becomes something really beautiful.

  24. That’s what I need to do – reclaim my house, one room at a time! It’s just that when I think I’ve claimed one, turn my attention to another, the other occupants claim the first one back. I keep wanting to ask, “Did your mother raise you this way?!?” Apparently I did, while I wasn’t looking.
    I’m coping with the dog days by doing knit mending – looks like I’ll get a wearable pair of socks and two “new” sweaters out of it. Short term gratification is what I can manage.

  25. Congratulations on getting home and reclaiming your space. Good luck with the other rooms.

  26. Bet Toronto missed you.
    Sounds like a good beer.
    And after a day and a half away, I had to reclaim the refrigerator. Honestly, can’t people be *neat* around here????

  27. Welcome home! There’s nothing quite as wonderful as being home with family and friends and enjoying a little well-deserved down-time. Enjoy!

  28. 1. Welcome home!
    2. Here, too.
    3. Yay! I have to reclaim my guest room for my out of town guest arriving on Friday night.
    4. Sounds yummy!
    5. I like flavored coffee. I’m a disgrace to my Sicilian grandfather.
    6. Go lie down. I won’t tell anybody.
    7. It was a good idea at the time? Still, it will be gorgeous when it’s finished.

  29. Since you’ve reclaimed three rooms of the house I think you should enjoy your cold beer for a while and knit something more colorful to get away from that plain blanket for a bit.

  30. If it’s the coriander that’s doing it for you, try Hoegaarden with a slice of lemon. Nothing more refreshing on a summer’s day (and I’m not even a beer drinker.) (Sorry.)
    Karen (Scotland)

  31. If it’s any comfort, you’re ahead of me.
    I have yet to reclaim any part of my home from the effects of my visitors (I’m not even sure where the vacuum cleaner ended up). I’ve been knitting the same (easy) sweater for four months and just found a mistake in the ribbing, plus I’m out of coffee and beer (and every other beverage except water) and haven’t slept for two days. However, I bet our 96 degrees Fahrenheit heat beats yours. Summer returned to Philly with a vengeance this week.

  32. It was such fun seeing you at the Sock Summit – I had such a good time. One of the best weekends ever! I’m glad you’re home and enjoying a good beer – I can’t stand flavored coffees either, unless of course it’s a mocha.
    We had a big fire come through our neighborhood once. I had 5 minutes to grab what was precious to me. We got the cats, I grabbed my knitted blanket, and my husband grabbed a foul ball he had caught at an A’s baseball game! Those blankets represent a lot of hours!

  33. Lately we’re loving Long Trail’s Belgian White at my house, even blogged about it here:
    and we live on Mill St. (not the one with the brewery, unfortunately), so I’ll have to keep an eye out for the tasty beverage you recommended!
    Meanwhile, this reminds me that I have a blackberry something or other ale in the fridge, awaiting a taste test.
    Let me get right on that. :-)

  34. Welcome Home! I don’t drink,but even that beer sounds really tempting. You must have brought the heat back to the east coast with you because summer has definetly hit New York as well.Go buy an air conditioner for your bedroom at least.You’ve been working way to hard to not splurge on some comfort right about now…

  35. Welcome home, and good luck with the house. I have trouble reclaiming rooms and I have no excuses like yours for it . . .
    Take care.

  36. I’m dancing to hear about that beer! Hubby and I had a similar beer years ago with coriander and orange and love, love, loved it! Have never found it again. Now I’m on the hunt for St. Blegian Wit! Woo hoo!
    Happy your home! Get some sleep…

  37. You are a wonderful person, kick back just for awhile & enjoy the wonder of it all…..

  38. You inspired me to knit my own garter stitch blanket and although mine is finished (I ran out of yarn before I got to the end, but that is the beauty of this blanket! :)), it stills looks wonderful and yours will too!
    Also, go have a lie down! No one here will tell on you!

  39. Happy you’re home and recouperating, but still _very_very_sad_ that the system wouldn’t let me sign up for Sock Summit. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks not reading the blog. The pain was too much. I was sooo there right on the spot to sign up. Sadly knitting socks alone in the Sock-Shaped State, ==Marjorie

  40. We have a beer like that made in Michigan (Bell’s Oberon). It’s got a hint of coriander, and while I don’t think there’s orange actually in there, it’s traditionally served with an orange slice. Yummm. I don’t live in Michigan anymore, but it’s big here in Wisconsin too.

