Random because I want to be

1. Laptop has gone to the Apple store for fixing. I miss it more than I can say, and feel chained to the desktop computer on the main floor, which I cannot pick up and take to my office or room. (We should all hope this doesn’t last long, because I’m not good with the lack of privacy that this creates, and leaves me yelling things like “Why are you BREATHING LIKE THAT”. Good times.)

2. I have to go renew my passport, but have successfully managed to procrastinate on this at the Olympic level. Today I managed to convince myself that I couldn’t go because we were out of toilet paper and for the love of all things holy, that was way more important and fixing it could have taken all day. That may not seem like some fancy procrastinating to you, but it takes some serious denial to believe that when the corner store is 30 seconds away and has toilet paper a-plenty. Still, I accomplished it.

3. Turns out that even though Tuesdays have always been for spinning, that actually spinning on Tuesdays totally resulted in… er…actual spinning.

Beautiful batt (Gold Dust Woman) from the Enchanted Knoll.


Beautiful singles, spun long draw and a little thicker than usual to show off the remarkable fibre content.


This batt contained wool, tussah silk, recycled sari silk and angelina. (Angelina’s the sparkle.) I thought that all that stuff would show up better and be funkier if the yarn was a little on the chunky side – and so it is.


It’s a wee skein, only about 64m (70 yards) but I quite like it and think it will make killer mittens. I like the idea of them sparkling away in the snow like a personal sunshine supply. (I also like the way I can actually think romantic, fun thoughts about the Canadian winter as long as it’s August.)


4. I though this was so much fun that I am still spinning something else.

5. Except I’m stopping because I’m going out and taking my wheel on my bike sucks.

6. I know this because I tried it.

7. Maybe I’ll knit mittens.