Not even pretending

This day marks the fouth day that I have given up even the pretence of knitting in any meaningful way. I pick up the blanket every few hours, do enough stitches to take the edge off… and then it’s back to the salt mines, which (other than the non-knitting thing) is really not so bad.


This is the first time in all the planning of the Sock Summit that all of the ST-Teams have been in the same place.


I’ve been to Portland lots, we all get on the phone all the time, we email, we fax we conference call (or as Tina and Rachel like to say “we have a three way”) but never, never have both ST-1s and all four ST-2s (ST is “Sock Team”) been in one place. We’ve been doing things like visiting the conference centre – mostly for the benefit of Rachel and I, since we’re the Sock Team members that live far away. (The Team that lives here knows the place like the back of their hands – Rachel and I have to get up to speed so that we aren’t ever lost in there.) We’ve been having run-throughs, where we practice the Summit (not realtime. Sort of sped up.) We make schedules. We make spreadsheets. We write post it notes. (Now we have colours of post-it’s for the teams.) We make decisions. (You can tell we have made a decision because we tape down the post-it’s. Very firm.


We have created Sock Summit World Headquarters, and now that we’re all here, we’re even sleeping in it. It’s like a great big slumber party only with more office supplies than is normal or probably healthy.


We are working.

What are you doing? Please leave a message after the tone.