  41. Welcome home!
    It is very humid and hot too in Montreal but this weather will end soon (I hope…). The strike is done at Toronto…. this is a good news with those warm days.

  42. I am making the same afghan. I too have been knitting forever on this same project!Please keep on, you are my inspiration

  43. I forgot about that blanket with all the excitement of Portland and everything. I like your beer too. I always have one of those when I go to Holland.

  44. Ah, it’s nice that you’re home again. Relax and enjoy! It sounds like mindless garter stitch (and beer) is the best thing for you right now!

  45. Take a nap…studies show you are more productive after 40 winks ;) And you know I think you’ve been slaking a little lately…

  46. Nearly Weds here, still chasing after Madmother with broken hip, phone bill size of national debt, sleeping pattern rubbish, full of nightmares and sudden wakes …
    Knitting, however, joyous …
    Note to self: buy beer with coriander and orange
    Help ……
    Thank god for YH blog – just a moment out of my insanity and into hers

  47. Oooh, hot garter stitch blanket in the humidity and heat. No thank you. I’m working on a sock (even though I didn’t go to sock summit!).

  48. I have never been a beer drinker, but an infusion of coriander and orange might persuade me to change my abstemious ways. Sounds good!

  49. Welcome home!
    Yay for summer beers with orange and coriander! Especially when it’s hot and sticky. And, like you, I prefer my beers plain, TYVM. (well, other than BlueMoon on tap, which gets a slice of orange in the glass.)
    Just got eldest urchin off to college, with two (yes, TWO) handknit blankets. Neither one garter stitch, though.

  50. The beer isn’t adulterated! That’s a classic eurpean style you’re savoring there. One of my personal favorites, too! Drink up!
    Sorry, I’m married to a beer snob. I hear him say things. ;)
    Glad you’re home!

  51. Welcome home. How’bout a nice cool sock to knit? leave the blanket for blanket weather.

  52. SS09 the event of the year? Try the new gold standard for craft-related events. What enquiring minds REALLY want to know (well, this enquiring mind, anyway) is could the next book maybe be a Craft Conference Organizing for Dummies, for the rest of us?

  53. Ahhh! The life of a knitting (rock) star. It beats flipping veggie burgers over a hot griddle. Although, then you wouldn’t have to reclaim your house.

  54. There’s a fairly new show on called Warehouse 13 on the scifi channel – it’s pretty good geeky entertainment while knitting never ending garter stitch blankies.

  55. Yeah, I really know where you’re coming from on the garter stitch blanket. At the end you’re about ready to light the whole blasted thing on fire and be done with it. The funny thing is, once I finished it, I caught myself, two days later, thinking how I’d like to do it again with different colors. Amazing how I can view a project so differently in the middle of it versus at the end. Oh well! Glad you are back at home and hopefully coming down to a calmer life for a little while! Missed your blog!

  56. I don’t normally post often. But I must agree on the Mill St. Beers I bought a sampler at the LCBO and wow. The organic is wonderful and there is one with coffee that is a new fav.

  57. Don’t forget! Mill Street has their infamous Coffee Porter! It’s really interesting (I like it, others don’t, like all things in life) It sounds weird until you try it

  58. Knitting a garter stitch blanket is probably soothing, anyway. Set up a grid-table to hold the rest of it off your body while you knit. A fan would be nice, a/c even nicer.

  59. There is a wonderful comfort in the “known.” I’m glad you made it home safe and sound, and I know your family is thrilled to have you back, no matter how much partying you are doing.
    Hugs to you.

  60. *sings* Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home…!
    Welcome back. Take a well-deserved rest. :)

  61. The yards and miles and acres of garter stitch could be balm to the soul and opportunity to remember the high jinx of your recent adventures.
    Glad you are safely back home. Wishing some of our “coolth” your way.

  62. With you on the coffee. Not a beer drinker so I cannot speak to that. Transitions are difficult.

  63. There may not be any left in Toronto, but even a window air conditioner works wonders on those humid and hot summer nights. In Sudbury, we’re just so glad to get a couple of weeks of sunshine and heat that even humidity isn’t fazing us much. We need something to remember during the 5 months of snow and ice. I just continue to drink my red wine and knit on the 2nd sock of my first pair of toe-ups using a Cat Bordhi architecture and Tina’s Scaponia colourway. Life is good! The Harlot is home. Life is VERY good!!! Cheers, Hazel.

