Forever and ever with the mittens

Look what I got.


When I spotted this little baby I went nuts. (Well, inwardly nuts. I am Canadian and I was in public and…well. There is protocol.) I could not have been happier about finding this ball of yarn than if I woke up tomorrow and my laundry was done and my children were tidy. You know what this means? It means that even though the ball of seemingly miraculous never-ending grey turned out be ordinary after all, (here’s where I ran out.


Can you imagine how pissed I would be if I hadn’t found that other ball of grey? Can you? I’d be frothing. To come that close and then be thwarted by that much?)

The happy finding of this ball of grey means that I can not only finish this mitten, I can knit another left mitten to go with the other right. The upshot of course is that this means that I will be knitting grey and white Latvian mittens until my brain liquifies and runs out of my right ear.

I’m taking the edge off with this.


Don’t judge me.

More gifts…

Patti doesn’t just knit, but makes glass things, and she has a wee token of appreciation to send to Julie. (The Julie that got the email from me)

Julie has three beautiful needle rolls to give (There’s an idea. You mean not everybody just has their entire collection thrown into a drawer so that it takes 45 minutes to find two needles that match?)




and they will be making their way to Vicki, Christy N., and Katherine S.

Miriam makes these beautiful handmade journals, and she’s donated this beautiful one


It will be going to live with Shannon, who I’m sure will appreciate it.

Ellen has made this charming hat,


(appropriately made of Peace Fleece) and it will warm the head of the already warm hearted Sydney.

From Jennifer’s needles comes this beautiful scarf (which she says is a little more sedate in person, though I like it this way)


It’s going to be travelling to Lee Ann B.

Finally, (only because I lack the stamina to do more…not because there aren’t more)

The incomparable Amy has donated one of the sheepie mugs that she makes.


I have one. It’s good. I bet that Allyson D. enjoys it as much as I do.

43 thoughts on “Forever and ever with the mittens

  1. So the million dollar question is… where did you find the other ball of grey yarn? Normally I’d just assume it was burried in your stash, but since you live in a Wool House, I am a bit curious. :)

  2. Re: needle holders. I loooove sorting needles, only to throw them all together in a pile again. I have a vase full of blue and green ones as a bouquet. And then the sizing thingie, with those non-standard needles? And rolling a bunch of them on the table to FEEL which ones match? MMMMM!

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you found that! I’m betting you were in some thrift shop when you found it, since you were in a public place and it has no ball band.

  4. Oh Hooray! You found more yarn! I think, seeing how close you are to the top of mitten #3, that a cerebral meltdown would have been totally justified had you not come across that yarn. Whew. That was close.
    The offer to knit #4 still stands…;)

  5. Maybe finding the extra skein of grey is just a sign that the Knitting Goddess is done bitch slapping you for all the gauge swatches you don’t make and the second left mitten will go quickly. Look at it this way, you may be the only knitter alive who can knit Latvian mittens blindfolded.

  6. From the book of Harlot, Chapter 2, verse 7: And yea, a ball of grey that hast been discontinued shall come to thee, as a blessing for all thy pennance, and there shall be much rejoicing (*insert monty python holy grail rejoicing here*) and knitting of more mittens. This will please thine eyes, and shall be tempered with the knitting of thine Clapotis.

  7. Congrats on finding the grey Kroy… So glad you won’t have to rip one of the first two. And, as the harlot, you are of course entitled to give yourself mittenbreaks with other enticing yarns and projects.
    I can’t believe I actually won something, too… that journal looks fabulous! Yay!
    (Any word on my Find-your-own-food february idea?)

  8. I am growing unreasonably envious of all the Clapotis knitters. I want one and can’t decide on a color. Glad you found the grey yarn. Can’t wait to get the mittens. Oh and Stephanie, I have a large hand for a woman, will that be a problem?

  9. I am so glad you found that grey Kroy, wherever you found it. I can’t imagine being that close to finishing and running out. I want to knit Clapotis too but haven’t found yarn I love.

  10. I’m ecstatic that I didn’t win!!! Ecstatic!!! Now, I know this sounds counterintuitive, because really, I’m not all that altruistic. I’m ecstatic I didn’t win any of those wonderful WONDERFUL prizes (and I really WOULD love another one of those wonderful mugs or that journal or those needle cases, or…you get the picture) because that means I’m still in the running for the MITTENS!!!!

  11. Yippee…a needle case…(happy dance) I NEVER win anything…this is sooo cool. Thank-you!!
    BTW, I’ve been mulling over the best way to block the Latvian-type mittens I’ve just finished (having fallen under someone’s evil influence…). Suggestions, anyone?

  12. um, stephanie…i see you are adding a garter stitch border around your clapper — to prevent rolling i assume. i fear this may be your undoing. see, the dropped stitches need room to expand and they won’t be able to with that border.
    i could be totally wrong, but in case i’m not, maybe it will save you more hair rippage.