  64. I’ve knit that big garter stitch blanket – in neutral browns and whites – through the Rocky Mountains to Alaska and back and then for a YEAR later. I love it. It rests on my bed and warms my feet. And it’s the best. Keep at it. You can do it.

  65. Welcome home!
    Take your time easing back into the routine. Be sure to get the priceless rest you need.
    Garter stitch is restful.

  66. Welcome home! Parties every day are hard, even when you love the people who are having them. Sometimes a big, neutral-coloured blanket is the only way to cope.

  67. 2 questions:
    1) is it the coriander leaf or seed (in the U.S. the leaf is Cilantro and the seed is Coriander and I was just curious since they’re very different flavors)?
    and 2) isn’t Tuesday for spinning?

  68. What is a Bedo skirt? I am not having much luck searching for this object on the Net and my curiosity is riled. If you could clean house at the same pace that you knit, I would beg for a book on your diet. Happy beer drinking days to you!

  69. I’m glad you’re back home. Was good to see you at the Summit and all of you did an amazing job. I’m not sure how you all kept to your feet to the end.
    I’ve decided to let the house remain overrun. You have far more internal fortitude than I have.

  70. Cathoo at 8:44 – you’re right! Coffee Porter – has to be tasted, you’ll see! (‘Course I told you about Purdy’s Chocolate Beer last year – also has to be tasted!) (vbg)

  71. Glad to hear you’re back home safely. I’m not a beer-drinker unfortunately but I do love coriander. I think a bit of garter stitch would help to calm you back down after all the Sock Summit excitement.

  72. The good news is, you have plenty of blog material from the summit to make up for the garter stitch marathon.
    OK, maybe that is only good news for us. I admit I’m selfish.

  73. Become ONE with the garter stitch, or hell, failing that rent/watch some good scifi and just finish that monster!

  74. Glad you got home safely and that while the house is “trashed” (you’re not complaining as specifically as you have in other years) things must not have gone quite so far this time. Of course the heat may be affecting your mind and you’re not as aware of the entropy. Hope you got some good stash enhancements at Sock Summit. If nothing else you and the rest of the teams have gotten a great start on a dyer data base for knitters to refer to in the future with the marketplace websites. Continue to take deep breaths, give hugs to your family, RachelH, Denny and all the Lettuce Knit crowd. Someday I hope we can journey to your neck of the woods for a Sock Summit like event. See you in April 2010. A

  75. Welcome Home!
    remember, after enlightenment, there’s laundry!
    Pop the top on a beer, snuggle up with your knitting and take a nap. Enjoy!

  76. There are eight rooms in your house???!!!?? I thought you said it was small. Teensy, even. Are you counting the closets as rooms?
    Makes me think that my place is miniscule, which, of course, it is. I both adore and am embarrassed by the breathtakingly modest size of my home by North American standards. There’s a conflict between what I love and know feeds me and what my culture values. Makes for an interesting life.
    In any event, welcome home. Ain’t it just the best?!

  77. Welcome home. Oooh I love Belgian white beer! We can’t get your new favorite brand here, but we can get Blue Moon Belgian White, yum! A party every day since you’ve been home? As long as you don’t have to throw it you’re doing all right considering what a big party you and Tina just had! I have to laugh at the irony though, especially since it seems lately that the more I have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, the more I crave quiet time at home. The more I crave quiet time at home to myself, the less I get. There seems to be a direct correlation between how desperate I am to have things slow down and how hectic my life is. God forbid I actually am stupid enough to say something like I’m really looking forward to some quiet time out loud. It’s like the kiss of death and absolutely ruins any chances of me getting the quiet time that I’m desperately draving. I’m guaranteed to instantly have at least 2 or more family members or friends have a crisis that requires my time, attention, and compassion. Especially if I want to try and be a decent human being, or at least close to the type of human being I want to be. Sigh! I’ve finally given up asking for quiet time and trying to go with whatever flow that comes my way because it seems the Universe is trying to teach me something here. I just wish I wasn’t such a slow learner LOL! At least you’ve conquered part of your house. Mine is trashed and I have 8 small rooms too. It’s amazing how messy a small house can get, especially when you don’t have enough storage space. Hope you’ve finished with your parties, at least until after you get a nap!

  78. Welcome home! I hope that the house wasn’t too much of a disaster when you crossed the threshold. Mine was a little, erm, scary, hearkening back to Mr. Glitterbug’s bachelor days. But the kitties were well looked after and he didn’t starve. Our 35˚ heat makes me want to faint the moment I set foot out the door when I leave work. Am I correct in remembering that your house does not have a/c? I sincerely don’t know how you manage. I try to keep up with you during The Furnace Wars as well, but you are obviously made of stronger stuff than I. But then, that is why you are my heroine. Really.

  79. Hot and humid here too – we’re downwind of you. I have four fans – one for each room in which I spend significant amounts of time. That beer sounds good and I’m not even a beer drinker. Must be the extra flavors. Hard to knit…I’m working on a vest in aran felted tweed. But it’s really lace weather. Maybe the blanket you are working on needs more of a break due to the weather. Or maybe you can find the right ratio of blanket knitting to beer?

  80. Have you ever tried Triple Karmeliet? That’s by far my favourite and we tried about 6 a day for 2 weeks a while ago. It’s difficult to get hold of in England, we have to keep going to Bruges for it. :-)

  81. Glad you’re back, and safe, and well. That blanket will be loved, and cherished, and cuddled in for years and years and years. And years.
    I hope you loved the SS and (if this isn’t too politically incorrect) I hope you made a bazillion dollars. USD or CAD. You (all of you) earned it.

  82. I am with you on the garter stitch blanket. To make mine a bit worse it is knit (not my choice) of 100% cotton. A lovely soft cotton with sheen but inelastic cotton none the less. Queensize, wedding gift, deadline–one and a half weeks. My knitting group (bless them) is going to have a joining party for me tomorrow. Then comes the I cord bindoff all around and I may be free. But as someone else wrote I am thinking about my next log cabin in wool to be sure.
    Welcome home. It is hot here too the only consolation being the proximity of the ocean.

  83. That beer sounds good! I only drink beer that is made on the premises at a beer pub. I also only like my coffee with coffee flavor, flavoring ruins the whole point doesn’t it? Kind of like decaf. Welcome home!

  84. I agree the Belgium is a great beer! Glad you are relaxing finally. We are now way back up north in Alaska for work and the weather is perfect for knitting!

  85. The blanket is still not done? You’d think after all you’ve done in the past month the blanket elves would finish it for you. Slackers.

  86. So then, you’re home. How’s the gansey spinning coming along?
    PS. Since you’re going to throw something at me anyway, can it be yarn? Preferably alpaca?

  87. SO, is the garter stitch blanket a wedding present for Joe’s brother and his bride-to-be?

  88. No…you may be exhausted or coming off the of high that must have been Sock Summit, but Mill St. Belgian Wit IS truly wonderful. Enjoy…and congratulations on Sock Summit.

  89. Today is better – the humidity has dropped considerably. Take a nap – you certainly deserve to put your feet up and rest for a bit.

  90. Welcome back.
    I may not have done anything as big as the sock summit, but I can really relate to wanting the party every night thing to end. It’s just extra draining to be charming (or at least polite) when you are tired enough to be out of cope.

  91. Beer with coriander is yummy in the summer heat. We have some Leinie’s Sunset Wheat in the fridge right now, and it’s mighty tasty.

  92. I can’t believe it’s hotter in Toronto than it is is Southern California. C’mon down if you need a break!

  93. We have some of that beer in our fridge right now, but I predict it won’t last the night, with this weather =) It is very tasty stuff.

  94. the heat is not messing with you. that kind of beer is delicious. my favorite is mothership wit by new belgium. wonderful.

  95. Have you tried the Mill Street coffee porter???? Or has somebody already asked that question . . .

  96. If you’re still working on that blanket, it will get done soon enough. Rest up!

  97. It’s often normal after a huge undertaking/success to be a little bit in the weird zone. To like things you never liked before. To see the familiar in a totally different/and-yet-the-same way. To feel a little bit new inside your own skin. It’s the lull before a new school year. Enjoy. Breathe. And do have a little lie down, or seven or eight. You have so freaking earned it.

  98. My bet is we’re pretty close to the same size, though you’ve got a few inches in height on me. I’ve got some cute dresses if you’re still looking for that wedding. ;)

  99. Welcome back! Have missed you. Advice – rest, knit, What happened to that gansey? Just curious – ganseys are my knitting project of choice – started new one four weeks ago – just sleeves to go. Good luck with that blanket.

  100. It’s good to have you back, Stephanie – the beer sounds fascinating, and the blanket will be done sooner than you think for, I’m sure.