  13. A SECOND PAIR OF MSF MITTENS? Oh, stephie. Take a break from the grey kroy and enjoy clapotis! You need to make something for yourself. Yes, yes you do. The mittens can wait till next year. It will be getting warm soon (says sue, who is only deluding herself, I’m sure.) Knit something spring-y and cheerful and have some more chocolate. It will get you through the February doldrums.

  14. Glad you found more yarn. Much better than ripping up a mitten.
    I can’t believe I won something, and it’s a hat. I love hats! I saw one similar to that the other day and put it on my “look for pattern” mental list. I’m enjoying looking at all the gifts though.
    Most of my needles are in a vase or a plastic storage box. The real problem is the needles that hide in other parts of the house.

  15. See, what did I say a few days ago…mittens will take over the world, mark my word! And Lee Ann B. — you will be warm and oh-so-fashionable in the scarflet!

  16. Actually… this comment is for Miriam, of the wonderful, beautiful homemade journal… Do you take requests? and how much do you charge for them?
    I need one for a gift that has both blank and lined pages. (like every other page, or one side blank, one side lined? or half pages…) Its for a friend who is an artist, and a writer, and they go hand in hand, and I used to see them in book stores like that, but can’t find them now that she needs one.

  17. Is that new knitting REALLY the clapotis? Looks to me like a continuation of the previously started lace. If it IS the clapotis, then the Harlot has made Design Changes (surprise, surprise), and my only worry is what will happen with the dropped threads once they hit the very nice (but non-standard) garter-stitch border…
    Just wondering, y’know.

  18. You are a mitten machine. I couldn’t even finish my second fingerless glove. I salute you!

  19. What a close call, and what a relief you found that yarn!
    Incidentally, is it deliberate that the journal the hat have almost the same colors and swirly pattern to them?

  20. I love the bit of orange knitting you tantalized us with! Is it to be a shawl, or one of those funky scarves you showed us last week? Whatever, its lovely!

  21. Congratulations on finding the yarn! I’d be po’ed too if I couldn’t find yarn and I was *that* far into a mitten. Those mittens are gorgeous, btw! :) I enjoy reading your blog; it’s nice to have found a fellow Canadian … Mind if I add you to my blog links?

  22. Ooh, Steph, very acute handling of the knitting sections of Murphy’s Law. If you had 2 right mittens and 1 left mitten, you KNOW you would lose the l left mitten. By making two full sets, you at least postpone the natural disappearance of one of a pair. In view of this natural law, I carefully keep a pile of single right-hand glove and mittens, knowing that the minute I get rid of one, the left-hand mitten will appear.

  23. Where in the hell did you find the grey yarn? Are we to assume it just fell from the sky into your waiting hands? It truly is a Latvian miracle!

  24. Hey Joiner….I bet it pools on you.
    Nice find on the extra ball of Kroy though. *cough*thumbwhimp*cough*
    (or maybe that should be thumb whipped? what do you think, rams?)
    I’m contemplating getting some Procion MX dyes for some new book covers (I picked up fleece today). Let me know if you’re up for a little of this:

  25. I don’t think I can resist the Clapotis craze, but can someone tell me if clapotis means anything? Babel Fish translates it as french for “lapping”.

  26. I’m with Norma, re: still having a chance at mittens now, what with the continual non-winning and all. Still, I check for my name each time, but then remember sadly that you email all of the winners. D’oh.

  27. Oh, never mind rams and the gang… With everything you’ve been going through with the mittens, you deserve to knit anything your heart desires!

  28. Hannukah happens all year long. I am so glad. I would have finished the third mitten in something outrageous, like orange. And made a fraternal fourth. So glad you don’t have to.

  29. re clapotis: someone on the knitlist did the research and asked Kate, the designer. She says “Thanks for asking! It’s a French word, so the stress is on the last syllable and you don’t pronounce the S which makes it cla-po-TEE. It means little splashes or ripples and apparently there’s the same word in English sailing
    lingo.” Which means it’s going to look perfect in my light teal with a little gray. . .[note south of the border spelling, Stephanie -- couldn't bring myself to fake it ]
    P.S. I used this word in first draft — and was not permitted to post! Because of a vodka brand, perhaps?

  30. Thanks ElizabethD! I guess the rough Babel Fish translation of “lapping” makes some sense then. Sort of like waves, lapping at the shore. Nice!

  31. Must compliment Jae on her scholarly interpretation of that passage from The Book of Harlot -
    I seem to have misplaced my copy but I’m sure the reference is correct -
    Beautiful work, Steph, as usual.

  32. I just ordered Shimmer (70% alpaca/30% silk spacedyed lace weight) from KnitPicks to make Clapotis. Can’t wait to get the package.
    The Sweater Workshop arrived yesterday–thank you!

  33. What is it with that Clapotis anyway? I don’t ever wear accessories beyond earrings and my wedding ring; and I live in the south, which means it would probably be out of style before I ever wore it a dozen times, but I’m dying to make the darn thing!?!

  34. That’s absolutely wonderful! I would be incredibly po’d if I ran out of yarn then! Much ripping, and probably the breaking of something I would later regret would undoubtedly ensue. And those gifts are beautiful!

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