  101. Glad you are home! Me too…from Europe and wanted you to know that my husband and I “kinneared” Dr. Drew! (We also talked to him and got our picture taken with him.)

  102. Home probably feels like a foreign country to you right now, as much as you’ve been away from it. You deserve a break. Relax. Take a giant load off.

  103. At least the blanket,since it is garter stitch, can be knitted on while you lightly snooze. I do some of my best knitting while snoring(according to hubby)-I call it just another way to multi task.

  104. I hear that you and the rest of the STs did a pretty close to perfect job of organizing and keeping most very, very happy. You all are incredible women!
    I’m also impressed that you’ve managed to reclaim 3 rooms already. Me, I’ve lost ground on that front.

  105. Yeah, welcome home! It could be worse, you could be going to funerals or something :) I was telling my husband we could have a little studio outside to paint in and he said, “I think you already have about 1800 square feet of craft space.” (our house is 2000 square feet). I’m excited to see the blanket done, as I bet you are. But I think you may have killed my dreams of making one, it does seem like you’ve been working on it forever.

  106. Am I right in suggesting that your blogging has become less frequent since you started to tweet? I miss the daily hit of yarnharlot.

  107. Are you STILL knitting that blanket? What the heck have you been busy doing that you haven’t got it done??? Ha!!! just kidding :) I’ve been reading about the Sock Summit all over the internet and everyone had an awesome time. Great job!!!

  108. trippy beer, sounds tasty. I’m real glad you are home and it seems your brought some sun with you. I’m still blown away by the summit. Enjoy the yard and resting…and I’m sure you’ll be on to the next project anytime now.

  109. Steven – it’s the seed.
    Is their Coffee Porter adulterated beer or adulterated coffee? Probaby both, given that I quite enjoy it, and I normally like neither coffee or beer (although I will go for a nice Wit. I’ll even go for Rickards White or Waterloo Wheat, so drop the “nice” there).
    I agree with Saz though – saying it’s adulterated is like saying that stout is too dark.

  110. Depends on the flavored coffee . . . my doctor doesn’t want me drinking caffeine so having flavored decaf is one of the things that makes it tolerable.
    We used to be able to get a “chile” beer . . . it had a hot chile pepper in it. Definitely different for a change.
    p.s. if you ever decide to do a Sock Summit East, I’ll help.

  111. Dear Harlot,
    Just to let you know : if ever you take the fancy to organise a Sock Summit in Brussels, we have floods of Belgian Wit here. The real stuff.
    Cheers !

  112. Welcome home! We also just got home, having had to end our vacation two days early due to child-care issues. Even in our case, involving a whirlwind tour through the 5 stages of grief over having to leave the world’s most gorgeous lake prematurely, there is much to be said for being home. Having more than one bathroom on the premises tops the list. Sorry about the parties, we don’t have those.

  113. Don’t worry about getting bored with the garter stitch blanket. I’m sure you’ve got a major undertaking planned for the fall that will keep you from being bored!

  114. Oh, how I wish I could have gone to Sock Summit! Maybe some year after I retire. In the meantime, I keep knitting socks – you’re such an inspiration.

  115. To quote Billy Currington:
    “God is great” – Toronto storm over, thank you
    “Beer is good” – duh
    “People are crazy” – examples abound but ya gotta love’m
    Keep on knitting and helping one another.

  116. It is always good to get home, until it’s time to go again. I have managed to ball the yarn I aquired, but now need to find a new place to stash them. Ive run out of room. Portland loves you!

  117. I just wanted to say thanks for the link to those great storm pictures and videos. Here in Vancouver we get only boring weather, for the most part, and I miss the dramatic storms we used to get in Michigan, where I grew up. I enjoyed it vicariously!

  118. It must feel good to be home, except for the inevitable mess when the lady of the house has been away.
    Sorry to hear it is hot in Canada. I have been telling my wilting family, including the dogs, that it is just a matter of time until that clean, cool Canadian air pushes down here. I guess I’ll change that to clean, cool, Arctic air.

  119. Love your blog. Glad the summit went well. I am sorry I wasn’t there. Relax with a beer and a totally relaxing knitting project for a week….

  120. I’ll bet the 15 year old has spot on taste for mom’s dress. I have had similar experience with my own offspring and I always got compliments when I wore what they chose – you’ll see.
    Also, don’t you just love weddings? The eating and the drinking and the dancing! Everyone in a celebratory mood… Hope you have a great time and the couple have many happy years.

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